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!READ BOOK ♵ Noches Misteriosas en Granada ☯ Kevin Used To Have The Perfect Life Now, Dumped By His Popular Girlfriend, Kevin Leaves For A Summer In Spain With His Best Friend, And His Life Seems Anything But Perfect Taking Classes He Can T Understand, Living With A Very Odd Host Family, Trying To Get The Attention Of A Girl With Whom He Has No Chance, And Dealing With A Guy Who Has A Dark Side And Who Seems To Be Out To Get Him, Kevin Escapes Into A Book And Enters A World Of Long Ago Adventures As The Boundaries Between His Two Worlds Begin To Blur, Kevin Discovers That Nothing Is As It Appearsespecially At Night Worst book I ve ever read Literally no plot and the ending was stupid and the names were way too confusing Like Alfonso, Alfredo, and Alejandro Or zorya soraya zyhedra zebra honestly, do you think all triplets have the same name Kevin was a whiny loser who expected the universe to just give him whatever he wanted, just because his girlfriend ghosted him and Alfonso beat him up Alfonso was a phyco Soraya was a ghost or something Dylan was okay, but Maria Jesus was the only character even remotely interesting, and that is only because of her name and her having bottles of blood in her fridge My overall thoughts that is four hours of my life I will never get back. This book is a breakthrough in literature I have never read a book so moving and brilliant. very gud beautiful art as well Read it for school, it was okayDidn t like the ending at all No speako spanisho best book I ve ever read, such high quality literature kevin es muy estupido Good quality 6 5 stars.