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I love this couple so I enjoyed the book, but despite the action and mystery, it felt a little thin. Not nearly as good as the first two But important to the series and I do love the series [Free Kindle] ⚉ Even the Score (Knight Errant #3) ♂ A Novel Of The Dream VerseOne, Two, Three,How Many Will My Victims Be One, Two, Three, Four,How Many To Even The Score When Taro Hibiki Leads A Survival Class Into The Backwoods, He Has Two Goals To Prove Himself As An Instructor, And To Propose To His Beloved Rafe Before He Loses His Nerve Completely In The Wilds Might Seem A Strange Place For That, But It S Where Taro Feels Most At Home And The Only Place The Couple Can Escape All Their Other ResponsibilitiesOn BFR, Proud Colonists Say The Name Stands For Big Effing Rock, And Brag About Their Planet S Dangers More Treacherous Than Bomb Bugs Or Sight Scamps, Though, Is A Human Seeking Vengeance Soon Taro S Students Are Dropping One By One, And No Matter What Taro Does, The Killer Stays A Step Ahead Worst Of All, Taro Comes To Suspect That The Students Are Targets Of Opportunity That The Ultimate Goal Is RafeTaro Would Die For Rafe In A Heartbeat, But Who S Going To Take Care Of Rafe If He Does As It Happens, The Killer Has A Plan For That, Too If you ve been reading through the adventures of Taro and Rafe this is the third book with these characters, taking place after Knight Errant and His Faithful Squire , personally, I think this is the best of the bunch That may be because KD mixes in some excellent mystery elements, and I do love a good mystery.The pacing is good, Taro continues to be Taro though I didn t want to hit him quite so much this time through , Rafe s personal growth continues and is excellent, and there s tiny Joss which was unexpected and exciting I love it when KD pulls characters through the books It s a good reminder that this is all one universe.Anyway, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes some mystery mixed in with their scifi romance. Good series enjoyed. I love Taro and Rafe every time they re together It just gets better when working out how to live together goes hand in hand with defeating whatever trouble finds them. I think the 5 stars might be nostalgia It was just so fun to see Taro and Rafe back in the same sort of environment where they first got together It just was a beautiful bringing together of bits from the first two books And the way we see how much their relationship has progressed was spectacularly well done Some Favorite Quotes while Rafe worked his real magic, making everything better.How could he not see that making everyone around him happy was a much better andhonorable skill than my ability to beat the hell out of anyone who pissed me off Eve felt the same way about Ben, I knew Ben was a healer of bodies and minds, and Eve was in awe of that Eve and I knew how to break things Thoroughly, permanently, gleefully Fixing things, we knew, was a fardifficult task Is this being grown up I don t like it We should stopview spoilerBecause I finally got it through my damn head that I don t have to be perfect to take care of you we re perfect togetherWe re fucking unbeatabletogether Because I am the luckiest man in the galaxy, Rafehide spoiler I love Rafe and Taro They are easily in my top 10 of all fictional characters KD Sarge has published her fifth book in the Dream verse, and this is the third one that features Rafe and Taro as the central characters Now that they re settled on BFR and settled in their relationship, it seems like things should be a bit easier, but a mysterious someone who s bent on revenge can complicate the most conventional relationship And Rafe and Taro don t have one of those.I ve read and reread all four of the previous Dream verse books, as well as KD s short stories some available at Turtleduck Press and some through the M M Romance group on Goodreads You must be a member, but that s free and so are the stories I ve spent decades reading murder mysteries written by a wide variety of authors You d think, after all that, that it would be tricky to completely flabbergast me, but KD managed it Even when I had a Very Bad Feeling about Taro going off on his own, I was utterly surprised by what actually happened I love a mystery that can fool me D I love Taro and Rafe And while I might miss the rest of the Marconi clan and ship in this story, the heart of Rafe and Taro was still there so I enjoyed every minute of it This story hassuspense than the last one since even Taro couldn t have predicted how badly things were going to go Of course Rafe and Taro couldn t have landed anywhere safe and simple No they re on a planet determined to kill everyone and Taro s decided playing chicken with the planet training people how to survive on it is a fun time to be had by all Of course his normal lack of patience is always in evidence Rafe coming along on a training session should be a fun time for them, semi vacation even A killer on the loose with a grudge is not in the plans This was a fun, adventure romp with a fair bit of danger thrown in I really enjoyed watching Rafe and Taro figure out how to get themselves home safely. This is the third book in this series, and hopefully not the last Taro and Rafe are just as much fun and as captivating as they were in the first two books In this installment, they have finally settled on a planet and are working somewhat steady jobs, although Taro is still causing trouble, enough that his nickname has become Major Trouble He is still trying to find out how to keep Rafe happy and safe, without sacrificing his own need for hellraising After a hair raising adventure in the wilds of their new planet BFR Big Fucking Rock , Taro finally figures it out and their epic love story continues on to the next phase, happily engaged after he gets himself fired again Awesome book These characters just worm their way into your heart and don t let go I truly hope KD Sarge plansadventures for Rafe and Taro.