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When I was in sixth grade, My Weekly Reader had a story about the steel strike in Pittsburgh Although I lived in Pittsburgh, it was a shock to realize that NEWS was happening in Pittsburgh, not in Washington D.C or NYC When I started this tome , I had no idea that Labor History was a field of study So, I can t say I Really Enjoyed this book But it is very well researched and looks at all the reasons for the Decline of the American Steel Industry Very well done.One day before I finished it, President Trump announced tariffs on foreign producers of steel and aluminum. this was an amazing book if you are from Pittsburgh and grew up or lived thru the decline. Parts of this book were good the author grew up in Post World War II Mon Valley, and describes life and culture in the Unionized steel towns vividly and with an obvious affection Further, it provided the best narrative of the decline of the US steel industry in the 1970 s and 80 s I ve found but that s a qualified statement The book puts the Union Management negotiations under the microscope, analyzing every detail, every personality quirk with the obsessive detail of a sports news reporter filling up that hour and half before the game starts This obsessive detail comes at the great omission of the larger economic forces causing deindustrialization in the global north, both economic and political Further, the author condescendingly marginalizes and writes off the non union social movements that happened in and around Pittsburgh as tens of thousands of Union jobs were lost instead, he seems to imply, all those jobs would have been saved were it not for the 1959 Steel Strike and the 1986 lockout if only labor and management had worked together, he seems to say, if only, then the Mon Valley would be buzzing still Again, a good narrative and interesting account of the death of the Mon Valley, told without a larger perspective that would answer the larger question, why I enjoyed this book thoroughly although I was at times exhausted by the level of detail in it It is also a useful book at this point in time when Donald Trump is promising the restoration of the American steelmaking and coal mining industries It is worthwhile to recall the reasons that led to the massive contraction in American steelmaking during the 1980s and afterwards The author apportions blame to both the management of steel companies as well as to the United Steelworkers union Both grew complacent during the 40s, 50s and 60s when the major steel companies in America operated under cartel like conditions When competition eventually came from both foreign steelmakers as well as non unionized minimills in the U.S they were caught completely unprepared. A balanced appraisal from a different angle of the decimation of the US steel industry in the latter half of the 20th Century Well worth a read for economists historians alike. |READ KINDLE ☩ And the Wolf Finally Came: The Decline and Fall of the American Steel Industry (Pitt Series in Social and Labor History) ⚇ A Veteran Reporter On American Labor, John P Hoerr Analyzes The Spectacular And Tragic Collapse Of The Steel Industry In The S And The Wolf Finally Came Demonstrates How An Obsolete And Adversarial Relationship Between Management And Labor Made It Impossible For The Industry To Adapt To A Rapidly Changing Global Economy