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#READ BOOK ò Running (Triathlon Training) ⚦ Triathlon Training Running Is Essential Reading For Runners Who Want To Improve Their Lap Times, Athletes Who Want To Incorporate Running Into A Multi Sport Programme And Anyone Considering Training For Their First Triathlon Practical, Effective And Easy To Understand, It Contains All The Information And Advice That Serious Runners Need To Improve Their Technique And Achieve Great Results It Includes Improving Your Technique For The Best Results Outdoor And Track Training Techniques For Speed And Safety Fitness, Competition, Strength And Flexibility Training Programmes Mental Training And Motivation Effective Equipment Use Just started a weekly 5km fun run and thought I would flick through a few books for some hints To reduce the appearance of being an over heated dying fish flopping on the ground at the end of the race.Picking and choosing items from the book and so far its been effective.No intention of doing any training, well maybe perhaps one day in the future, but will try and do the most basic things Mierke has written in the book 180 steps per minute, foot strike below the body and keep the head up Seems to work Still have problems running downhill but that may not be aided by running barefoot, one area never mentioned in the book Best running book I have flicked through so far.