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, , , , Fritti Tailchaser is a young ginger tomcat in a world where cats have their own language, culture, and mythology When his friend and prospective mate Hushpad goes missing, Tailchaser sets out on a quest to discover what distant evil threatens the lives of the Folk Tailchaser s Song is a generic fantasy questing novel with larger than life gods and a feline wrapping but, unfortunately, Williams knows nothing about cats Gross inaccuracies and general misconceptions strip away the feline aspect and so destroy this book s only unique aspect I do not recommend it.In plot, pacing, and writing style, Tailchaser s Song is unexceptional but not that bad Williams knows how to write a novel, if not a very good one, and the book follows many common fantasy tropes Tailchaser is an unassuming small town youth who leaves on an ill advised quest which leads him to a big city, to an enemy city, and up against a scheming powerful antagonist so that good may triumph against evil Bits of interspersed mythology create a powerful setting, yet this mythology still seem out of place when it enters the plot Williams paces his book well, and Tailchaser s journey feels realistically long while maintaining interesting variety Best of all, the book doesn t end as soon as evil is vanquished, identifying Tailchaser is a character in his own right and not just a tool of the story All in all, the book is aptly but not well written readable, passably skillful, but not memorable.However, what sets this book apart is also what condemns it Tailchaser is a cat, and his journey leads him through cat cities and against cat gods But for all this focus on cats, Williams knows little about them They speak a high language which is almost entirely spoken but domestic cats don t vocalize among each other Williams believes that kittens are born without fur, that cats prefer forests, that they live in teeming cities, that they can overdose on catnip Cats also hunt mice and clean themselves and heckle dogs, but on the whole what Williams gets right are generalities and nothingWorse, he sets feral cats as the ideal a dangerous and false lesson to the reader Real cats are not the indigenous master species presented in Tailchaser s Song, nor do they hate humans for neutering, nor are housecats somehow inferior Whatever personal secret it is that cats keep in their own silent, heavy eyed company, despising M an, building huge cat cities in forests, and originating from powerful old cat gods is not it.The premise of this book probably appeals most to cat fans but the book itself will be most disappointing to cat fans On the whole, the book is neither very good nor very bad Capably written but not particularly skillful, it s a fairly average fantasy novel The cat characters, on the other hand, could be quite exceptional but this is not a book in the lines of Watership Down or even the Redwall series In fact, there are barely any cats here merely predictable human characters wrapped in cursory fur With nothing else to endorse the book, I don t recommend Tailchaser s Song While it is not outright bad, it is disappointing As the writing isn t incredibly awful, I can t be quite so virulently negative about this book as I might like to be while still maintaining some sense of a fair assessment However I hated it I hated it a lot because if you re so captured by the magic of your first pet cat you should at least pretend to know something of that magic before you write a book about it Cats don t have gender identities and aren t meant to be feral and, for the love of all that which is good, they do not meow at each other A basic encyclopedia article offerstruth about the mystical depths of cat nature than there are in the 400 pages of this book I really, really hated it. #READ DOWNLOAD ì Tailchaser's Song ó Meet Fritti Tailchaser, A Ginger Tom Cat Of Rare Courage And Curiosity, A Born Survivor In A World Of Heroes And Villains, Of Powerful Feline Gods And Whiskery Legends About Those Strange Furless, Erect Creatures Called M AnThe Hour Of Unfolding Dark Had Begun, And The Rooftop Where Tailchaser Lay Was Smothered In Shadow He Was Deep In A Dream Of Leaping And Flying When He Felt An Unusual Tingling In His Whiskers Fritti Tailchaser, Hunterchild Of The Folk, Came Suddenly Awake And Sniffed The Air Ears Pricked And Whiskers Flared Straight, He Sifted The Evening Breeze Nothing Unusual Then What Had Awakened Him Pondering, He Splayed His Claws And Began A Spine Limbering Stretch That Finally Ended At The Tip Of His Reddish Tail Join Tailchaser On His Magical Quest To Rescue His Catfriend Hushpad On A Quest That Will Take Him All The Way To Cat Hell And Beyond There is a scene in a I could be wrong little known film from the early 90s called Sweet Nothing Michael Imperioli you probably know him from The Sopranos is addicted to the drugs he s peddling You know, dealing drugs on the side of his little league Wall Street job wasn t as fun and easy as it first seemed His not really his friend boss played by Paul Calderon looks at him with abject disgust and proclaims You crackhead motherfucker It s not that good of a film but I always liked the way that Calderon says that line at the precise moment when Imperioli couldn t lie any about being anything else There s also a good speech from Imperioli s character about chasing that first time high He uses an analogy about cherry snow cones Nothing before or since had ever tasted so cold and sweet but he keeps eating them anyway Okay, Tailchaser s Song isn t Watership Down You crackhead motherfucker What was I thinking I was thinking about Watership Down I can t help it The times I read Watership Down were some of the happiest of my entire life What else am I going to do I started reading Tailchaser s Song months ago I stalled a bit, er a lot, because it seemed to be written in that 1980s overwritten fantasy style You know the one when you keep reading them anyway and they force you to eat all kinds of snacks that are bad for you while you are reading them and then you put on too much weight You know the ones Please don t pretend you don t We ve come too far to turn back now Take my hand I won t leave without you I ve got your letter to Snowball and