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Reviewed by Christina for QUEERcentric BooksHat Trick 2 Playing The Rebound is the second installment of the Hat Trick series by Jeff Adams and a continuation of Simon and Alex s story They are now sophos at the University of Michigan While the first book in the series focused on building their relationship, Playing The Rebound shows adeveloped relationship and allows for some steamy scenes between Simon and Alex.Even though two years have passed since Simon and Alex s senior year, Simon has yet to find closure with his family His father, who has fallen ill, wants to reconnect but Simon is reluctant to see him or his brother, Zack Alex wants Simon to find peace, but he can t forgive Zack for what he did While Simon sorts out his family issues, a person is targeting LGBT people in the University of Michigan s student body After witnessing an attack, Simon struggles to separate the incident from his past but decides to start giving back His goal is to use his own story to help teens at a local LGBT community center Juggling everything is stressful, but Simon still has Alex and good friends to support him.Read Christina s full review at QUEERcentric Books Huh The second book in a trilogy, with this adorable relationship between two boys with like, no characterization This book did a better job at characterizing our narrator, Simon, but Alex still feels like a weird mirror of his inner conflicts Speaking of conflict There is none The whole plot felt like it lacked tension Even when there were good moments with really important messages the brothers relationship, the stuff at the Center, etc and some really tense moments the various attacks , everything just lacked TENSION. FREE PDF ♩ Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound ♳ The Events From Two Years Ago Are Still Fresh In Simon Robert S Mind As He And Alex Miller Begin Their Sopho Year At The University Of Michigan Nightmares Are A Routine Occurrence As Simon Relives The Crimes His Father And Brother Committed Now, With His Father Ill And Asking To See Him, Simon Must Decide If He Should See The Man Who Tried To Send Him Away To Be Fixed And Then There S Zach Simon S Conflicted About Making Peace With His Older Brother Who Tormented Him As They Grew Up And Caused Him To Be Outed To His Parents, Friends And TeammatesAlex Wants Simon To Find Closure, But Alex Is Furious At The Thought Of Forgiving Zack With No Clear Direction, Simon Finds Guidance From An Unexpected, But Very Welcome, SourceAt The Same Time, The University S Student Body Is Faced With An Anti Gay Attacker Among Them When He Witnesses An Attack First Hand, Memories Threaten To Overwhelm Simon At The Same Time, He S Also Emboldened To Take Action, Which Might Turn Him Into A TargetDespite The Distractions, Simon Works Towards His Future As He Begins Working With Teens At The Local LGBT Community Center He Has The Opportunity To Use His Story As A Teaching Tool To Help Others Come Out While He S Never Enjoyed Telling His Story, He Looks For The Courage To Speak His Truth To An AudienceLuckily, Not Everything Is Chaos Simon And Alex Mark Their Anniversary In Epic Fashion, Continue To Play Hockey And Hang Out With Good Friends But With Many Demands On Them, Can Simon And Alex Set Up The Rebound Necessary To Create The Scoring Opportunity For Their Future High school aged boys. The original Hat Trick, which I gave 5 stars, was going to be a difficult book to follow That s most often the case with the original in a series But Hat Trick 2 is a solid next step in this series of gay coming of age books Simon and Alex grow and evolve The college setting is rendered very well College is certainly different than high school, the setting of the first book And I was pleasantly surprised that the author was able to include in this second book some high stakes drama like he did in the first I figured a repeat of high drama would be overdoing it But the author found a believable way of weaving into the tale some very significant happenings outside of the ongoing relationship I was very pleased with this book and am going to continue on to the next book I heartily recommend Hat Trick 2 after you read Hat Trick. Slightly better in terms of managing the major plot events Still had a lot of issues with flow and believability, but felt easier to get through Definitely still had issues in terms of how it treated abuse and abuse victims It managed to get onestar than the last one, but still not a book I d re read. I liked this bookthan the last because this time the narration didn t hop as much and I liked the way the book was written but still certain pivotal events seemed missing.Otherwise I liked the book Loved Simon and Alex, loved the hockey even though this time the focus wason Simon s work at the community centre, loved that too and the story This book was very fast paced and dealt with a lot of issues Firstly, we needSimon and Alex I would love if the books focusedon their relationship This actually happens in a lot of youth books which are focused on showing the characters bringing a change in the LGBTQ world Even though I would definitely not say that the romance is deficient the book could do withEspecially after Alex