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( Download Ebook ) º Restless Spirits (Spirits, #1) â After Losing The Family Fortune To A Fraudulent Psychic, Inventor Henry Strauss Is Determined To Bring The Otherworld Under Control Through The Application Of Science All He Needs Is A Genuine Haunting To Prove His Electro S Ance Will Work A Letter From Wealthy Industrialist Dominic Gladfield Seems The Answer To His Prayers Gladfield S Proposition A Contest Pitting Science Against Spiritualism, With A Hefty Prize For The Winner The Contest Takes Henry To Reyhome Castle, The Site Of A Series Of Brutal Murders Decades Earlier There He Meets His Rival For The Prize, The Dangerously Appealing Vincent Night Vincent Is Handsome, Charming And Determined To Get Henry Into Bed Henry Can T Afford To Fall For A Spirit Medium, Let Alone The Competition But Nothing In The Haunted Mansion Is Quite As It Seems, And Soon Winning The Contest Is The Least Of Henry S Concerns For The Evil Stalking The Halls Of Reyhome Castle Wants To Claim Not Just Henry And Vincent S Lives, But Their Very Souls Novel , Words KB Malevolence in life and death.Henry and Jo Strauss are bent on exposing scam artists and protecting vulnerable bereaved These cousins use their scientific instruments to deal with the spirits of the dead An unlikely partnership that pushes social restrictions of the time Vincent Night and Lizzie Devereaux are experienced mediums when the challenge set forth by a client pits them against the Strausses It isn t long before the true opponent in this rather grim story appears and the teams begin to realize that there s is at stake than prize money, it s life and death This is written like classic horror with true evil and a plot that goes beyond chills and thrills The plot itself is entertaining and creepy This is not a happy ghost story The intent and violence is gritty There are a few twists in the social commentary between the characters and the time period, as well as the plot itself I like the details of Strauss s invention and its performance as well as the discussion of race and gender roles, which is what pushes my rating from solid 3.5 stars to round up to 4 Overall, chilling historical ghost story. Audio 5 starsStory 3.5 stars round up for diversity The spooky stuff was fun, but I need convincing as far as the romance is concerned There wasn t enough build up or tension I m hoping I can feel connection between the MCs in the next book. I do love Jordan L Hawk s books and this is no exception Masterful blend of scariness and sexiness The concept of the rival ghost hunters, scientific and occult, is pure genius and I am deeply annoyed I didn t think of it, but delighted that a Jordan has such excellent ideas and b it s a series Henry is adorable and the supporting cast a huge strength of this author are fascinating and I hope we hear lots Loved it. Written January 13, 20154 Spooky Stars Booo A very promising start to a new series by a favorite writerNew modern technology and science versus old faith and questioned mysterious inner medium qualities A hot but also impressive scary mess Stunning action packed horror entertainment once again from the remarkable ghost master, Ms Jordan L Hawk the superb Whyborne Griffin and Spectr series writer A yummy but also horrifying ghosts tale starts It all takes place on Reyhome Castle, the site of a series of brutal murders decades earlier, in north east U.S than 100 years ago It creaks and cracks between the cobwebs, dust and old blood stains Restless Spirits is about the inventor Henry Strauss from Balti who is quite eager and determined to bring the otherworld under control through the application of science All he needs is a genuine haunting to prove his Electro S ance will work Henry is poor and the lack of money, reputation and honor and his responsibilities for his young female dark skinned cousin, Miss Jo Strauss makes him very happy when he gets an invitation to an contestPitting science against spiritualismwith a hefty 500 prize for the winner.Henry s rival for the prize is the dangerously appealing New York er Vincent Night Vincent is not just a stunning handsome and sexy charming mana Red Indian, his skin bronze and his black hair thick and shininghe is also a very talanted spiritualist medium To add is he now also determined to get this dull smarty pants inventor Henry, into a big warm bed You ve a fascinating mind You don t think the way everyone else does, and I find you intriguing However, Vincent has a big problem, he can easily make contact with spirits and ghosts, but he fears them His and his medium partner, Miss Devereaux s honor is at stake Vincent have to bite the bullet, he must face this scary opportunity To try to explain what is happening here is next to impossible but very short This is a story in grand Jordan L Hawk style about an ghost hunting adventure in an old haunted house An old dusty house and seven visitorsThat is for sure as made for a horror tale There are deep secrets and shadowy intrigues There are mysterious sounds, myths told about the dead and some scary weird accidents Our characters are in danger from start to finish Simply an freaking exhausting scary read I enjoyed naturally all sweet romantic parts best.This new Hawk couple feels like a winner already I can t wait to meet them again and get of them.There are of course some cozy moments here, when they steal an minute from the ghosts to some yummy snuggling kisses up there in the bedrooms, but I want Much When we first met, I thought you a self aggrandizing prick I was wrong God Henry had known it was insane Known he should hold firm, make it clear there were to be no intimacies of any kind between them But confronted with the warmth of those dark eyes, the roguish curve of that smile, he d crumbled An extra round of applause for this author who show us the then current ugly discrimination problems against dark skinned people in the U.S I can t but still feel a bit shocked about it What a dark world for some people I just hope that those problems are or less over by now I guess that this story takes place around year 1900 It will be fun to meet Henry and Vincent and their two ladies in the future I LIKE when it s creepy and also very nicely sweet A buddyread with Bev, Sofia and Andrea thread Thanks Ladies you finished days ago but it was fun as long as it lasted