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Wait a minute I loved this damn book Yes Melinda Girl you did your thing with this one Not only did it flow well, but it was written perfectly with minimal errors Lex was a very sorry excuse for a husband and I couldn t believe the things he did From the way he treated Trisha to how he downright did the unthinkable when it came to Simone I was looking at him sideways from the jump Trisha, although smart, put her goals to the side for the one she loved the most only for him to still do her wrong Tone was a good dude and I thought for sure he would snap in that kitchen Tone was everything one would want in a mate but no matter how good he was it still didn t stop two of the ones he would do anything for, from betraying him in the worst way Damn Monique had me mad and I couldn t believe she would do the things she did and still smile like it was nothing I swear I felt bad for Aliyah because she endured the most and tried her best to deal with it in her own way Carlos need than help because that dude was on some straight bs Alright now Asia, claim the one you love These friends experienced a whirlwind of ups and downs that left me saying wow Man I felt bad for Tone Monique deserved a serious beat down and Lex simple ass wasn t any better Asia was right about Trisha because I thought for sure she was doing good and had moved on That chick took crazy to another level and it was truly a storm once she started I hope she doesn t mess up things with her new boo because right now she s no better than her ex I m so ready for part 2 because I have a few questions What will happen at the repass, will Trisha get some type of help before she goes too far off the deep end, will Carlos finally realize he needs to accept the fact he messed things up and let it go, will Aliyah endure any pain if these fools succeed, and how much will Lex and Monique go through because of the choice they made Excellent job great read The moment I opened this book I was hooked from page one all the way until the end This is the first book I have read by this author and I must say Im offically a fan I really disliked Lex I thought he was very cold hearted along with Monquie they didn t seem to care about hurting the people who loved them I loved Asia so much she was so real and guinwine I felt so sorry for her The ending of this book had me like WHATTTTTTTTT lol just when I thought I knew how the story was going to end there was a huge twist Awesome story I can t wait until part 2 [Read Epub] ♹ Wifetress ☣ Monique Has The Perfect Marriage, A Life Most Women Would For But Her Husband Isn T Enough For Her Anyhowever, Her Best Friend S Multimillionaire Husband, Lex, IsTrisha Has No Clue Why Her Husband Is Treating Her Like A Mistress When She S Held Him Down From Day One But She Will Soon Out And Someone Is Going To Pay Aliyah Is Attempting To Put Her Life Back Together After An Unsuccessful Suicide Attempt Due To A Horrific Husband When Someone From Her Past Gives Her A Reason To Live Will Carlos Let That Happen Good drama and the story line kept my attention. Drama filled and grimy just my kinda read Lol who is sleeping with who, who is married to who, who wants to kill who, who is money hungry Yassss the excitement has been built, don t let me downpart 2 Author Graves I can t wait, I need it now. Pleasantly Surprised I was definitely pleasantly surprised with this book I assumed a totally different storyline I was pleased with all the twists and turns I read this book pretty quickly and cannot wait to be engrossed with Part 2 Definitely a 5 Star Read I would absolutely recommend this book to fellow readers I would caution the author to pay closer attention to grammatical errors in her future writings but other than that I would like to read of her writings. whoa Melinda Graves pen game is amazingly sick This novel will have you glued to the pages all the way to the end, making you itch for like you re a heroin addict I couldn t put this book down at all until I completed it It s filled with a rollercoaster of love, lies, great sex, betrayal, jealousy, envy and deception When people you love whom you refer to as family, deceive you in numerous ways as if you re a stranger from off the streets, there s no limit to their actions There s guaranteed to be chaos The pain, the tears shed, the broken hearts in this story could be felt within you relatable to many.Lex, Trisha, Tone, Monique, Aaliyah and Carlos are all great friends but consider and treat each other like family When life progresses everything goes from happiness to despair lies are told, friends become enemies, family deceive one another, hearts are broken, jealousy and envy surface and death takes you home The suspense twist in this story will catch you off guard When you think you know all you should, you find out it s so much adding to the tea Trisha was driving herself crazy from the infidelity her husband put her through It s a shame that you feel like your husband s mistress than his wife She could have left him, with nothing to lose, but her heart wouldn t allow her Weak minded, she allowed her husband to disrespect her and make her feel look like garbage She is set out to make him his mysterious wifetress pay when it s all said done A happy content face for now, but will she pull it off Will the monster deep within be released I couldn t stand Lex, Trisha s husband The way he treated his maid wife were uncalled for This multimillion baseball player was indeed a monster, a devil in disguise He absolutely doesn t deserve to be happy I hated his character although it suited him so well You just have to read this book to see what I m speaking of He s one dirty dude I can t wait to see what happens to the rest of his life Hopefully, Melinda will write him off I felt bad for Aaliyah A battered woman who chose to take her own life to escape the hell that she lived I would have found another way out though, never suicide From the descriptive detail of how Carlos character is, trust believe, you will want to jump in the print of this book write in you beating his behind He Lex are the worst just the same , but yet hate each other now isn t that something Carlos had his own vendetta Even so, he had no one to blame for his pitiful life but himself He set it all in motion You have to be careful what you ask for it could harm you than it can bring you good You re going to have to one click this book to find out what happens with these two I loved Tone s character For him to be so smart, it took him a long time to put the pieces of the puzzle together He was blinded by love and the power of the P I was sadden by his fate He really didn t deserve all that was thrown at him Good men are hard to find his wife just threw him away Shame on her Monique had the perfect life, but if you re not happy I guess it really isn t so perfect She is the owner of the most successful African American sports agency in the country, has a great son an amazing husband So why isn t she happy Why would you bring so much misery to the ones you love Sleeping with her husband s best friend she is known as one man s wife another man s mistress Maybe they will all meet this sista named KARMA she tends to visit from time to time Can t wait to find out all the juicy secrets in part 2 Make sure you all go and one click this great read You won t be disappointed Excellent job Melinda So many twistWow, this book was off the hook So many twist and turns its crazy, had my mouth hanging opening several times Cant wait to read part 2 Wow Great book OMG