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Maria Kostaki gives the readers pieces of Sasha s life through this narrative where Sasha is talking to her deceased father Sasha lives modestly yet the people and situations around her complicate most facets of her life None of her relationships are easy None go without some sort of complication or argument Ms Kostaki s writing was easy for me to slide into I became attached to Sasha As she narrated the injustices which happened to her in terms of love from the men in her life, I became an angry reader I wanted for her I wanted an idyllic, free form of love to come and transform her life You ll have to read Pieces to see if she ever finds that sort of love.The secondary characters also evoked emotion from me Some were humorous, others made me want to slap some sense into them, and still others I wanted them to be to Sasha, for Sasha.Did I enjoy Pieces Yes Would I read books by Ms Kostaki Absolutely I received a copy of Pieces as part of the Book Sparks Summer Reading Challenge. I was given a copy of this book by the Summer Reading Challenge for a honest review for Stephanie s Book Report Pieces is a book about Sasha Sasha with a mother who abandons her to move abroad with her new foreigner husband For five years Sasha is passed around between her three grandparents living in Cold War era Moscow Five years later her mom returns wanting to take Sasha back to Greece with her for a better life Soon though she discovers her better life in Greece is not at all what she dreams it to be.It s a coming of age story The story is told through flashbacks as Sasha sits along side her fathers grave and talks to him Sasha is searching to find a father figure, love and ultimately a life not defined by the men who have been in it I have to say here,and I m anti spoiler but I don t think it will ruin a thing, there is domestic violence in this book that may be disturbing to some readers I know it was disturbing to me and I ve never lived with domestic violence in my life It s about Sasha putting the pieces of her life together to have the kind of life she wants instead of the kind of life she has lived so far A life filled with a psychologically abusive mother and a physically abusive stepfather both of whom are also alcoholics Sasha s story is heartbreaking I didn t find it to be a happy read at all Sasha tells her story as she is sitting at her fathers grave talking to him She s telling him her life story full of so much sadness and heartbreak Though there is a real true friendship in the book and you see how people can prevail over their childhood but it just didn t leave me with an I m happy for Sasha now feeling at all Actually, I ve been done with this book for a couple of days now and I m just not sure that I as the reader got the point of the book at all To say I got lost reading this book is an understatement Sasha tells her story in the present and the past and the book jumps so suddenly from one to the other that at times I had not a clue where I was It was actually work to read this book, a full time maybe I should be taking notes to keep up job Not only was I trying to figure out if the story was in the past or the present but I had a hard time keeping up with where in the big old world Sasha was It jumps between Russia, Greece, America, or South America I feel like this book had potential but fell short because I spent so much time trying to figure out where I was and what was going on. [Download Epub] ♩ Pieces ☩ When Her Mother, Anna, Abandons Her To Move Abroad With Her New Husband, Sasha Is Passed Around Her Three Grandparents In Cold War Era Moscow, Attending First Grade With A Lenin Star Pinned To Her Breast Five Years Later, Anna And Her Husband Reappear And Whisk Sasha Off To A Better Life In Athens, Greece But They Are Not The Gallant Rescuers They First Appear To Be, And Sasha Soon Finds Herself Caught Between A Violent Stepfather And A Psychologically Abusive Mother In Her Struggle To Survive In Her New World, Sasha Turns To A World Of Invisible Friends Even As She Continues To Long For Something Real At Turns Haunting And Uplifting, Pieces Is The Story Of One Girl S Survival And Self Discovery And Her Continual Search For Love In A World Where She Has Been Given None Although this story finds the protagonist traveling back and forth from New York to Greece, the focus is on the protagonist s inner turmoil rather than the places.This story gets into the restlessness, grieving and searching mindset of the main character As she comes to terms with her past relationships with family members and friends, she finally finds her way towards a semblance of happiness.Although the process of self discovery kind of stories could get tedious, this gave just enough to keep me interested to the end. Russian born Sasha has lived with her grandparents, the first 7 yrs in Russia, when she suddenly has to go to her mother and step father who she has disowned all memories of her own father for where she is better off , a violent household full of selfishness and alchoholism In fact, the birthday episode where her mother is angry she didn t get the alchohol they wanted and sends her to her room is sad This is of an UNfamily if you will.Sasha s mother does a lot of crappy things for her own good Always keeping her from people, and keeping information out of her reach The begining when she has to leave her grandparents is tenderly sad As she narrates the story, she is speaking to her father It s like a part of me were cut off and put in storage while I grew without it The rest of the pieces are just that Pieces It s like a puzzle that I can t seem to put together We find her revisiting all the bad memories, and in therapy the true self isn t the one she pretends to be with others She is wearing out the nerves of therapists, carrying issues like a second skin She is unable to have a healthy relatioship, unable to commit to men who love her or keep the other s from leaving her for someone else but like all damaged people, she doesn t quite know how to embrace healthy love I have a cemetery in my heart It s not for the dead, so you re not there It s where I bury people and places that I no longer want Things that I m unable to deal with It s where Moscow and it s inhabitants lie She does let go of the dead horse of family dysfunction she is dragging, but it s a long time in coming The writing is good, in the story nothing huge happens, and there are times the reader may get exhausted with her negativity too It does jump from past to present, so long as the reader can handle those leaps all will be well. Pieces by Maria Kostaki CA She Writes Press, 209 p Pieces of Sasha s life are portrayed vivadly from early childhood in Cold War era Moscow to Athens, Greece Having no control over where she lives in her youth to out of control adult behavior seeking love and acceptance Taken from the Grandparents who love her to live with her narcisstic mother, who tells Sasha, I feel sorry for youyou ll never find someone who has the