s anniversary present to Simon I kind of felt starved because the beginning of the book set the barrier high.Okay on one hand I would have loved to know what went down towards the end in details but on the other hand I feel happy that we didn t have to read through such unpleasant issues a second time So I am conflicted this time around.Lastly I liked the fact that Simon tries to make with his brother but that whole relationship seems to be going way too smoothly, whereas I expected a lot of hitches On some level Alex s reaction wererealistic on this matter And the whole dream thing with Jackson has left me off kilter This book deals with way too serious issues too be able to pull off that particular series of events naturally Basically while I would have loved Jackson and Simon s dream conversations I would have loved them passed off as dreams with a hint of the paranormal than the paranormal masquerading in the form of dreams On the whole I still loved the book despite my issues. Hat Trick 2 Playing The Rebound by Jeff Adams is my sixty sixth book that I have received and read from Goodreads This book is about Simon and Alex, they are sophos at the University of Michigan They both play on the University of Michigan s hockey team They are roommates and they are a couple They have problems like most couples, but they are able to talk thru them.They are out to everyone They have great friends on and off the hockey team Alex is working on getting his degree in engineering Simon on the other hand, has hopes and dreams of working in social work and working with young adults He is in a work study program with the Ann Arbor LGBT Community Center Simon is having nightmares about what happened two years ago This is why he has changed his major to Social Work.This story deals with two issues The first issue is what is happening on the University of Michigan There is someone out there attacking gays on campus and stopping them The second is Simon s father is dying and wants to see and speak with him, and Simon s ability to forgive his father After listening to his father than go to the prison and see his brother, talk with him, and start the forgiving process This is tough for his brother is involved in the killing of his friend, and for beating up Alex and putting him into the hospital for being gay.I would recommend this book to all young adults and adults Jeff Adams does a great job of showing us by listening and then talking to each other, we can accomplish almost anything in our relationships. Jeff Adams writes with care and has created a set of incredibly cheer worthy characters in Simon and Alex They are two young men who seem to have love and motivation to make something of themselves down pat The problem is that the world won t seem to let them do it As they become active in college as star hockey players, there s a dark secret going on around them that threatens to actually kill one of them Simon is involved in gay rights activities as part of his internship, and after how his dad and brother reacted to that, it s a wonder he isn t in bed curled up and shaking all day He has nightmares but they don t stop him Nothing does He s out there helping young people and that storyline is so sweet, even if it was a bit too perfect I almost hated to want some relationship drama between this perfect couple, but hated when we got some Haha It s great to see well balanced people figuring it out and taking responsibility for their actions It sometimes makes things work out too well, but why do we want awful situations in our books Wait a little, that happens here There are some typographical errors that could have been caught but it didn t distract much I thought the violence on campus angle was good and supported Simon s role in it, but can this guy catch a break Zach s storyline from prison and the father s situation added depth and conflict nicely It could have been pushed further to wedge between Simon and Alex maybe The psychology of family versus significant others is such an interesting area and it is explored some here Although maybe Simon is too nice view spoiler A team mate is the campus gay bashes and drugs Simon and Alex to make them like women, which backfired, and then is caught as he attacks and hurts Simon Simon kicks his ass but is hurt It all parallels his brother s attack and his father s violent reaction to his coming out Simon is a hero not only there but when he helps a young person come out by giving a speech at school His dad s death and finally being able to forgive him is huge for his emotional growth Forgiving his brother causes pain in his relationship but hopefully will make them all stronger hide spoiler I remembered how over the top dramatic the first book was, but I didn t remember how much I m not a fan of the writing style It just reads like fanfic to me, which turns me off of the whole book I also had trouble with how inaccurate the portrayal of D1 hockey was Like maybe Michigan is different from what I know, but there s no way the players would have time for everything they had time for in the book And there s no way they would be able to get away with some of the stuff they got away with in the book Overall this probably would appealto younger teens than to adults.