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A well designed, executed, and written story of a decade long longitudinal study on low wage workers and the surprising, inspiring ascents of some of them I liked Newman s writing style thorough and clear without being dry or politically correct and apologetic, humane and colorful without a bleeding heart feel to it The author is honest, admitting when she observed an outcome she didn t necessarily expect.I wish I d found this before I wrote my dissertation If you or anyone you know will be designing, conducting, and writing up qualitative research, this book is a must read no matter your subject area Pay attention to the Appendix and Chapter 5, in which a larger, robust set of quantitative data is examined and compared to the qualitative results from the author s smaller sample Newman helpfully illustrates overarching findings with quotations from study subjects, which make this research based story richer and humanizes the data Hearing these workers in their own words help to convincingly disrupt common stereotypes about low wage workers and black Americans in particular A few such stereotypes I remember from my own upbringing in Detroit are They like being on welfare, they don t want to work and Don t they know they shouldn t have children and They don t even want an education Even if you, like me, already know that such beliefs are not based in fact, the life stories and survey data presented here will convince you of this at a deeper, substantiated level.I was surprised about the strength of the connection between union wage jobs and workers staying off of public assistance, as well as the importance of kin networks to making survival possible If you are or have been a low wage worker yourself, be prepared for an especially emotional read I had a moment when I realized that, during the period of this study, I qualified as a low wage worker and fit almost perfectly save for being white and in Detroit instead of Harlem into the study sample I spent a lot of time thinking back to the frustration of a time when I had three jobs but made 16,000 year and thus too much to qualify for most kinds of aid, as well as a full time undergraduate course load I needed loans that I m still paying for to afford Even though the study was qualitative, my experience had me thinking I can anecdotally attest to the veracity of that result If you truly care about this topic, you ll find this a refreshing, fact filled account instead of the usual political and media hyperbole. If you ve read No Shame in My Game, this book details the not quite ten year not as well funded follow up study, and I found it interesting to see how the lives of former Harlem fast food workers had evolved Some had done quite well, which was surprising and uplifting If you ve not read No Shame in My Game skip Chutes and Ladders and read the former, instead Although this latest piece is interesting, it doesn t make the contributions to sociological theory that the first book does. In 1993, Katherine Newman studied a group of fast food workers and rejected applicants in Harlem Newman chronicled this study in another book, but she returned to New York City in 1997 and 2002 to check up on her subjects Who had pulled themselves out of poverty over the decade, and who was still struggling How much opportunity did the boom of the Clinton era create, and were her subjects able to take advantage of it The results were not statistically reliable though Newman shows they are not out of line with larger statistical studies , but they provided some interesting insights About a third of her subjects had reasonably stable lower middle class livelihoods Another third were doing better than they were in 1993 though they were still poor and another third had seen little or no improvement in their lives For many of Newman s subjects, hard work and determination had paid off That said, it seems clear from the case studies that hard work and determination were necessary but not sufficient The successful subjects had assistance that helped them get ahead a partner or grandparent able to look after the kids, a mentoring boss, a work study program, connections to union jobs, even a year on welfare while focusing on school The workers who fell behind have been the ones who could not rely on family networks or public assistance There s no mention of Maslow in the book, but his theories seem to apply There s no way to get ahead if you re scraping along trying to meet your most basic needs for food and shelter, child care or medicine Survival takes up all your time and energy And while I don t believe any social net can catch everyone, it seems like we could be doing on this front The book is a few years old, but somehow I don t think we made a lot of improvements in people s lives between 2002 and 2010. Ten year 1993 2003 sociological study of a pool of workers at Washington Heights and Harlem Burger Barns , attempting to account for who moved out of fast food work into skilled and highly paid jobs The findings are pretty clear success was most possible when people found jobs with strong internal promotional ladders and tools tuition reimbursement, mentoring , union or civil service positions, all of which offered protections from the immediate dismissals stemming from common low wage conditions transportation failures, medical emergencies, child care problems The really interesting work shows how people who had climbed even a few steps then became the fragile anchor for a whole network of others barely hanging on The book ends in 2003, but it is pretty obvious that cuts to these kinds of positions has spun downwards into catastrophic consequences for the people depending on the people who had successfully moved into them. ( Free Kindle ) ♻ Chutes and Ladders: Navigating the Low-Wage Labor Market (Russell Sage Foundation Books) ♧ Amazing Books, Chutes And Ladders Navigating The Low Wage Labor Market Russell Sage Foundation Books By Katherine S Newman This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Chutes And Ladders Navigating The Low Wage Labor Market Russell Sage Foundation Books , Essay By Katherine S Newman Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The individual stories of people trying to rise above poverty were really interesting The author went a little too far trying to draw conclusions about the paths out of poverty based on 100 applicants for Burger Barn jobs in NYC, but it was still pretty good. Really great case studies that personalize the issues of the working poor. this book s subject matter is interesting, but it s too much of an ethnographical study to be a good read. As heard on the