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3.5 I really liked the ending of this trilogy of Nate and Kyle Kyle is finally on the mend from his near death experience and is ready to go full on out with his love for Nate I really liked that they were finally able to move forward together and find the happiness they deserved The epilogue was sweet and I like that they came full circle from where we started in book 1. READ SERIES IN ORDER But read it Nothing else to say Do not want to give anything away as this story ends It is an emotional story from book one through book 3 It is a story of Kyle s cowardice and bravery A story of Nate s ability to love completely. I was hooked from page 1 of book 1 straight through to the last page of this book This is my new favourite series Nate and Kyle s love and friendship is so pure and all consuming I ve never read a book that made me feel so emotional I m wrecked but in a good way Thank you A.M Snead for Nate and Kyle. If I could givethan 5 stars I would Such a wonderful book, wonderful escape into love, a wonderful series I am positive that even if the whole book was blah the last damn page would have made it great But be it as it may, that last page made this book epic And I m convinced the best ending to any book out there After everything that Kyle and Nate have gone through it is just so great to read the best They are such an amazing couple and I just wanted to knowabout them after what happened.Part 3 is mostly like a long Epilogue It is just amazing to see how they act after the surgery and the tragedy that happened to them.I loved it because it is the best part of all three books to see that Kyle and Nate are finally together and happy. Okay my heart is back in place a little bruised but in one piece.This was a fantastic ending to a fantastic trilogy There was so much emotion in the writing It was brilliantly written and I loved Kyle and Nate They are what love means Loved it 3.5 stars I found books one and two to be extremely emotional with much crying involved, but part way through book two, I became somewhat detached The twists in the storyline were too unbelievable so far fetched that I lost my connection, and unfortunately this last through book three as well This could have been an incredible series, but it fell short, and by the end, I found myself skimming pages to get to the end. (Read E-pub) ⛅ One Love (Lost In Love #3) ⛓ BOOKOfYou Ll Always Be My Hero, Baby With The Worst Behind Them, Nate Takes Special Care To Help Kyle Heal Properly Deep Inside, Nate Is Still Plagued With Doubts Of Whether Kyle Is Ready To Engage In An Open Relationship With Him Behind Closed Doors, Kyle Is Eager To Be The Boyfriend And Lover Nate Always Dreamed Of Him Beingbut Once They Step Out Where The World Can See Them, Will Kyle Want To Withdraw And Hide Again But Kyle Is Fully Aware Of Nate S Uncertainties And Takes It Upon Himself To Prove To The Man Just How Open He Is Willing To Be Come Along With The Boys And Take A Front Row Seat To Kyle S Entertaining Coming Out Performance, Nate S Proposal To Kyle, Their Touching, Heartfelt Wedding, And Their Return To The Cabin Connect With Author AM Snead On Facebook At Facebook AuthorAMSNEAD