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!Read Epub ⚛ Hot Down Under Bundle 3 õ Kylie Scott S Room With A ViewNatalie Has Watched As The Zombie Plague Devastated Civilization Gorgeous Angus Has Been A Miracle, Appearing Like Romeo From The Pool Area And Throwing Supplies Up To Her Balcony But Now He Has Deserted Her Or Has He Can He Make It Past The Infected To Reach Her And What Will It Mean If He Does Rhyll Biest S A Sporting ChanceIn The Outback Town Of Mount Tully, Sexy Bartender Jane Hood Calls The Shots Until She Meets Luka, The Man Who Owns The Pub Cate Ellink S A Real Online FantasyCan An Online Fantasy Ever Become Real When Caitlyn Has The Opportunity To Meet Her Online Crush In The Flesh, Will She Be Bold Enough To Act Out Her Deepest Fantasies, Or Will She Forever Be Hiding Behind Her Computer Screen Keziah Hill S Business With PleasureFor Artist Lottie Williams, Entering Her Sculpture In The European Exhibition Is The Culmination Of Her Career Until She Meets The Sexy Curators, James And Magda, Who Want Something Else From Her Will She Confuse Business With Pleasure I jumped at the chance to read this book for two reasons, the first was Kylie Scott contributed to it and having read her book Lick recently I wanted to see what else she could do, the second again was Kylie Scott s story was set after a zombie plague had wiped most of the population out and I am partial to that sort of thing, actually there is a third reason see the cover above So this is a collection of four stories, all ranging from steamy to on fire on the hotness scale All of them are set in Australia if you didn t guess from the title and all of them feature women facing different situations.The first story, Room With a View, well there isn t much of a view unless you count plague ridden zombies lying face down in a swimming pool, but this story features Natalie and the gorgeous young man who comes to her rescue I love dystopian stories and this one sets the scene nicely for Kylie s story Flesh which explores this world indetail.The second is A Sporting Chance, this is set in the dusty outback and features the incredibly broke Jane, a bartender at the local pub who is down on her luck, her boss Luka, an Eastern European is hot and flirty but she refuses his offer of help, she instead turns to her racing toad Germaine to win her some cash Things of course never go to plan and Jane to her horror loses a bet against Luka which places her under his beck and call for 24 hours.The third is A Real Online Fantasy, Caitlyn has been busy online with her online crush spilling each others secrets and acting out their fantasies, but when she meets her crush in the flesh, will they feel the same I enjoyed this as of course the uncertainty of will the crush turn up, will he be hot or a 60 year old beer bellied baldy Read to find out.The fourth story is Business with Pleasure, now this one tested me a little bit, Lottie Williams is an artist despearate to get her artwork in to an exhibition but before that happens she needs to get past the curators, James and Magda who ooze sex and charm, this has a threesome in it, which I have never read before blushes so that was quite an eyeopener, God I sound like a prude Ahem, anyway this in my opinion would be the hottest of the four It is a good read but to be honest the one I enjoyed the most was the dystopian but being a huge fan of the genre it was a given, saying that the others are well written and they made me long to revisit the wonderful country of Australia, it s been too long Brisbane I award Hot Down Under Bundle 3 3 out of 5 Book Summary Published by MomentumPublish Date 27th May 2014Pages 160My Rating 3 StarsReview I m going to start off by saying, I love Kylie Scott I loved her back when my friend Lauren first threw her novella A Room With A View my way in 2012 and screamed at me to read it, and then when she started with her Stage Dive series, I loved her evenIt might be my morbid fascination with Zombies and apocalypses of all kinds or it could be the way that she threw in a romance to make something ugly, beautiful I enjoyed this book of hers a lotthan I did the first one, Flesh, less than how much I enjoyed Skin though but having said that, I would ve liked a littlezombie action in the mix, but since I d already read this one, it was kind of a given that I d give it a decent star rating Nope, what gave this bundle it s 3 star rating was the rest of the bundle I had to keep on checking the title to make sure I was reading the right thing Ho Down Under makes me think of the outback, the bush, hot and sweaty stockmen Dust, mud, rivers and lakes, and everything in between, and as a girl from rural NSW, yes, I might be a little biased in that assumption, but when talking to my friends overseas, that s what they think of too, so I know for a fact that if they were reading this bundle they would be severely disappointed at the lack of farms, stations and sexy men in jeans and work clothes, brushing the sweat from their Akubra wearing heads The stories weren t anything special or uniquely Australian, you could ve transplanted them straight into the United States or heck, even New Zealand The stories lacked the spark and sizzle that I was expecting and all in all I didn t enjoy them all that much I know Kylie Scott is the selling point in this bundle, but even with her previously released novella being included, it is the only thing that saves this bundle in my eyes. Four short stories fitting for a summer read, hot and smutty Room with a View Kylie ScottNatalie survived the zombie apocalypse only to find herself alone until Angus came along They find comfort in each other through the walkie talkie but then he disappears. Will she stay alone til she dies Quick read and smutty fluff in a survival mode, definitely will readfrom this world author 4 StarsA Sporting Chance Rhyll BiestJane s had feelings for her boss at the bar for a while, but resisted them Luka s been teasing her but when she needs help, he s there, not taking no for an answer Quick read, smutty fluff and perseverance in a great combo 4 Stars A Real Online Fantasy Cate EllinkAfter a year of foreplay online, Condamine and Esquire are about to meet IRL Butterflies in the stomache, doubt and fears disappear as soon as they meet, and the smutty fluff they ve talked about will soon take place Great, quick read and as one chatter who took it to RL, I can verify all those feelings LOL 4 StarsBusiness with Pleasure Keziah HillLottie findsthan a place to exhibit her artwork when she meets with the owners of Carve the Wind James and Magda has had their sights on Lottie for a while now, can they wait another month for their chance to build somethingSmutty fluff and a threesome with ffm 3 Stars just because I m not a fan of FFM, sorry I prefermen than women in the ratio