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Dare to Disappoint by Ozge Samanci is perhaps the quintessential tale of growing up in the 80s and 90s in Turkey in a middle class family There is so much here that resonates with the experiences of many Turks who grew up in Izmir and Istanbul, went to cram school on the weekends in preparation for the national entrance exams, tried so hard to fulfill the expectations of many middle class families of parents working for the government, who, unable to bestow wealth to their children, insisted for them to be good students so that they could have a degree nobody could then take away from them and therefore a good future The story is almost too familiar, down to Samanci s parents who work for the government so did mine , her uncle who was politically active and a bit of a good for nothing youth so was one of my uncles , the political climate of the 80s and 90s playing cruel tricks on the middle class and their aspirations, even her obsession with Jacques Cousteau I was obsessed with him, too Yet, Samanci makes the story her own, with her quirky childhood, her numerous attempts and failures to live up to the boring expectations of her parents, her struggle to be like her older sister She also has a great eye for the things that are uniquely captivating about the Turkish childhood, like the ruler with shapes including the unmistakable profile of Ataturk I loved my ruler with its Ataturk bust, and had forgotten all about it until I read Dare to Disappoint Some of the issues Samanci raises, the great divide between the conservative Muslim boys in school and the liberal girls, the economic hardships of the ever poorer and smaller middle class, the wild political swings allowed by a not so solid democratic system, are some of the hard truths of Turkey Samanci does a good job of explaining things in a way that anyone can understand them, making the memoir all the real and universal At this time, Samanci s memoir might be chronicling a vanishing type of childhood and young adulthood or not, hard to say, but the trendline doesn t have an encouraging slope It s a good primer to those who wish to understand the complicated past and convoluted ways of Turkey at the end of the past century, which may help understand what is happening today.Recommended for those who like binoculars, plastic rulers, stuffed potatoes, and to those who hate national exams and cram school. A graphic memoir about growing up in Turkey by now Chicagoan artist Samanci I knew very little about Turkey so was interested Also, it begs comparisons with Persepolis, as we get history of Turkey and the extent to which totalitarianism has affected its people It sure affected Samanci, who was influenced by her uncle not to be a cog in the machine It doesn t spare us some violence, so I wouldn t say its primary audience is necessarily kids, though it is a growing up story Her stern Dad wants her to be an engineer, but she chooses math, which she is not so good at Most of the book is about her learning to be herself and getting in trouble in school, and failing at math It s not particularly about her being good at anything There s no references to any artistic talent, really, until the very end, so that is surprising Why be an artist It s typical for people to start out doing things their parents want them to do to be successful, and many people just do those jobs, but it s not like it s this budding thing she always knew was in her heart This part is Dare to Disappoint, the failure years After essentially failing at math, it s almost as if we are ready for part II, the artist part, or for her to do something other than memoir with her comics art.I liked the art work, it s very attractively laid out and colored, and I thought as a memoir it was solid, straightforward, likable, with very few surprises, stylistically or narratively Still, I look forward to work from Samanci. [Free Ebook] ♌ Dare to Disappoint ♰ Growing Up On The Aegean Coast, Ozge Loved The Sea And Imagined A Life Of Adventure While Her Parents And Society Demanded Predictability Her Dad Expected Ozge, Like Her Sister, To Become An Engineer She Tried To Hear Her Own Voice Over His And The Religious And Militaristic Tensions Of Turkey And The Conflicts Between Secularism And Fundamentalism Could She Be A Scuba Diver Like Jacques Cousteau A Stage Actress Would It Be Possible To Please Everyone Including Herself In Her Unpredictable And Funny Graphic Memoir, Ozge Recounts Her Story Using Inventive Collages, Weaving Together Images Of The Sea, Politics, Science, And Friendship Dare to Disappoint Growing up in Turkey felt like it should have been a longer tale zge Samanci s early years are richly detailed as the protagonist ages, though, the granularity of the narrative stretches out, with discrete events replaced by overarching sketches of longer periods of time and emotion This may simply be an artifact of memory disjointed and episodic recollections of early years giving way to comprehensive understandings of later phases of life This flow breaks down, though, near the end of the book when zge decides to break with her and her father s expectations to pursue a career meaningful to her She reaches her decision point, but the audience is left with an inspiring moral on the virtue of risk taking, but little evidence apart from the book in their hands as to how it unfolded for the protagonist.The narrative is snappy and funny, with an informed but child s eye view of the dynamics of Turkish society in the waning days of the Cold War Quite interesting are the hints and mentions of events and dynamics which go unexplored here, but which tie into well known historical and current events Samanci s elementary school version of Turkish independence, featuring a map with a purple blot labelled Armenian, a discussion of anti leftist and Kurdish censorship sprees by authorities, and a confrontation with a devout Muslim student illustrating the relatively elite, western, and minority perspective of the author s experience The quirks and strange perceptions of childhood are brought to life by Samanci s fluid line, spare watercolor, and charming mixed media collages at the opening of most chapters This is a graphic novel with precious few hard edged panels Scenes take place in isolated vignettes floating in whitespace or splashed across an entire page, but never does a full page of conventional rectangles appear Never does this hinder the flow of the story rather, while Samanci s figures and faces are simple and expressive, her layouts add dimension and energy, practically dragging the eye across the varied spreads. evirisini merakla bekliyordum Okurken ocuklu uma gen li ime d nd m Otobiyografik bir romandan bir neslin kar n a r lar na n fuz etmi , ok ba ar l. How much do outsiders know about the country of Turkey Here, a professor from Northwestern University tells what it was like to grow up in Turkey She follows her early life, starting in 1981 before she started school , and ends during college as she looks toward a professional path Graphic novels are an evocative medium for memoir, and Samanci uses the strengths of visual storytelling to great effect Her thesis was on using comics in the digital context, and this is clearly a thoughtful work Her own drawings are cartoonish in a slightly silly way, at first, and she integrates those drawings with elements of collage There are no panel borders instead, the images float on white pages She uses color sparingly for instance, to make her blonde head stand out in a crowd scene and keeps the pages alive with a wide variety of layouts Her story is a very personal one, in the vein of Marjane Satrapi s Persepolis and Zeina Abirached s A Game for Swallows, but she does take time to reflect on some of the larger issues affecting her world, such as governmental elections and the educational system This is an important story, and one which will be essential in public libraries, particularly given its relevance to current headlines In the school context, it may be best suited to high school libraries, due to some of the author s experiences and the scope of this story professional review for another sourceThe Personal Touch Samanci is just a few years older than I am, so reading her story was particularly poignant for me She also doesn t always thrive in school which may or may not have to do with the school system in Turkey , and that was illuminating to watch, especially with the focus on her school experiences She talks a lot about the reverence for one historical figure in Turkish history, and how that influenced her life he was like a god As far as trigger issues go, there is an attempted rape scene, and it has pretty major life ramifications for her, but the scene itself is relatively tame So there s that.I had a hard time with the aesthetic at first, until I really sunk into the story and flipping back through it, I m now struck by the beauty and creativity in her art I love that she includes photos of actual ephemera from her life transcripts, etc in the vein of Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf Her chapter openings are knockouts I m very curious about what it was like for her to transition from this story to amerika I hope she writes a sequel about that.Extra star for the uniqueness of this story. Here is the thing Masterly drawn, and beautifully written, the book leaves you with a sense of incompleteness and a delusion that it should have been longer, braver and fuller, a much intended delusion aimed at and kept as a secret from you throughout the book victoriously by the writer and you are hanging in time and space aching to find closure, only to realize it s the only thing the book hasn t offered you Just like this country, Turkey itself And you think, just for a second that this was an error, a defect, a misjudge the writer had come to in her writing process, and that second ends with a painful smile on your face only to show you that this has been the idea all along I am incomplete, I ve always felt incomplete, and this feeling I ve been left with when the book ended, this was just the thing the book tried to achieve all along, and knowing its reader, it didn t take much to have done Because this is the only thing this country makes you, incomplete And it s our diamond, and it s our curse We will be torn apart because of it, and we will rise on it Well done zge Samanc , the joke was on us all along You truly are an artist.While we are on the subject Not to be painfully obvious, but seeing readers commenting they were disappointed to some extend by a book titled Dare to Disappoint is like seeing republican housewives who did not vote for Clinton on account of her being a woman criticize HBO masterpiece Girls on Facebook because the show was degrading women I am sorry, but I just have to ask Does the Pope shit in the woods This graphic novel is well done, but I ll have to send it up to the middle school library as it is too young adult for elementary students Ozge Samanci s minimalist illustrations and dry sense of humor make this an excellent look into what it was like growing up in Turkey The heart of the story is about Ozge trying to figure out what she wants to do in life and the difficulty of trying to live up to her father s expectations and imitate her brilliant older sister She recounts the political and cultural upheavals growing up and the dangerous culture she lived in A near rape, prejudice from extreme ideologies at school, and fierce competition of trying to make it into prestigious schools make this a page turner Ozge never takes herself too seriously though and the humor and lightness balance out the dark incidents A terrific read Ozge grew up in a middle class family with two parents that were educators and nonreligious They raised Ozge to be strong and wanted her to have a good job Getting into the top high schools and universities was competitive and difficult Ozge chronicles this difficult journey that show flaws in an educational system many will relate too Her path of self discovery follows first in her sister s footsteps and she fails, next she tries to follow her father s path and fails, and last she tries to follow her own heart and fails She never gives up and finds, with the help of family and some loyal friends that help tutor her through her classes so she can pass, that she is able to discover her passion for drawing It is the failures and resilience to learn from her mistakes that are a part of Ozge s journey of discovering what she wants to do with her life something we all can relate to She is one brave person that is easy to cheer on as she works through issues.The author does a good job explaining the different leaders of the country and how they affected her country A funny bird crops up on many of these pictures with some wisecrack comment She shows the leaders saying one thing but doing the opposite in private while the bird hangs upside down on the president s speech bubble saying, Liar Later, she s trying to get the courage to tell her mom about her teacher s corporal punishment of all the students in the classroom and the bird is making light of the incident Ozge is a strong willed girl willing to stand up for herself She s a bit of a loose cannon as a young kid and her yellow hair that shoots out all over the place reflects her high spirits There are pictures of her friends with rock star posters in their bedroom and Ozge has Jacques Cousteau because she s going to be a famous diver Later, she humorously talks to Poster Jacques trying to sort out what she wants to be in life The page where she is suspended for speaking her mind at school and criticizing the play chosen for the theater production is a hoot The close up photo of the suspension letter with her miniaturized and sliding down its folded edge off the page with the bird and its speech bubble saying, Bye, is one of my favorites I m sure you ll find your favorites too. 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