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!Download ⚑ The Lost City ☩ Henry Shukman S Debut Fiction Collection, Mortimer Of The Maghreb, Was Acclaimed As Fearless, Brilliantly Realized, And Richly Rewarding Los Angeles Times Book Review Now, In His First Novel, He Tells The Story Of A British Expat Searching For Treasure And, Important, For Connection, Amid The Seductions And Dangers Of A Rootless LifeJackson Small Has Just Been Discharged From The British Military After Witnessing The Violent Battlefield Death Of His Closest Friend, Connolly It Was Connolly Who Introduced Him To The Fascinations Of Ancient Civilizations, Enticing Him With Stories Of La Joya, The Capital Of A Vanished Peruvian Empire Coping With His Grief, Jackson Sets Off In Search Of La Joya, Hidden In The Cloud Forest Hanging Between The Andes And IaIt S An Arduous Journey Through Desert, Arid Mountains, Inhospitable Villages, And Impenetrable Jungle And Though He Finds Unexpected Help From A Young Boy As Wily As He Is Innocent, From An Irreverent Village Priest, And From A Woman Who Both Redefines And Fulfills All Of Jackson S Expectations He S Also Warned At Almost Every Turn To Abandon His Search For A Place That May Not Even Exist But He Lets Nothing Stop Him From Entering The Depths Of The Forest Believed To Protect The Ruins Of The Lost City Where He Will Encounter Other Seekers Whose Methods Are Far Sinister Than His OwnWith Its Starkly Lyrical Voice, Its Headlong Pace, And The Romanticism Of The Quest That Fuels It, The Lost City Is At Once Suspenseful, Continually Unexpected, And Thoroughly Mesmerizing This is a stellar adventure complete with fascinating characters, exotic locations in the Peruvian Andes, heartfelt emotion and fully developed character of the male protagonist, and a fully developed gift of description I enjoyed it so much I will probably read it againand soon The cover of this book portrays a mysteriously beautiful landscape, which is rather apt as the book develops quite quickly into a beautiful tapestry describing the landscape both geological and anthropological of South America.The role of the main character Jackson seems secondary to the great backdrop of his surroundings for a lot of the time, which is perhaps appropriate as he himself is never in complete control and permanently at the will of fate.Jacksons back story for his reasons to complete his quest are vague and somewhat thin on the ground but equal to that of any number of British adventurers in the real world Whether or not the nature of the back story is deliberate is irrelevant though as the novel seems to be predominantly a travel novel and the story of Jackson merely a vessel for the story of the travel.After reading the book I am left with beautiful, colourful images of the landscapes that the story travels through rather than memories of the characters and events.I certainly wouldn t treat the secondary nature of the main character as a negative, when reading the book, Jacksons journey provided a subtle sense of urgency to the book that made it difficult to put down It was just that theoften than not the thing to look forward to on the next page was the new landscapes to explore. Really enjoyed this coming of age novel, great descriptions of Jungles, jungle way of life with some interesting characters has a little piece of everything this book romance, adventure, loyalty finding one s self Recommended. it was ok something to read on a holiday and hope you d remember something useful about it Peruvian history for example. Ok, so this wasn t quite the swashbuckling Percy Fawcett esque adventure novel I d thought it would be, but in its own way, it s very enjoyable.The writing style took a little bit of getting used to, but once settled in, it s hard to put down And Ignacio is awesome, as is el Gato. This novel has a strong sense of place Peru never sounded so beautiful I enjoyed the love story and the sense of danger. I have been enthusing over this book to anyone who will listen, including small children and pets The author Henry Shukman is an experienced travel writer and he is very good at capturing the feel of his settings His handling of moods and relationships is first rate, as is his method of slowly building dramatic tension This was the story of Jackson Small, ex British army, who suffered a breakdown after seeing his best mate Connolly die in in a fire fight Was it a case of friendly fire Connolly had made plans with Jackson to search for a mythical lost city in the jungles of Peru, a discovery that would dwarf Machu Pichu Jackson is determined to find the city, to realize Connolly s dream but also to heal something within himself Reading this book, I was reminded of Hemingway s line about people becoming strong at the broken places.Jackson has certainly been broken he feels isolated from the living but obsessed by memories of his dead friend Along the way, a taciturn young orphan attaches himself to Jackson Later, Jackson joins up with a young American woman whose old hippie uncle who lives the life of a modern day Thoreau up in the hills.Everyone warns Jackson to abandon his goal The area he wants to go to is extremely dangerous, the haunt of drug lords and guerrilleros The only person who seems to encourage Jackson is an official at the British consulateGraham Greene than Ian Fleming who would like Jackson to perform a little service The murky world of intelligence and security concerns looms in the background After leaving the army, Jackson had hoped to escape that world, and now he feels captured by it.As in any quest story, the lost city in the jungle is only one of the things that Jackson is looking for He seeks a way to come to terms with his past and make sense of his life, and maybe return to the woman who might make life worthwhile He is trying to figure out a way to do all that without compromising with people he doesn t trust. I spent the whole book worrying about the cat Review by Nathan IharaShukman s novel, which opens promisingly with a lone figure walking through a desert, turns out to be something of a trifle The book s best qualities are those of travel writing local color, evocative descriptions Against the white sky, vultures turned like tea leaves in a just stirred cup and a sense of mystery and movement The novel s protagonist, Jackson Small, a troubled young man fed up with military life and the dreariness of England, embarks on the journey made by so many young people a search for real life and authenticity in a foreign land, all of which he finds with relative ease He adopts, or is adopted by, an Indian boy named Ignacio who tags along with the silent obedience of a clever dog in fact, Jackson was reminded of a dog they d had when he was a boy the boy stirred the same tender feeling he used to have then He falls in love with a honey haired American woman named Sarah The two visit Sarah s uncle Alfredo, who lives on a mountain farm with his two wives and preaches to them about the simple life and the problems of the white man Finally, Jackson ventures out into the lawless jungle, where he discovers his magnificent ruins, only to get lost and then captured by the philosophical drug lord Carreras, who lectures on the ethics of the war on drugs until Jackson has a chance to escape.Click here to read the rest of the review.