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~Free Pdf ♷ Git-R-Done ☸ Git R Done Is Chock Full Of Fart Jokes And Straight Talk About America I Sat Down One Day And Said To Myself, Larry, You Ve Done It All You Ve Got Three Gold Records, A Successful DVD, A Hit TV Show, A Picture Of Shania Twain Givin Ya The Finger, And Most Important, The High Score On Frogger What Could You Possibly Do Then I Started Thinking About Writing A Book I Wanted Mostly To Write Git R Done For All Those Good Americans Who Just Wanna Laugh Like I Do Come On Inside And Hear Me Make Fun Of Janet Reno, Rosie O Donnell, And My Fat Sister, Who Caused A Twelve Tray Pileup In Front Of The Caramel Nut Rolls At The Country Buffet I M Gonna Tell You Why Dick Trickle Is My Hero, Why We Need To Get Back To Good Ol Common Sense, And Why I Prefer A Picture Of The Last Supper With NASCAR Drivers As The Disciples Over Just About AnythingLord, I Apologize The Book Will Go Down In History As One Of America S Most Important Events Since The Breakup Of Aldo Nova Even My Mom Liked The Book Here S What She Said There S Really Not Much I Can Say Here Except For I Apologize To Everyone Ahead Of Time For The Crap You Are About To Read Git R Done Is Just Plain Funny, I Don T Care Who Ya Are Also Available As An EBook From The Hardcover Edition If you like Larry the Cable Guy, You ll like the bookLarry the Cable Guy is a pretty known quantity He s a redneck stereotype, who specializes in fart and poop jokes and comes off looking like a rube That is his shtick and he does it well.Surprise If you like Larry the Cable Guy, and millions do, you ll like the book It mixes some of his comedy shtick with some new material and meanders around known territory.If you don t like Larry the Cable Guy and you read this book, then surprise you won t like the book either Save yourself some time and then save us the trouble of having to read your whiney review and then mark it as unhelpful.If you haven t seen Larry s stand alone routine not the sanitized short version on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour then you may find this to be a little blue and shocking Maybe you should listen to his full version before you decide if you will like the book is the only warning I would give.I actually knew Larry, back in his High School days in South Florida I found this book hilarious because I was able to read between some of the lines and know the real story.The truth is Larry is what he says he is A farm kid from Nebraska who moved south, easily picked up on the red neck accent and lifestyle In high school he was a little fat kid in the band but had a great sense of humor.Amazing what can happen in life He s now the hottest thing since sliced bread and in movies, books, shows, he s every where So the bottom line for me is,power to him He found a niche He s filling it and he s successful God bless him, and God Bless America If you like red necky, dumb guy type humor buy it I m generally a pretty sophisticated guy who reads across the board see my other reviews for evidence of that I liked it as a change of pace It was what I expected.If you don t like that kind of humor, don t buy it Complaining about it is like buying an apple pie and then suing the baker because you re allergic to fruit Larry has asuccinct way of saying it.Exactly what his fans like If you re a fan buy it and enjoy So I m a southern girl born and bred and I absolutely LOVE Larry the Cable Guy So when I heard he had a book out I just HAD to get it no matter how ridiculous it was I knew from the get go it was probably going to be a waste of good brain cells but my curiousity got the best of me.I have to say as always he didn t let me down in the humor department Of course, it s not exactly the cleanest and most proper but still funny, nonetheless.If you ve got an open mind and love stupid humor, pick it up One that I bought so Logan would read it and I read it Just OK Its getting a 4 star rating because I have loved Larry the Cable Guy since I first saw him on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour For a moment I wondered who let my brother get up on the stage However his book had alot of funny stuff in it, including the quote, I never met the guy and I m sure he s probably a sweetheart But for some reason I wanna whack the out of him with a shovel But it was also about 2 3 of material I ve heard him use in his stand up routine and in the Blue Collar TV show The book is funny, probably an audio version of it read by LtCG would be evenhilarious.GIT R DONE Believe it or not I have been using this book for bathroom reading. I m sure Larry would appreciate that.There is some biographical info in here, but mostly it s just a collection of Larry s humor As it s broken down into half page paragraphs it s the ideal sort of book to read when you only have a minute or two.The bio info was interesting For example, Larry is the only one of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour who isn t from the south and doesn t have a natural southern accent But, he is the only one who was brought up on a pig farm and is the real deal in terms of being a country boy.Sadly, like many other books similar books, 90% of this type of humor is in the delivery Sure there are some funny parts but many of the jokes come across as a bit lame without the comedic presentation The same jokes told by Larry onstage would be hilarious It s all a matter of perspective. Nomrally I like this guy a lot but im not sure what is going here He complanes about the folks in other countries but dont have any solutions All he does is complane about a bunch of stupid s like that without adding anything else I mostly like when he makes fun of the wives and stuff He sometimes reminds me of al bundy except he is hick Not a real hick but a hollywood hick Some of the stuff in here was funny but most it is just dumb. I enjoy Larry s standup and really enjoyed his work on The Blue Collar Comedy Tour movies Saying that, I didn t enjoy his ramblings in this book nearly as much Too much bad ranting about politics and not enough humoer. This book is very funny I could not stop laughing when he made a sly remark or flat out said some very bad things that I can t list in this review If you are a faint hearted or sensitive person this book could very easily offend you It is not afraid to offend you at all The first page is full of info that would take me two pages to fill it out It is very well written and is one of the better books I have read If you have any extra time on your time, this would be one of my top picks to read. It was really interesting to learn how Larry the Cable Guy came to be Once those chapters were done, the book wasn t really that great I mean, I didn t expect to LOVE the book, but I didn tI don t even know what I expected Somehow, the jokes Larry tells aren t as funny written in a book.