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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♶ Mason (Fallen Crest High, #0.5) ♨ Mason Kade Is Not Known To Be Nice He Is Ruthless, Manipulative, And Unforgiving Most Will Say That He Is An A Hole And He Is To Those That Cross Him Or Cross His Loved Ones However, He Does Not Want To Be Who He Is He Does Not Enjoy Hurting Others, But There Is No Limit To The Lengths He Will Go To Protect Himself And His BrotherThis Is The Story Of How He Came To Be And This Is Why So Many Love Mason Kade Well, that was sooooo much interesting And even I understand so many things about Mason and eventuallyLogan All this badass attitude was explaining pretty much in this book Everything isunderstandable right now When i finshed Fallen Crest High, i was wondering for so many things, but now it s all clear to me I liked this book very much, because it wasn t the same story from Mason s pont of view, but it was the story of his life before Sam jump in Imagine that the last chapter of this story was the first time that he saw her and recognizer her as the daughter of his father s mistress My conclusions for Mason He had every right to be that asshole to everybodyHis parents was lost in their own world and their children seems that they re not having a part into that Mason forced to grow old faster annd to take care his little brother, when noone cares for none of the two of them He was hurting and that went off of of him with angry and violent wayHe was a good brother to Logan And thank God he was having a good friend by his side Nate He was a big asshole to the girls because he was aware of what did his father to his familyAll his actions was reaction to the actions of his shitty father He tried to be a different man from him He was determined not to lie, cheat or decive ever and when he was loving or caring enough for other people, he would make anything to protect them Everybody thought that his heart was cold but something change when his eyes met Sam s eyesThat book, if it s ever possible, it makes me love Mason eventhan before This book is a prequel to the Fallen Crest High series by Tijan I am thinking that I should have read book one first but in true Jen style I didn t Always have to be different I suppose I haven t read book one yet, but so far I don t think I will enjoy it less since I read Mason s book first This prequel is written in Mason s POV, and it gives great insight into who he is as a person I feel that I will have tonscompassion for him now that I know why he is the way he is.This novella shows us the bond that the brothers have, and what exactly their home life was like before and after their parents divorce I loved how Mason looked out for his brother Logan, and sadly because both their mom and dad were absentee parents Mason truly raised Logan on his own I felt the author did a bang on job depicting the emotions that teens go through when their parents do divorce Coming from a broken home myself, I was able to identify with both Logan and Mason s anger, frustration, and sadness I have to add that I think their father is scum, and I don t like his cheating ways at all no, I don t have issues LOL I had a hard time identifying with the brother s mom, as I felt she only really thought of her own emotional pain when she up and left I realize when a person goes through something hard like a divorce, it is hard to look outside of your own pain but she is a mother and in my opinion the kids always come before ourselves She lost my respect when she didn t put her boys first.I could go on all day about my opinions but I won t surprise I will say though that this looks like a promising series I can tell this is going to be full of drama, laughter, and tears I can t wait to sink my teeth into it, as I really am a fan of Tijan s writing.IF you are like me, and enjoy getting a glimpse of what high school life was like, and also what goes on in different family dynamics then this is the series for you I can tell it is going to be a roller coaster ride This kind of series is an indulgence of mine that I can t truly explain I just like being able to go back to high school life once in awhile, and maybe it is because I remember what it was like way back when. not THAT long agono really LOL I do enjoy being in the middle of the drama, and dating scenebut only if I m in the mood. 3.5 Stars This book was great for insights into Mason and even Logan What started their anger and everything that led up to meeting Sam The drama with all the girls is borderline psycho The adults aren t much better Mason, Logan and Nate are the only sane ones and make this series what it is. I seriously cannot get enough Tijan I ve been Tijaned I love Mason He s such an arsehole, but I do love him He and Logan deserved so much better. MASON I love him evennow.I am having withdrawals..AMAZING I love Mason Kade Always have always will. But this To be in his head in the early years Finding out the reasons he did the things he has done How he did them What he was thinking while he did them Marissa His love for Logan His hatred for James The party scene So much hurt His bond with Nate The first meeting with Analise The first sighting of Sam I just seriously epicly loved this book and it makes me so happy it was written