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Cute story Lighthearted and funny Well done. I always look forward to a new Juliet Madison novel I know that I m assured of a fun read that will also have moments that touch my soul Her latest novel, Haunted Ever After, is no exception I read the entire book in one setting and loved the mix of magical realism the ghost of Red , sexy stripper with a heart Ty and a plot that combined the fun, crazy, spiritual and sweet.If I ve lost you at ghost, please come back One of the things I love most about Juliet Madison s stories is that the setting, characters and actions are all completely plausible and then a twist that s just a little bit out there, working magic into everyday life It makes me think, but what if ghosts were real and the types of ways they could affect our lies I m not much of a fantasy sci fi reader, but these types of stories let me indulge my spiritual side Plus, if you bypass this book because of a ghost, Red s going to come to haunt you She s not a vengeful ghost, but she wants Sally to listen to what she has to say before time runs out.The book starts off as Sally s organising her hen s weekend please don t tell my engaged friends that hen s days nights are now weekends I don t think my liver and brain could take it The girls meet at a house in a distant town and get ready to party Although Sally doesn t want to admit it, she s got a problem Recently, a ghost with red hair turned up and wants to talk to her Sally s a no nonsense nurse, so of course she doesn t believe in this it s time for a neurology appointment and a MRI But after running over the stripper s foot in the supermarket and Red the ghost trying to get her attention, Sally gives in What Red has to tell her could affect her entire future But Red also wants something in return could throwing Ty the stripper who is a genuinely caring guy and Sally this way cause sparks to fly The story moves at a swift pace, but never to the detriment of the characters or their growth There s always plenty of time for humour Red grinding up against Ty as he strips, invisible to everyone but Sally is a laugh out loud moment and there are some very touching moments towards the end which goes to show that you really shouldn t be afraid of ghosts they can provide reassurance than breathing people sometimes Sally starts off as slightly brusque, believing she s finally got her life in order, but as the story unfolds, we realise that she s just as unsure as anyone else and she has a soft, caring side Ty well, Ty was fantastic He completely smashes the stereotype that strippers are all brawn and no heart the guy is clever, caring and willing to take a risk or two, even if it does involve a ghost I thought Haunted Ever After was fantastic it combines laughter with friendship and romance with the added touch of a lively ghost Thank you to Escape Publishing for the eARC.http samstillreading.wordpress.com This is a quirky romance with a ghost and a stripper and nothing is quite what it seems.Sally is on her hens party weekend with three friends all married She is a week away from saying I do to Greg who we are told is off with his mates for a matching bachelor party weekend that will probably involve golf I hate him already.The only fly in the ointment is the vivacious red head hanging around Literally The ghostly Red rides on Sally s shopping trolley and generally does a whole heap of things that put Sally into a ridiculous and or embarrassing position What would a hen s weekend be like without a stripper and Ty is a good one Suitable built and with better moves than the ghost Yup, Red is there too.Ty turns out to be much than a stripper and very likeable Which might be just as well when Red reveals all.This is a story that is a romance but also a chick lit friends story and a touch of light paranoiaI mean paranormal This probably fits better in the Romagic Comedy sub genre rather than with all the vampires and werewolves and suchlike.Overall this was an enjoyable read I ve noticed before this author can get a little preachy In this case the topic was disability and it was almost painfully politically correct But a minor point The romance was sweet, the mystery was solved and all came to a satisfactory conclusion. I am a big fan of Juliet Madison s books because I know I will always have a cast of interesting characters, a smile, a tear, and a very satisfying story Needless to say Haunted Ever After delivered all of this and Thank you, Ms Madison for providing so many hours of wonderful reading. A fun, out loud laughing from the typical humor of Juliet Madison that I have become to love and look forward to reading Sally, the bride to be has a weekend girls get away when an unplanned guest arrives, Red, the ghost of her fiance s ex girlfriend to help lead Sally in the right direction