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!DOWNLOAD PDF ☿ Road of No Return ♷ Don T Talk To Strangers Zak Tattoo Artist Independent Doesn T Do Relationships Stitch Outlaw Biker Deep In The Closet Doesn T Share His Property On The Day Of Stitch S Divorce, Lust Personified Enters The Biker Bar He S Celebrating At Tattooed All Over, Pierced, Confident, And Hot As Hellfire, Zak Is The Bone Stitch Has Waited For Life To Throw Him All Stitch Wants Is A Sniff, A Taste, A Lick What Follows Instead Is Gluttony Of The Most Carnal Sort, And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Forced To Hide His New Love Affair From The Whole World, Stitch Juggles Family, Club Life, And Crime, But It S Only A Matter Of Time Until It Becomes Too Hard Zak Moves To Lake Valley In Search Of Peace And Quiet, But When He Puts His Hand Into The Jaws Of A Hound Of Valhalla, Life Gets All But Simple In Order To Be With Stitch, Zak S Biker Wet Dream, He Has To Crawl Right Back Into The Closet As Heated As The Relationship Is, The Secrets, The Hiding, The Violence, Jealousy, And Conservative Attitudes In The Town Rub Zak In All The Wrong Ways When Pretending He Doesn T Know What His Man Does Becomes Impossible, Zak Needs To Decide If Life With An Outlaw Biker Is Really What He Wants As Club Life And The Love Affair Collide, All That S Left In Zak And Stitch S Life Is Mayhem WARNING Contains Adult Content A Gritty Storyline, Sex, Explicit Language, Violence And Torture POSSIBLE SPOILERS Themes Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Organized Crime, Homophobia, Family Issues, Coming Out, First Gay Relationship, Tattoo, Piercing Genre Contemporary Homoerotic Romance Length , Words Standalone Novel, No Cliffhanger This book was simply adorable and fantastic.When the story started, Stitch came across as a pampered little kid, whining about not getting his demands fulfilled right when he made them.But thankfully, Zak helped me understand that because Stitch was experiencing what he deeply desired for the first time, the newness of it and the fear of being discovered is what was making him desperate and eager to grasp it all.From start to end, I did not take a full breath while reading It was like sitting on a ride in an amusement park, waiting for it to stop so that you could swallow a deep breath and bring your heartrate to normal All the events, little and big, were so captivating and breathtaking, I just hung on for dear life and didn t let go of the safety rope the eventual HEA that the authors always present with a flourish I loved Zak, Stitch and Versay I hated Stitch s MC members I loved the romance development, the constant arguments and cute dialogues by Stitch that just turned my heart into a gooey chocolate lava.The whole journey is bloody enjoyable, irritating you, making you laugh, making you cry, shocking you, but always keeping your emotions engaged Not one moment dry.An amazing takeoff to the series. FUUUUUUUUCK What a kick ass ride When I first heard of this book and read the blurb my exact words were OHMYGAWD I WANNA READ THAT SOOOOOO BAD It looked to have everything I could ever want in a book Bikers, tattoos, piercings, bikers, sex, bikers, bad boys, bikers, did I mention bikers When I got an ARC I thought I was gonna pee myself I was so excited I was a bit nervous too as I hoped I didn t get myself so worked up just to be disappointed.Well, let me just tell you it was everything I hoped it would be and.It was dirty and ugly and violent and rough and raw And just fucking gorgeous.Stitch is a rough and tumble member of the Hounds of Valhalla, the local motorcycle club He s tough and brash with a take no prisoners type of mentality And he s also got a secret that can never get out or his life may possibly be forfeit You see, life in a motorcycle club does not allow one room to be gay So he just goes on pretending to be straight and tries to push his urges to the back of his mind and not act upon them That is, until he s sitting at the bar celebrating the day his divorce is final and in walks sex on legs Or Zak, if you want to be specific.Zak, mmm Zak Zak is a tattoo artist who has just moved to town and set up shop in his home He s pretty much covered in tattoos and piercings from head to toe That right there was a guarantee that I was going to love him It flips all my switches and hits all my buttons when a character has tattoos AND piercings Especially the nipple piercings mmm but I digress.Their first encounter totally captured what I imagine it must really be like for a man who s never been with another man Stitch tries to treat Zak like he s treated the women he s been with calling him baby and going the caveman route, trying to own himLets fuck the chit chat You want to suck me, don t youHe