Fritz and they ll grow up proud of their papa We re going to make it and then we re going to set up a nice little place and tend the rabbits Tailchaser s Song is better than the other pathetic attempts on my part to recreate Watership Down No, I mean the pathetic attempt on part of the authors I didn t do anything wrong I was just innocently trying to read a water ship ed down version of the best book in the known universe No one tries to rape anyone either like in Watership Down with Birds and Watership Down with Wolves, at least those were some creepy as fuck scenes I wasn t hungry at all There s really nothing wrong with it It s your typical quest story There s a nice moral of the story about that feeling I always got when reading or watching quest stories You know when they go home and they have to leave the amazing friends they made behind And why does the damned story have to end and they can t keep any of those super cool friends What was the point of going through all of that to just go home Why can t the good stuff last forever and ever Fritti has that at the end and I loved that he doesn t want to give that good stuff up That was pretty right on on Tad Williams s part But The steady stream of animals they meet and episodic jams didn t make ME want to never go home I didn t give much of a dump about the cat royalty either It was nice enough but I didn t ever live in that world I wanted to live in it I wanted beep Watership Down I did like how Fritti mourns for his lost kittenhood from time to time He was pretty cute I mean, I totally respect him as his own cat and I m not a M an I m a little pissed that his girlfriend was another dumb female in one of these stories Why do they always do that Even my precious Watership Down didn t represent the ladies too well We like adventures too My heart is hollow like a chocolate bunny now Tailchaser the cats have three names just like in Russian novels gets to keep his friends What about me What do I get I don t even want to eat these dang cheese sandwiches No, you eat them I m too depressed I have learned my lesson once and for all NO MORE WATERSHIP DOWN READALIKES.Okay, but this one could be good This one might really be just like Watership Down I m not a total loser A Cat s Life12 February 2017 I remember seeing this book at my friend s house years ago and borrowing it for a bit of a read Mind you my friend is a bit of a booknerd like me, though these days our tastes in books have taken a bit or a lot of a divergence The thing is that while he went on to study social work I went on to study an arts degree The other thing is that I had an English teacher that would rile against what he considered to be airport trash, and books like those by Stephen King, were basically off of his list In fact I remember writing a play about a young adult named Brian Megadethhead who was ordered by a judge to either go back to school and a Catholic school at that or go to gaol he decided to go back to school Needless to say my English teacher wasn t all that impressed and spent the rest of the year decrying Megadeth as well as having a go at Stephen King novels, or whatever the current fad was at the time Mind you, whenever I am in an airport I do like to have a wander through the bookshop just to see what is actually sitting on the shelf and to see if there are actually any books that my teacher would actually approve, and while it has been years since I was in his class, and am not even sure if he is still teaching English, I still wonder whether Life of Pi would actually appear on his list of banned books, considering the last time I wondered through an airport bookshop that was the only book that I thought would be acceptable to him though I suspect that Fifty Shades of Grey would Anyway, most long haul international flights have a television in the back of the seat withshows than one could even watch in a twelve hour period that the need to buy rubbish at airport bookshops is probably no longer necessary Anyway, on to this book, even though it has been quite a while since I have read it, but the fact that I have read it albeit a long time ago I feel that I should probably say a few things about it Mind you, I should try to get my hands on it to read it again because it was, to put it bluntly, nothing short of awesome Mind you, with all the other books out there, as well as the books on my shelf, reading this again might be a little lower on my list of priorities, though I m sure if I see it in a bookshop I would probably buy it, and then proceed to read it again that was how much I enjoyed it In fact, I believe I have seen other books written by Tad Williams, and the name always rang a bell, it is just it wasn t until I looked this book up on Wikipedia as a bit of an aide de memoire that I suddenly connected him with this book So, Tailchaser s song is about a cat in the world where cats have a civilisation and communicate with each other In fact they have their own mythology, and while humans exist, they tend to be these creatures that live in a mysterious world, a world that sometimes crosses with that of the cats, but not by much In fact all of the animals have their own cultures and mythologies, it is just that the cats world is the main focus of the book The thing is that this book is about cats and about how these cats go on a quest and end up saving the world from a particularly evil and nasty cat, and honestly who doesn t love cats Well, cat haters of course, but then as they say haters are gonna hate Mind you, there are people who are allergic to cats, so I can understand why they aren t particularly fond of them, but I have to admit that you got to love the rather eccentric nature of our feline companions, even though, as they say, dogs have masters and cats have staff Actually, that is why my friend prefers cats over dogs dogs tend to be dependant and incredibly clingy I m sure dog owners have discovered what happens when you bring a new dog home and then go to sleep only to be kept awake all night from howls of loneliness while cats tend to be independent Well, they are independent to an extent because when they want something usually something to eat you generally know about it Unfortunately go catch a mouse generally doesn t work The main