of her life Red was not very well accepted by Sally, but in the end before time ran out they helped each other Sally states, she was able to show me things in my life I d been blind to, made me realize the mistake that I was about to make Loved the character Ty, male stripper but so much and such an asset to Sally when she needs a friend and I received this book from Net Galley from an honest review. The action began right in the first sentence, which I absolutely loved The author didn t go into a lot of back story as so many authors do, but let the arc unravel itself a scene and character at a time I loved it.I also loved that there were two female leads in the book, Sally who is among the living and Red who is haunting Sally from the Other Side No matter what Sally does, Red sticks to her like glue, and in some situations hilarity often ensues I did find myself laughing out loud which doesn t happen in most novels.There was also to the characters than the blurb alludes Ty may be a stripper, but he is a decent person, which you ll find out if you read the book which you should Sally s friends got a little lost for me in the book as most characters do when there are a set of 3, 4, or 5 friends who spend a lot of time together I kept forgetting who was the pregnant one, the unhappily married one, etc Maybe it s just me it probably is.The story unfolds naturally and tells not only the tale of Sally s current love situation, but of Red s death and the real reason why she s lingering on earth.Ultimately, Sally and Red help each other and that s what being friends is all about. Absolutely adored this My full review will be up shortly. A very fun enjoyable read that had me dying with laughter in places and feeling a little teary in others I would highly recommend this book to anyone. HAUNTED EVER AFTER is just the book to sink into after you have spent a few hours babysitting your gangbusters 13 month old granddaughter You just want to put your feet up and be coddled for a while The fast paced story starts from the very first page when Sally meets the ghost The ghost won t tell Sally her name, so Sally names her Red because of her red hair and what a fun ex person is Red Sally heads off on her hen s weekend and to her horror Red follows It is very hard to carry on conversations with your closest friends without letting them know there is a ghost around they would lock her up Finally after doing her best to ignore Red, she finally starts to listen and her whole life turns around There are so many laugh out moments such as when Ty the stripper arrives to do his stuff and Red is dirty dancing with him only Sally can see her and Sally has to try and not let anyone notice her reactions There is also a poignant scene later on the book when about why Red is still on earth is revealed brought a tear to my eye Sally and Red need each other although it takes Sally a day or so to actually stop and listen to what Red has to say as hard as it is then Sally has to help Red with her unfinished business so she can move on.I have read a few of Juliet Madison s books and she has such a talent when it comes to completely plausible settings, characters and events even with a ghost in the mix If ghosts are real and I am not dissing anyone who believes then this is how I would like them to be Along with Sally and Red there are three best girlfriends with their own issues a fianc who is off on his bucks weekend and a very sexy neighbour, Ty, who is stripping to pay for medical school It turns out that Ty is a wonderfully caring guy who is sole carer for his younger disabled brother not at all the stereotype people immediately thing of HAUNTED EVER AFTER has friendship, romance, laughter and pathos and I really recommend it.With thanks to Escape Publishing and the author via Netgalley for my copy to read and review. `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇱ Haunted Ever After ↡ Mixing Romance, Humour And A Sparkle Of Magic, Juliet Madison Is Back With A New Full Length Novel About A Bride To Be, A Mystery And The Stripper Next Door When Bride To Be Sally Marsh Attends A Weekend Away With Her Bridesmaids, The Last Thing She Expects Is An Uninvited Guest The Ghost Of Her Fianc S Ex GirlfriendRed Is Quirky, Loud And Distracting, And Sally Is Soon Desperate To Find The Reason Behind Her Presence, So She Can Rid Herself Of Her Embarrassing Shadow Before The Wedding Day Unfortunately, The Ghost Is Reluctant To Share The Reason For Her Existence, But Very Enthusiastic About Ty, The Surprise Hen S Night Stripper Who Keeps Showing Up At Awkward Moments Time Is Running Out For Sally, But It S Also Running Out For Red By The Time All Is Revealed, Sally Will Be Tested To The Limits, And Go Above And Beyond Everything She S Ever Believed In Order To Ensure Not Only Her Own Happy Ever After But Red S As Well