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( Read Epub ) õ Code Name Nanette õ A Guilty Pleasure The Story Telling In This Book Is Amazing Ingrid Hall Exciting And Soul Searching ABNA Review A Fresh Voice, A Great Writer, I Literally Couldn T Put The Book Down This Was One Of The Strongest Books And Best Written I Ve Read For A Long Time By Any Author Royal Palm Literary Award JudgeROYAL PALM LITERARY AWARD WINNER I AM NANETTE I BREAK ALL THE RULES During The War I Was A Spy For The British And Helped Save The World I Ve Kept My Secrets For Fifty Years But Now I M Ready To Talk THEIR MISSION Gather Intelligence Behind Nazi Lines In World War II RISK The Future Of The Free WorldEIR MEANS Whatever It TakesBut The Lines Blur And The War Heats Up When Nanette And Her Spy Partner, Code Name Regina, Are Forced To Choose Between Their Hearts And Their DutyXY, SASSY, AND THOUGHT PROVOKING Joe Parker S Search For His Grandfather Leads Him To A Former Spy Who Worked With His Grandmother In France During World War II She Still Chain Smokes, Drinks Her Whisky Straight, And Loves Erotic Stories He Ll Never See Women, Young Or Old, The Same Way AgainSPIRED BY REAL WOMEN WHO HELPED SAVE THE WORLD Code Name Nanette Is A Quirky, Erotic, Character Driven Love Story That Honors The British And American Female Resistance Fighters In France During World War II, Who Loved And Fought Behind Enemy Lines As Intensely As Their Male Counterparts, But Whose Names And Achievements Remain Largely Unheralded To This Day It Opens A Window Into The Hearts And The Minds Of Women Who Take On New Roles And Risk Everything For Love, Freedom, Or Just Plain Adventure The Result Is Than A History Lesson It S A Revealing And Touching Triumph Of Courage, Love, And Hope Against All OddsWAR ALWAYS GETS PERSONAL Wars Are Not Epic Tales Recounting The Monumental Achievements Of Larger Than Life Heroes They Are Bloody, Devastating Battles Fought By Discrete Individuals Who Are Swept Up In The Tides Of History And Forced To Make Personal Life And Death Decisions On A Daily Basis Each Has A Story Most Of Them Never Get Told This Is Nanette S I loved this book from start to finish The author is known for her award winning historical fiction young adult book, The River Way Home The Adventures of the Cowboy, the Indian and the Queen BUT, make no mistake, this book is not a young adult read by any means Compelling and downright steamy in parts, Code Name Nanette tells one of the stories of the French resistance during WWII, honoring female spies operating in Nazi controlled France For a very limited time only, this title is available as a free download on at Code Name Nanette is a marvelous story, which had me hooked from beginning to end Reading it kind of became a guilty pleasure, and I actively started seeking out kindle time, just so that I could finish it The story opens in a contemporary setting, in which a young man called Joe Parker, desperate to find out the truth about his grandfather s identity, has tracked down a former British Spy, Nanette, an octogenarian, currently residing in a nursing home Nanette, in spite of her advanced years, is still a bit of a saucy minx and she soon has Joe wrapped completely around her little finger, as she tells the story of his grandmother, a.k.a Regina, or The Queen who served alongside her behind enemy lines in Nazi occupied France.The story telling in this book is amazing and I definitely felt that I had been transported back to 1940 s France The characterization is also flawless, with Joe, Nanette, and Regina as well as one or two other key players all being fully rounded If Joe was expecting to hear how his grandparents met during the war, then he was in for a shock because we get a full blown account of Regina s lesbian affair with a local doctor Far from being tasteless or tacky, this aspect really tugged at my heart strings Likewise Nanette s own lurid accounts of how she went undercover as a prostitute, servicing horny German soldiers for secrets had me riveted Oddly enough, I ve never thought of prostitutes as spies before, and this definitely added a whole new dimension to the story Joe s own love life is also a little complex, with his current girlfriend seemingly interested in his ex girlfriend than she is in him, but this is all by the by, as it is Nanette and Regina that drive and dominate the story.With this all said, I was RIPPING MY HAIR OUT IN FRUSTRATION at the book s ending, because it spectacularly failed to answer the one burning question that it had been asking throughout namely who was Joe s grandfather Either the author felt that this small detail was too insignificant to share or they got sidetracked, or I Dunno, kidnapped by aliens, but this totally ruined what had been an amazing reading experience for me The ending has pulled the rating from 5 Stars down to 3 Stars. Code Name Nanette by M E Dawson is a novel that fulfills the adage that fiction reveals truth in a way that is unavailable in mere facts The story occurs against the backdrop of World War II and depicts in vivid detail, not the bloody battles, but the intimate conflict of one on one encounters that confronted the brave women who operated as spies Using all of their skills including their sexuality, at great personal risk, they cobble together important intelligence that was pivotal to the allied victory Code Name Nanette provides some insight into the personal cost of that intelligence gathering.The reader experiences Nanette and Regina not as cold, calculating automatons but as living, breathing, loving and lusting human beings In the shadow of the moment to moment risk of death or capture, they come to live at an intensity that equals and then overcomes any fears they harbor While they struggle to fight for their values and the defeat of the Axis powers, they encounter moral choices that have no simple answers They inhabit a world of grey that shades to ebony Amidst this backdrop, they live and love, fight and survive, gather and report Heroes, certainly, for the most part, unsung, and anonymous their stories deserve to be told.M.E Dawson s lyrical writing captures the beauty and the horror of war, the intensity and passion with which people experienced life Whether it is a firearm pressed to an enemy s back, or the caress of a lover s tongue, M.E paints the moment in vivid prose War makes strange bedfellows FYI, includes vivid depictions of intimacy,