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Hero was an ass, he had excuses but not good enough, if you keep telling a woman you don t love her and she is worthless it becomes true, in my eyes he never redeemed himself, and she gave in too easily Weirdest book everWow What a strange story I am still trying to process what I read but there was a strong feeling of whiplash throughout it The hero was cray cray The heroine was just cray Together they were cray cray cray Free Book ♞ Man of Ice ☢ Man Of The Month MR MAYIce Man Dawson Rutherford, Our Th Silhouette Hero His Scheme Plan A Mock Engagement To Help Secure The Land He So Desperately NeededOnly One Woman Had The Power To Drive This Seemingly Heartless Cowboy Wild, And Now He Needed Her To Pose As His Bride To Be A Tempestuous Night Long Ago Had Forced Dawson To Abandon All Hope Of Making Barrie His Lawfully Wedded Wife, But There Was Not Telling What Sharing A Spread With This Hot Blooded Woman Would Do To The Man Of Ice Impotent bipolar hero with mommy issues is in love with his sweet shy stepsister but both afraid of sex and intimacy There is too much ugly history between them the hero raped the heroine even though she doesn t see it that way, she got pregnant she lost the baby and five years later he is back to make amends I wasn t disappointed, it was a good read and I liked it well enough. This my first Diana Palmer book I can t believe I never read her before This has all my crazy feels Virgins, abstinent men because reasons, tortured hero see previous comment This is my idea of a reunion romance All the hurt and the angst but also all of the love.Barrie and Dawson are step siblings They pretty much combusted when they first met and she was sixteen and he was a few years older I never quite figured out exactly She fell in love and he fell in fear Cos of reasons which are gradually exposed over the course of the story.Then five years ago things went totally belly up in the aftermath of them giving into the attraction So for five years they ve been avoiding each other and hating on each other Each believing totally the wrong thing about each other.Then he finds out something that makes his guilt even devastating and he resolves to do something about it.I loved this book He was so broken and he d broken her but the love was so strong I think that s what gets you through the whole crazy messed up shemozzle Because we know, deep down, the love is there and it s going to be worth it It made me all emotional. She was pregnant, and he d left her in Sheridan on their wedding day out of nothing than cold fear because he because he He opened his eyes and took a slow, painful breath Because he loved her.It should be the most ridiculously OTT reason of hurting anyone Unfortunately, I m addicted to this illogical, dumbass, cruel and jerk heroes. 4 Stars For the past five years, Dawson Rutherford had let his stepsister continue to avoid him He d hurt her terribly and hated himself for it For years he had thought she was just like her mother, teasing and taunting men to get what she wanted One night of passion, to his shock, he discovered that Barrie had always been innocent, when he had lost control and taken her virginity and he d hurt her physically and emotionally Afraid of his own passion for Barrie, he d treated her coldly as if she deserved his hate That night had left such bitter scars on Barrie, not only had he taken her forcefully, he d shattered her heart Just the thought of any man touching her was enough to make her nauseous Now Dawson learnt another bitter truth, that their night of passion had had consequences, and that Barrie had miscarried his child without ever having told him she d ever been pregnant She d born it all alone Somehow, he had to get her back to the family ranch and make it all up to her Because he too carried deep scars from that night when he d lost total control and only Barrie would be able to make him whole again.Well This story held a few surprises After reading Maggie s Dad I was intrigued by Antonia s best friend Barrie and her strained relationship with her stepbrother Dawson, so I sought this one out At first I was sure I wasn t going to enjoy this story Dawson s treatment of Barrie was so emotionally brutal, I didn t think he could be redeemed But slowly as Barrie begins to realize that Dawson hates himself and not her, we see the why Barrie at first seemed like that deer with the big eyes in the headlights, so shocked and afraid, both of Dawson s physical side and for the love she can t stop feeling for him There are a few very touching scenes where Dawson s guard is down and Barrie sees completely into the heart of the man she s always loved And with her new knowledge, she s no longer that frightened deer, she becomes a woman willing to fight for the man she loves After my shaky feelings at the beginning of the story, I m very pleased that Ms Palmer was able to make this all work out Though this intensely emotional love story has some very dark moments, the journey to healing and the HEA is a very satisfying one. This H was clearly driven mad by all the semen backing up into his brain since according to him he d never actually had an orgasm before he slept with the heroine Basically, he d been practicing orgasm denial throughout his apparently quite active sex life for literally years Combine that with his experience with his awful mother and the h s horrible, sexually manipulative cow of a mother, I can completely understand why he acted like such a complete titweasel.You ll note that his behaviour improved enormously once he had a couple of decent orgasms under his belt. 3.5 DON T LOOK AT ME STARSThis Diana Palmer book is back in the era when women feel into two categories, slut or Virgin There was no in between here The rules are simple if you are a virgin this tag must be on your face here I guess than you are not to be touched unless the man was willing to marry you However,if you slept with someone even once, than you my friend are a total slut and are fair game to all who would want to sleep with you Note here I said HE wants to sleep with YOU I said nothing about what you wanted.So now you know the rules I can get down and dirty with the story WHICH IS TOTALLY F CKED UP BUT I ENJOYED ITWe have the hero who is a total zero Ice man Dawson Rutherford even his name sounds pretentious here who feel as stepbrother to the heroine he know who and what his stepsister is He is your typical rich entitled asshole He is attracted to her and so her being a slut how he draws this conclusion is anyone s guess he comes into her bedroom one night an rapes her forced seduction by some This of course send him in a tail spin as she is a virgin and he feels like shit for defiling her So now his step sis is of course a slut Yes now that she has been opened for business she is having guys two at a time, or so he thinks WTF, REALLY CRAZY MUCH So now that she is a slut why would Dawson have anything to do with her Well the reason is simple, extreme guilt Now I know what you are thinking of course he rapes her so he feels badbut nope that was not enough for him to contact with her and try to make amends view spoiler He could hardly live with himself and he was impotent and celibate for those 5 years as a result hide spoiler Sohe had sex but hadn t had an orgasm Huh I feel a re read coming on I guess he had sex but had never felt close to the women or something.Whatever I wanna call him TSTL am quite twitching with the need to do so actually but, I just can t This guy was damaged and needed some serious therapy.He was so mean, cruel even surprise, DP hero afterall throughout the book that I really started not even liking him.Then the big old jerk got himself all drunk and I just melted as he succeeded in releasing the reins on his tightly held emotions and got all sappy.I know I am a sick, sick reader who needs a 12 Step Program This guy just got to me when he really shouldn t have There were some moments few and far between to be sure but there were some moments of blazing clarity and such depth of emotion that I was actually stunned by her overall vision and characterization of this guy.Others, I am sure, will read it and think I ve gone quite off my rocker Perhaps, I have.There was a bit of a c mon, seriously moment at the end because real life doesn t give always give us such a nicely wrapped packagethen I remembered that this was FICTION and gave in to the sheer beauty of that singularly DP gift of both love and redemption.