s not misogynistic it s that he s ignorant This is the only way he s ever known how to be when he s with a lover But Zak s not having it and reminds Stitch that he s with a man and demands to be treated as such It surprises Stitch and he s not sure how to react at first There re a few stops and starts and it is uncomfortable and awkward at times but that just made it all the real to me.At first it may seem as if their relationship is toxic but as the story progresses it turns out these men are made for each other What they each bring to the table complements the other Oh, Stitch may resist but he can t ignore the fact that Zak is what he needs Because Zak Made him remember he was still human, not a man whose muscles were made out of violence and bones out of fury. This book is dark There is no fluff to be found here What these men had to endure throughout the course of this book was heart wrenching and horrific There was even a moment where a full body stop, along with a HOLY FUCK , was required It s not pretty Yet I was still left with a sense of relief by the end I do wish we had just a little bit at the end It was a bit abrupt But what there was of it was satisfying.Do I think this book was awesome Fuck yes Do I think it will be for everyone Definitely not But for those who enjoy a dark, brutal realistic read, this is the one to pick I was captivated throughout the entire story I was barely able to put it down because I just had to know what happens next Bravo, K.A Merikan You now have a loyal fan in me ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review. image error 4,5 starsI want to start my review with a warning, a warning you should be taking seriously Road of No Return isn t a sweet and fluffy romance, and it s definitely not the typical biker book we re used to in this genre It s a violent book, it s raunchy, gritty, and pure torture If you can t deal with tougher themes and would rather read about sugar sweet love and butterflies, you should stay away from this one Of course THAT was exactly the reason I had to read the book, warnings like the one in the blurb don t scare me off, in fact they have of a reverse effect because I m drawn to dark and dangerous like a moth to a flame.The motor club The Hounds of Valhalla are homophobic outlaws trafficking, drugs, mayhem and destruction rule their lives Stitch, a member of said club is a tough biker who just got divorced, he s deep in the closet and has never been with a guy before When tattoo artist Zak walks into the biker bar, Stitch knows immediately he has to have the hot tattooed, pierced man.Zak is a laid back, carefree guy who s been out for several years When he spots the alpha male hard ass biker for the very first time, his dreams come true I instantly fell in love with the emotional but tough guy who doesn t take any shit from Stitch He grabs the bull by the horns and gives him the low down I loved that Zak stands up to Stitch and isn t intimidated by his size and reputation.Those two just collide, they can t fight off the mix of magnetic attraction, lust and anger they feel for each other When this explosive combination combusts Holy Smoking Hot Biker Do these two guys burn up the sheets The sex scenes and there are many are amazing written, they are dirty and messy, rough and steamy, filled with passion and emotion, and they are scorching hot.Nothing is sugar coated Stitch is a huge prick, a bad guy, and he drove me to the verge of lunacy than a few times At the beginning I hated the bastard I hated him for all his worth and it took me a while to see his vulnerability behind the mask of violence and homophobia But then the motherfucker got under my skin and I started to like him, even though I hated some of the things he did.The romance part is far from conventional, it s emotional and ruled by unfortunate circumstances Stitch s secrets and the life of crime he wants to shield Zak from are taking their toll it s impossible to keep it out of Zak s life and when Stitch is trying to back off from the criminal affairs The Hounds of Valhalla are in, everything comes crashing down Their love is tested to the extreme, they are threatened, beaten, involved in murder and forced to endure the worst pain, just for being gay No, please, be close to me, Stitch whispered, feeling the wetness under his eyelids He lived in a culture where being tough was the only currency He didn t even cry when he was alone Being able to let it out made him just as relieved as having the amazing hot body on top of him Made him remember he was still human, not a man whose muscles were made out of violence and bones out of fury The writing is gripping and entertaining and I was sucked in from the start I was literally on pins and needles wondering where it would lead