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Novak has a way of encapsulating the depressed mine and subverting the many preconceived notions we have about being depressed.My favorite section is when she talks about people who try to leave depression go to Starbucks to give the illusion of being with people I often find myself at Starbucks, but if anyone disturbs me I will be very upset at the social interaction.I highly recommend this to anyone who is depressed, knows someone who is working through depression, or really anyone in need of a great laugh. My husband bought me this after another weekend where I slumped around our house like a blob A blob that cried a lot and said mean things about herself.It was meant as a gift And I am pretty grateful for it.This book really hit home for me I am a depresso A high functioning one, sometimes, as I have maintained a facade with my full time job But still a depresso through and through. [Free Kindle] ♿ How to Weep in Public ⚑ In Her Hilarious Memoir Meets Guide To Life, Comedian And Depressed Person Jacqueline Novak Reveals Depression S Hidden Pleasures, Advises Readers On How To Make Most Of A Cat Hair Covered Life, And Helps Them Summon The Strength To Shed That Bathrobe And Face The World Exhausted Rundown Filled With A Vague Sense Of Ennui, An Occasional Twinge Of Regret, Or A Hell Of A Lot Of Mood Stabilizers Then This Is The Book For You How To Weep In Public Is Both A Tongue In Cheek Advice Guide From A Person Who Has No Business Giving Advice To Anyone And One Woman S Breathless Journey To Consistently Put On Pants, Or At Least Get Out Of Bed In The Morning Beginning With Her Earliest Blue Moments Of Infancy, And Hop Scotching Through Her Exploration Of The World Of Pharmaceuticals, Before Bounding Right Back To Her Parents Couch, Jacqueline Novak Will Introduce You To The ABC S Adderall Benzos Catatonia Of Depression And Reveal, Funnily Enough, That A Lot Can Happen Even When You Re Standing Still Or, As It Happens, Lying Down Whether You Re Coping With The Occasional Down Day, Or Thrive Fully In Picasso S Blue Period, How To Weep In Public Is The Perfect Place To Regroup Between Those Nagging Tony Robbins Tapes And That Exhausting Amount Of Leaning In So Sit Back, Relax, And Let Jacqueline Novak Teach You How To Carpe Depressem With The Rest Of Them I received a copy of this book through bloggingforbooks.com in exchange for an honest review Truthfully, with your feed blistering and boots wet, you are not in a place to combat your mood anyway This book is a sort of how to guide of getting the most awful things out of your depression It has anecdotes from the author on why this bad advice works and how struggling with depression is different for each person.What I enjoyed is how witty and honest this book is There s a whole chapter on being genuine that I enjoyed that talks about turning anger outward if anger is the only true feeling that you have Some of the advice is a bit too silly for me the humor is a bit too self deprecating at times for my taste but I think the book talks a lot about the things someone can feel or not feel with depression.Some of the advice is real but most of it isn t The author talks about everything from medication to sex in terms of healing The openness and it doesn t matter what other people think vibe of this book are really what make it a solid 3.5 stars.Good for some laughs and short enough it doesn t get too heavy. Okay, I read a few reviews about this in a few different magazines and I was intrigued I was hoping to find a book that would be accessible to my clients I m a therapist who suffer from depression However, I was a bit put off as this is satire and dark humor all the way For someone who is truly and deeply troubled, I can t help but wonder if this would take them even closer to the edge It is basically a book by a depresso, as she calls herself, poking fun at herself and giving tips on how to stay depressed So, it s cute and funny, but also not So, I m not sure who this is for someone who is not depressed to make fun of those who are Those who are depressed to poke fun at themselves which who wants that or those who have been in a depression and now have come out the other side most likely this has got to be the one There were times that this was funny and clever and incredibly oh man, I can t believe she wrote that but overall, I just found it kind of sad. Once again, I find myself with much to say about a book I didn t likeI hope one day I ll have something to say about books I DO like But, haha, as a depressed person, I tell myself you can t talk about this book you liked as eloquently as everyone else already has but I digress I ve written about my own mental health struggles before and came across this book when I was searching for writing inspiration Unfortunately, nothing about this book feels honest It s supposed to be funny, but I didn t laugh once And depression IS often very funny I have to laugh at some of my own absurd depressive habits I ve developed over the years The writing style is far too stream of consciousness and the author can t seem to focus on one idea for a whole chapter Further, much of the humour is so dark and inappropriate that I can t help but feel like it s dangerous for someone with depression to read, even if it is meant to be a parody of self help books The whole thing just comes across as very contrived Jenny Lawson s Furiously Happy and Allie Brosh s Hyperbole and a Half are much better examples of what I feel this book is trying to achieve Try those instead if you re looking for stories about depression with a humorous approach. I suffer from anxiety and depression, among other things and I love to read books that have a humorous take on these subjects I thought the author did an amazing job putting a humorous spin on depression The stories included were definitely an added bonus Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others who suffer from depression I received a copy from BloggingForBooks.com in exchange for an honest review A different way to approach depression that s entertaining and oddly realistic Yes, Novak says, it s okay to spend days in bed feeling like a piece of garbage It s okay to doubt if your medication works at all You ll inevitably feel like shunning all forms of human interaction and that s normal But each little step you take to feel better is monumental too I loved the way Novak approached this book as a kind of satire on self help books and, dare I say it, it made me feel a little better But, thanks to Novak s disclaimer, I do not hold her liable for that fact. This was a fun, quick read on a topic that isn t usually described as fun or quick Novak s satire self help with elements of memoir falls somewhere between Hyperbole and a Half and the comedy of Mike Birbiglia Her smart, wry sense of humor about her own shortcomings and her empathy with fellow depressos makes this book succeed it s written by and for someone with depression, and never condescends to the reader And while it is, on the surface, a satire of a self help book, it comes with its own lessons and revelations, explained through Novak s own missteps and self deprecating jokes.I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope it finds its niche the market exists for this book If you like Hyperbole and a Half and who doesn t , pick this up when it comes out. I liked Novak s concept for this book of making a parody of self help books She creates a humorous book about how to best embrace your depression and the thralls of your listless sadness However, she keeps playing for laughs and is so impersonal that this book gets old fast I would rather hear about Novak s actual life than lots of sarcastic superficial humor I reviewed this book for BUST and gave it three boobs.