ability to love in the way that you do You love unconditionally, desperately The death of her step father, Michael, the only father she has known, has triggered her memories of life with him and her mother Sash lashes out at him in her grief for the biological father she never knew and the step father who raised her You were supposed to be my prototype male I still have nightmares about your fingers, the tattoo on your wrist, your palm slamming on my mother s face, the gold ring on your middle finger But I loved you anyway It is a gritty, alcohol laden story of survival and hope Kostaki has painted a harsh picture of life in Moscow and the resilience of family during tough times Love prevails.If not for the Summer Reading Challenge, I probably would not have picked up this book to read A little confusing for me at times, it was a worthwhile read Kostaki has a talent for bringing the reader into the story with a few well chosen words Maria Kostaki is a native of Moscow, Russia, but has spent most of her adult life on a plane from Athens, Greece to New York City and back She holds a master s in journalism from New York University, where she was a recipient of a grant from the Knight Foundation She has worked as an editor and staff writer for Odyssey magazine in Athens and New York, and her nonfiction has appeared in publications including Elle D cor and Insider Magazine Her fiction has appeared in Flashquake and Mediterranean Poetry. Check out my blog at you are uprooted and tossed aside for much of your life, where is your place Where do you belong These are the questions Sasha, the main character in Kostaki s Pieces, must answer in order to put the pieces of her life in place The Premise Living in Russia with her grandparents after her mother left for a better life and a new husband in Greece, Sasha is happy and loved But she is whisked off for a better, Western way of life in Athens, a life with her mother, stepfather, and new little brother The life sound wonderful, but the truth is soon made evident to Sasha Her stepfather is physically abusive, her mother is psychologically abusive, and both are alcoholics.The novel flashes back and forth in time, telling Sasha s history in pieces from different parts of her past Sasha is shown to be a gifted artist, but unable to shed her inner demons And her life cannot be full until she figures out where she fits, where she can be home, and where she can be loved My Thoughts Sasha s story is heartbreaking and sad, but it is also a story of the testament of human resilience and the beauty of true friendship.Pieces was compelling and parts of it were great, but the flash back and forwards were disjointed and confusing I got lost sometimes trying to figure out where Sasha was at the time Russia, Greece, America, even South America.I wanted to like it, and I did like parts of it But I didn t love it, and I couldn t stand the jarring transfers of the story.I give it 2.5 stars. Ok so I have to say that this book was definitely one of those that leave you wondering what did I just read I actually had some of those moments while reading the book lol but it was still good enough to where I HAD to keep reading There are a lot of flashbacks in the book some of which you may read for a few pages before you realize that what you re reading is a flashback With all of that said Pieces is actually a very good book about a girl named Anna and her life Anna was abandoned as a child by her mother and essentially her father as well This book takes you on the journey of Anna as she tries to piece together where her life is, was and where she wants to be The story is told from Anna s perspective and is full of her thoughts and inner turmoil Anna has had to deal with not only being abandoned by her mother but bouncing between grandparents and family members to finally living with an alcoholic stepfather and mother To say that Anna s life was less than stellar is putting it mildly but Pieces shows how it can all be put together and how one strong young woman was able to overcome when the odds were stacked against her.An awesome story of second chances, and overcoming obstacles Pieces is well written and is definitely a page turner This is the first book I ve read from this author and I certainly wouldn t be opposed to reading of her work Job well done. This book has its faults it jumps about a bit too much in time and place, there are too many subplots that are never satisfactorily explained but overall I found it a compelling account of a young woman s struggle to make sense of her past and discover who she really is Sasha is born in Moscow, where her mother leaves her with her grandparents to go and start a new life in Greece with her new husband Five years later she comes back to reclaim her and Sasha embarks for a new, supposedly better, life in the west Sadly that life turns out to have its problems and conflicts and Sasha has to struggle to reassemble her life from its pieces Sasha as an adult seems as lost as Sasha as a child, and is torn between family, career and relationships It s a somewhat chaotic narrative, reflecting the chaos in Sasha s mind, but I found it worth persevering with, and ended up rooting for Sasha and hoping she will find the love and security she craves. To the Point This is a deep and wonderfully written story of a broken human being making her way to create the life she needs on her own Through the writing style, you can feel the disconnect between reality and history, what you have been through and what you want to become Pick it up, you won t be able to put it down.Review Well, let s start with how powerful this book it It will lead you down a terrifyingly emotional path all the while taking it on fiercely and with a sense of purpose Sasha is the kind of person that makes you really wonder how people get through such rough childhoods to become functional members of society But it happens, there are people out there who have been through a lot of awful stuff and somehow they manage to put the pieces back together This is truly an inspirational story, I felt heavy emotions with constant and effortless hope throughout the book I felt like the disconnect flashbacks really held true to a person who has suffered so much In an instant a memory can come rushing back and it takes over It is a very realistic representation of certain mental illnesses relating to trauma like PTSD.I gave this book four stars because personally I like books that are psychologically battered and the characters are broken and I love even the stories where the characters fight through all of that psychological damage to be something Whether they make it or not I end up loving the book for the real life problems, and results, they portray.I recommend this book for people who feel they need a wake up call Sometimes our problems seem so big and forget to live in the moment.Pieces by Maria Kostaki She Writes Press May 5, 2015 209 pages Fiction Drama, Family Issues, Coming of age I received this book from BookSparks for the SRC2015 campaign.