and I couldn t put the book down There were some twists and turns and some horrible events that I did not see coming, at one point my mouth literally dropped open.Overall, Road Of No Return is a book that is not for the faint of heart, it s action packed and violent Yes, I wanted a bad ass biker book, a book that doesn t glorify the lifestyle, and I got it with this Now I want of this series Count me in, girls 2.5 Stitch is an Ass Stars This book was.I don t even know Did I like it EhI don t think so I mean maybe there was a few things I liked Hmmlet me think about it Nothing s coming to me I guess I liked Zak And there was plenty of sex See there.Sadly I think Stitch ruined this one for me Stitch was an ass And not in that hot way.where you re like rawr But in that.ugh, why on earth would anyone want to be with you way But here s the weird thingthere was this flip side to Stitch and I kid you not, he said some of the lamest, cheesiest stuff to Zak Some of it, for real, made me cringe So Stitch is part of the Hounds MC He is in the closet Buried under piles and piles of shit He meets Zak at the local MC bar Zak who is new to town and a tattoo artist I know what you re thinking.hot MC biker dude hot tattoo artist what could get better than that These two were TOXIC Britney Spears toxic Stitch was jealous, rude, hotheaded, ugh.I don t think there was a time where I ever liked him.ZakI did like him for the most part But there comes a point where you re like dudeYour lover view spoiler choked you, slapped you, and hit you upside the head hide spoiler This book solidified the fact that I could never be involved with a biker Sure they are all hot and sexy and scary and badass blah blah blah blah.but as soon as he interrupted my reading with something trivial like hiding his guns or riding on the back of his motorcycle it would be all she wrote This brings me to how I feel about Zak If I was him, I would have really been asking myself if Stitch was worth the trouble I m not talking about trouble like that darn Stitch didn t put the toilet seat down again or Shoot, Stitch forgot the milk again I m talking about the type of things that you don t want to have any association with AT ALL Things you can t come back from if you go along with them Things that make you start to lose your humanity.I really like Zak for MOST of the book until it got close to the ending There was definitely something that happened to change my feelings and anyone who reads the book will know what I m writing about.Stitch s most redeeming quality is that he is hot Other than that he was pretty much an ass Closeted his whole life, used to getting his way, and extremely jealous Not such a great combination when trying to win over a fuck buddy.The answer is Zak and Stitch the question is What two people have no business being a couple.Sowith all that being said, I keep thinking about parts of the book and why they happened and that s why I m giving it a 4 start rating At no time in the book did I think this is really boring, I m going to go watch some ants I thought things were fucked up and messy, but in no way did I want to stop even though I didn t particularly care for all of the people that I was reading about To methat s a great book So 4 stars from me and I will definitely read the next one as I want to see where life takes Zak and Stitch even though I might have to read it while peeking through my fingers Life is too short to read books that are doing nothing but pissing me off When the sex scenes start making my eyes glaze over in tedium it s time to DNF 45% complete before calling it quits Zak is a tattoo artist and new to town Stitch is a crusty biker soured on women, men and apparently life As Stitch is drinking his recent divorce woes away in a local bar, Zak walks in and feelings that Stitch can t outwardly express start a stirring He s secretly in the closet, probably the reason his wife had had enough well, there s also his not at all charming personality The two strike up a conversation, as you will, and Zak offers to cover up Stitch s misguided tattoo of his ex wife s name It s waaaaay up on his inner thigh but Zak decides to take a look right there anyway, as you will, and agrees to take on the job.After he fixes the tat, well, things happen and then Stitch acts like an a hole because he chooses to remain in complete denial about his sexuality Well, there s that and the fact that he d probably be murdered by his MC if they knew But basically he s just a drug running, jealous, violent a hole and I won t be swayed into thinking otherwise So don t bother trying to change my mind in the comments Stitch comes across as a pushy jerk and worse and there isn t much character development, if that s what you re looking for, but there s