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Tahar Ben Jelloun is a famous Moroccan writer, mulit awards winner, that writes in French He lives in Paris and is often talked about as possible winner of Nobel Prize in Literature The Happy Marriage ,is his super fresh still wrarm novel, also just translated to English This new novel starts with a famous, celebrate painter turned invalid after severe stroke Unable to move he starts his story of the years long marriage, his love life and artistic life I deliberately said that this is his story Being unable to move and having his friend writer under hand he decides to leave his testimony, explaining the deterioration of the marriage What went wrong and why it turned into a fiasco that it is.Aren t we already a bit tired of a marriage stories, Lotto and Mathiled from Lauren Groff novel Fates and Furies were making circles around book tube not so long ago Here comes another similar story Is there anything that makes it different First obviously it s a marriage form a bit interesting, since different part of world, set in different culture Secondly this is of a clashes of classes type of story than marriage per se, I belive And it also is, and that is the most interesting the story of difficult relations between Arabs and Berbers in Morocco More in my video review . 2016 2017. . ( DOWNLOAD EPUB ) ♴ السعادة الزوجية ⚕ Ben Jelloun Is Arguably Morocco S Greatest Living Author, Whose Impressive Body Of Work Combines Intellect And Imagination In Magical Fusion The GuardianIn The Happy Marriage, The Internationally Acclaimed Moroccan Author Tahar Ben Jelloun Tells The Story Of One Couple First From The Husband S Point Of View, Then From The Wife S Just As Legal Reforms Are About To Change Women S Rights Forever The Husband, A Painter In Casablanca, Has Been Paralyzed By A Stroke At The Very Height Of His Career And Becomes Convinced That His Marriage Is The Sole Reason For His Decline Walled Up Within His Illness And Desperate To Break Free Of A Deeply Destructive Relationship, He Finds Escape In Writing A Secret Book About His Hellish Marriage When His Wife Finds It, She Responds Point By Point With Her Own Version Of The Facts, Offering Her Own Striking And Incisive Reinterpretation Of Their Story Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong A Thorny Issue In A Society Where Marriage Remains A Sacrosanct Institution, But Where There S Also A Growing Awareness Of Women S Rights And In Their Absorbing Struggle, Both Sides Of This Modern Marriage Find Out They May Not Be So Enlightened After All From The Hardcover Edition P trundem intr o cultur exotic , pe care o cunoa tem din basme, cu ajutorul unui povestitor n elept cu care ncepe primul capitol Drumul prin de ert, precum si fascina ia unei pove ti de dragoste, descoperirea pl cerilor, dar i aura de poveste a unor obiceiuri, viziuni fantastice, misterioase, totul apare apoi in contrast cu problemele legate de rasism i ur fa de cei care sunt altfel.Citate Hot r rile tat lui nu se discutau Aceasta eratradi ia Nu ridicai glasul c nd te adresai p rin ilor, le s rutai m na ium rul i coborai privirea c nd le vorbeai A a se f cea De pu in vreme, n cursul c l toriilor n Senegal, Amir i luaseobiceiul s ncheie o c s torie de pl cere cu Nabu, o t n r fulanisuperb , de un metru optzeci Venea n fiecare an n aceea i perioad , il sa lucrurile la Moh, re nnoia contractul de c s torie cu Nabu, se instala n casa pe care i o construise i tr ia cu ea ca un st p n mul umit i iubit Pentru el, Nabu era o magician , un picvr jitoare i, mai ales, de o mare frumuse e i senzualitate n bra ele ei, tat l lui Karim i pierdea capul ns nu existau doar momente de pl cere trupeasc Amir se l sauneori purtat de un oarecare romantism, deprins de la poe ii arabi ipersani Priveam cerul i nu z ream nimic lini titor nainte,albastrul s u mi trezea pofta de dans Bunica mi a dest inuit ceva Mi a spus c sunt f cut din aceea imaterie ca visele, c ochii mei sunt deja n alt parte mi a spus i c visele nu sunt nimic altceva dec t mesaje pe care moartea ni le trimite cas ne obi nuim cu existen a ei Dar, n ciuda a toate, m nsufle e tesperan a de a l revedea pe b rbatul meu alb, cel care m viziteaz o dat pe an E un om bun D i for a s m fac fericit El tie, b nuie te c nu sunt o femeie fidel , cum s fii c nd te ai n scut cu o dorin maiputernic dec t ra iunea, nu i niciun r u n asta nu discut m, el tie, darnu zice nimic La drept vorbind, habar n am Dintotdeauna oamenii au avut nevoies i potoleasc temerile M g ndesc c au creat religiile ca s suportevia a i misterele ei, moartea fiind principala enigm pe care n adezlegat o nimeni niciodat Dar cum faci s alungi visele Trebuie doar s l trezesc pe om E foarte simplu Acum te las, simt omic tulburare nspre nord est Adio A brilliantly imagined portrayal