reason that this book came to mind is because I started reading Duncton Wood, which I had picked up cheap from my Church s fate though it turned out that I picked up books two, three, and four, but fortunately I found book one at a bookshop around the corner , which is similar, but about moles The other interesting thing is that with these books everybody seems to make comments about the similarities between this book, Watership Downs, and Lord of the Rings The thing is that any book that happens to be a fantasy book is considered to be similar to Lord of the Rings, but that is not surprising because it is probably the most well known fantasy book out there As for Watership Downs, I have to admit that I haven t read it yet, though I should make an effort to do so someday Oh, before I forget, apparently they will be releasing a movie based on this book in 2018 so I m going to have to keep an eye out for it. Another long ago read that I can t quite remember I did own it but lent it out and never saw it again I have mental images of a cat with red claws, evil cats with chilling graveyard breath, and a climactic showdown involved a Jabba the Hut sized evil cat god I think I cried, too, but I can t remember why or for whatneed to read this again. A lot of people several dozen of them, all excellent fine people are waiting for me to read their books There s an unwieldily stack of these books, depressing in its height, even now crouching on a shelf behind me like some kind of mess monster, mocking me and making me feel bad I intend to read every one of these books I promised I would Slowly, I am reading them all How slowly Well, in 1985 I received a hardback of Tailchaser s Song from Tad Williams himself I finally got around to reading it last week It s pretty good But that s twenty six years In my defense I can say I don t think Tad was waiting to hear back from me he didn t need a blurb or promotional assistance or my approval or anything If you are one of those people waiting for me to get back to you with any of that stuff, I can confidently promise you that I will take less than twenty six years to do so.I remember Tailchaser s Song as an instant success that launched Tad s writing career I was a friend of Tad s family his brother and I used to sub for him on his paper route, his main source of extra literary income back when he needed any It was really great to see him succeed It was my first ever view of an author making it, so it left a big impression He not only quit his paper route, I think he even bought a new car How pimp is that But I must confess I m not really drawn to epic fantasy adventure stuff, which is probably why I didn t read this in 1985 I ve cracked the pages of maybe a half dozen other ThingQuest style books that gave me a lot of eye rolling but no sustained interest Perhaps it s just my cynical ADHD nature I find such fantasy epics ask a larger amount of belief suspension than I can muster But I m thinking about writing a novel about cats, so it seemed like a good time to read one, just as a learning experience I found it humbling This kind of fantasy novel requires a serious dedication to world building, mythos building, language invention and landscape design before you can even write the first paragraph And even after you get started you still have to constantly invent new characters and describe new places with each new chapter I m very impressed by such stuff it s exactly the kind of writing I m bad at, and Tad pulled it off very smoothly in this, his very first book, when he was much younger than I am now He s also got an impressive sense of cats, which deflects the Catsploitation charges one could easily level at this book Cat lovers are a vapidly exploited market, but if you were going to read any fantasy adventure story about magical cat quests, you probably could t do much better than this. Oh, I loved this I ve been wanting to read Tailchaser s Song for a long time, while not being quite sure whether I d really like it I tend to like Tad Williams work, though if he layered on the worldbuilding and description any thicker in some of his work, you could eat it Fortunately, he didn t do too much of that here you re left to play catch up a bit, at times, which I honestly prefer.The cats are sweet, but they re also not just sweet They felt like cats They fight and they yowl and spit and hiss and groom each other and curl up to sleep together I loved Pouncequick, and Roofshadow I was less pleased with Hushpad, being such a non entity and with the ending, because geez, what a clich , and how far away did I see that coming Still, a quick and fun read, and one that ll stay in my collection. I have a rule with books If I can t get into it I put it down I will then try a few weeks later If I fail again I will try in a few months I broke my rule with this I tried this book no less than six times over the last year I mean it s a fantasy novel about cats I should love it, but I can t seem to get past those first few chapters The writing is quirky in places, even entertaining though it just doesn t grip me I don t want to carry on reading The plot provides no inciting incident to make me want to follow it to the end After those few chapters it grows boring thus, I gave up and wrote this very short review This one just isn t for me. I m trying to find a way to say how much I loved this book and look manly at the same thing but fuck it there is no way in hell I can pull that one off Well maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger can so with that in mind do me a favor and while you read this review imagine Schwarzenegger is the one reading it please Remember my manly reputation is in stake here Omg is so cute It got it all Cute cats X More cute cats X Cat fights X Evil cats X Crazy cats X Some kick ass cat fight scenes X X X Cool comic relieve cats X Romantic interest that actually interesting cats X Roofshadow kick ass Warrior cats X Lazy bitch cat X Hushpad you suck you lazy bitch Cats in the water, cats in the air, cats on ice, cats on boats, cats on trees, cats in the ocean, cats on fire, evil cats even cats in the air X X X X X X X Over all is a lovely book about a cute cat trying to find out who he really is even if he doesn t know that s his real quest