plenty of action if you know what I mean. 2,5 3 Can I at least rent you STARS How badly do you want me I can t afford you, so I guess I will have to steal you MyFirstMaleOnMaleRomance SoFreakinProud IAmAddictedWhen I fell in love with S ren and King while reading The Prince and felt intoxicated by the sizzling chemistry between Determined to Obey s Felipe and Kid, I just knew I was a perfect candidate for M M romances Apparently, I was so f cking rightThis stuff is right up my alley and I can t stop now that I ve started You guys will be reading TONS OF gay romance reviews by me from now on Just a fair warning.You re my choise of poison Gonna kill me, but I can t stop STITCH Not satisfied by a husband that can tget it upfor her, Stitch Larsen s wife cheats on him and finally divorces his sorry ass You see, Stitch has a tough life Being a closeted homosexual when you re a member of theHounds of Valhalla MC and not getting caught in bed with some dude is not exactly an easy job to pull off, after all Everyone knows what happens to a fag biker in this town And in order not to end up dead in a ditch somewhere, Stitch keeps his fantasies to himself and stays the hell away from all hot dudes.Stitch s 27 years of denial will come to an end though Because when a tall slim man with the darkest hair and the deepest blue eyes, all tattooed and pierced, walks into the club bar where Stitch is celebrating his divorce, all he can do is drool over this guy s tight ass trapped inside the narrow pants hugging it.Zak Richardson is a young tattoo artist who is new to the town He comes to the local club bar in hopes of finding some customers for his new tattoo studio, finds a scary biker dude who wants to get rid of the name of his cheating ex wife s name tattooed on his inner thigh and makes an appointment with him immediately During their session though, ignoring the eager piece of meat between Stitch s thighs that is demanding all kinds of attention from him becomes IMPOSSIBLE and Zak finds himself fallen into temptationSo why only 2,5 stars 1 STITCH He is a bossy cavemanand not in the good way He is controlling He is overly jealous He is too demanding and rather clingy He acts like a controlling and obsessive freak sometimes, and it s not sexy AT ALL.But most importantly HE IS A PHYSICAL ABUSER He loses his temper easily, actually hits and hurts his partner a few times through the book and then tries to manipulate him with sweet talk I CAN NOT STAND THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR No Just no.And then there are those occasional declarations of love and the TACKIEST, CORNIEST, MOST RIDICULOUS words coming out of his mouth, leaving you confused and thinking this guy might have Multiple Personality Disorder or something Here are a few examplesYou re priceless to me I would never do that I would care for you and keep your heart safe I want to be everything to youOh and Stitch can actually quote Beyonc songs and sh t A BIKER QUOTING BEYONC YEAH 2 UHHHH Was this REALLY an MC book And did this book REALLY have a plot Yeah, Stitch s a biker but we didn t actually see that much MC action in the book because Stitch was too busy having f ck a thons with Zak And the so calledplotwas only Stitch trying to keep his sexuality a secret and coming to terms with being homosexual Oh no, poor Eda How about the stuff that you liked ZAK.Yes, he was an idiot sometimes, not leaving Stitch even after all his wrongdoings, but what I really liked about this guy was the way he refused to be insulted by his partner He always stated firmly that he is not aboyor ac cksucker , but a MAN I admired thatYou like to be f cked like a little b tch No, I like to be f cked like a MAN A man isn t a b tch He s CHOOSING to get f cked up the ass and he s PROUD of itDoes Eda recommend this book 3.5 What a Fucking Wild Ride Stars This book swung pretty wildly back and forth between a 2.5 Star and a 4.5 Star rating for me, so I m going to leave it as a 3.5 stars for now and meditate on this a little.All I m gonna say for now is that this was definitely not S.E Jakes Disneyfied version of bikers, you guys Stitch and his ilk are bad dudes Like, really, really bad dudes, and they drag our other MC, Zak, right into the muck with them.Hopefully I can scrape together a coherent review when my heart rate returns to normal Also, you should know it pains me to say this given that Natasha Snow is responsible for ALL of my favourite cover art in 2014 but I hate this cover I get the dark, raw vibe that she was going for, but there s just too much going on here Combined, all of the elements compete with each other and cause the cover to read as a muddled mess rather than a single clear image I will say that the font choice for the main title is spot on, though.