of a marriage in all its convoluted glory. . Mi ar fi placut ca Ben Jelloun sa fie mai constant de a lungul cartii subiect de amploare, cu numeroase mize, sociale si estetice Romanul serveste si drept manifest impotriva rasismului si a urii, pe langa conturarea unui Maroc care strabate, in ritmul lumii, deceniile 3,7 5 I have made a goal this year to read literature written in countries outside the English speaking world Tahar Ben Jelloun was born and raised in Morocco, then began to live and write in Paris after attending The Sorbonne He is bilingual in Arabic and French but writes in French because to him Arabic is a sacred language, given by God in the shape of the Koran, it is intimidating one feels very small in front of this language I had read his most well known novel, The Sand Child, some years ago and was struck by a style of story telling that felt foreign to me, but elicited a strong emotional reaction I realized then how various are the ways stories are told in different cultures and thus how various are the ways life can be lived and approached, just on one little planet.In The Happy Marriage, perhaps Ben Jelloun is giving us a look at marriage through Moroccan eyes, inclusive of both those who live in the country and those who emigrate to France, as many Moroccans have done The marriage in his novel is in crisis due to patriarchal views held by the husband, the large difference in age and class between husband and wife, and the relentless encroaching of struggles by women the world over for equal rights.The book opens a few months after the husband, a famous painter, has suffered a massive stroke Mostly paralyzed and unable to speak, he is in despair over not having finished his life s work He blames the stroke on his wife and their increasingly violent arguments even though he is overweight and had been diagnosed with hypertension some years ago.The first section is called The Man Who Loved Women Too Much and is the painter s account of his life as told to and recorded by a close friend This man has had much success as a painter and has been a continuous womanizer since even before his marriage He thinks quite highly of himself and relates his amorous liaisons contrasted with the recriminations his wife pours on his head.As I read I began to realize that the painter is both an unreliable narrator as well as a man who feels it is his privilege to live as he pleases, have affairs, travel the world and hoard his money, as long as he gives his wife enough to run the household They have children whom she is tasked with raising All he wants from them is their love and adoration.Also, though the marriage was not arranged and supposedly entered into with love on both sides, the wife is much younger and comes from a small, impoverished Moroccan village The painter wanted a woman to give him children and the wife wanted to move up in class and affluence Their two families have never gotten along and this class conflict is a virulent source of trouble for the couple.One of my favorite novels of 2015 was Lauren Groff s Fates and Furies Ben Jelloun has used a similar structure for his book with a section from the husband s viewpoint followed by the wife s Also similar are the husband s obliviousness to the plight of his wife and the wife s anger over that plight Different here is the anger exhibited by the wife Shortly after the birth of their first child she became aware of his infidelities and his stinginess with money and made no secret about her fury Also different is how entertaining Ben Jelloun manages to be even while the couple wage their battles.In the second section called My Version of Events, the wife has discovered and read the manuscript of her husband s life story She states, Before giving you my version of events, I must warn you that I m nasty I wasn t born that way, but when people attack me, I defend myself by any and all means Her rage and her willingness to spy on the painter, even to picking the lock to his safe, are beyond bounds Surely all women get mad at their husbands and dream of ways to retaliate but this one goes ahead and does it Even so, the husband holds most of the power except for one crucial point.Though he has told her he wants to end the marriage, she refuses to agree and manages to outwit him with his lawyers A stalemate of almost a year ensues Then comes an unexpected ending, so unexpected that my admiration for the author s insight and sense of irony felt betrayed On rereading the ends of both partners stories though, the admiration returned and increased Marriage is as fluid as any other aspect of life It succeeds or fails due to the personalities involved no matter the society or culture If there is any hope in the novel, it is that a woman empowered has options, even in a fundamentalist country.