BOOK ♗ Breathe (Shingle Beach #3) ♵

I had to suspend disbelief too many times, especially with the way Bea s character behaved Also this played out way too much like a rape fantasy at times and the only reason I can tell it was unintentional is because it didn t go into anatomical detail thankfully. Ok I have a degree in psychology and can tell you right off the bat that the following people will not like the book PsychologistsHealthcare practitionersPsychopaths and14 year old girls because that is exactly what Dylan sounded like in his inner dialogue And he is our psychopath may I add for clarity The following people should give it a miss as well,Sufferers of agoraphobia Cause the trigger is ridiculous and the treatment miraculous No sorry I finished the book but cannot recommend it. BOOK ♵ Breathe (Shingle Beach #3) ♫ Psychologist Bea Trent Thought She D Seen The Last Of Her Most Infamous Juvenile Client When James Dylan Dobbs Turned Eighteen And Joined The Military She Had No Clue He D Return As A Full Blown Sociopath With An Agenda That Included Destroying Her Bea Has A Secret As An Adult, James Reminds Her So Much Of Her Deceased Husband, It S Unethical To Counsel Him, But She Can T Help Herself She Feels Like She S Found Her Beloved Rick Again And Refuses To Let Go James Experiences A Myriad Of Emotions When He Reenters Counseling He Hates Bea For Hospitalizing Him As A Child But He Loves Her For Who She Is He Has A Secret, Too His Love For Bea Began As The Kind A Child Has For His Mother, But Morphed Into A Romantic Love During A Long, Lonely Military Tour He Must Find A Way To Make Bea Return His Love When Bea Comes To Her Senses And Refers James To Another Psychologist, His Anger Spirals Out Of Control He Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Her, Including Going After Her Daughter, Tori When Bea Discovers That Tori Is Dating James, She Finds Herself Backed Into A Corner With No Way Out Tori Thinks She S Found The Love Of Her Life Bea Knows What He S Capable Of, But She Can T Tell Anyone Because Of Doctor Client Confidentiality The Only Way To Save Tori Is To Take Him Down Can Bea Do It In Order To Save Her Daughter If She Tells All, She Ll Lose Her License To Practice If She Doesn T, She May Lose Her Life BREATHE by Cat Byrd Shingle Beach Psychological Series BREATHE is a psychological thriller that will leave readers breathless It is a book that you cannot put down until you read the last page Cori is agoraphobic and can hardly leave her condo Her friend, Izzy, tries to help by taking her downstairs where they party in the bar When she meets a handsome man named Dylan, little does she know he is the person her therapist mother has tried to help for so many years Cori, Izzy, and Bea are all walking into trouble, and trouble s name is Dylan. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE BOOKS THAT HAD ME THINKING NO, DON T DO THAT SOMETIMES SAID OUT LOUD THE STORY LINE WAS UPSETTING BUT I COULDN T STOP READING, WANTED TO THE FEMALE CHARACTERS ARE UNBELIEVABLY DUMB, HER BFF DIZZY IZZY IS TERRIBLE with friends like that READING THIS WAS LIKE WATCHING A TRAIN WRECK shaking my head I REALLY WAS AFRAID OF THE OUTCOME, I WONDERED, HOW CAN YOU STRAIGHTEN THIS SH T OUT ONE THING, I WOULD NEVER EVER VISIT SHINGLE BEACH SC, I DON T KNOW WHO D WANT TOO WHAT A VERY, VERY WILD READ. It was just okay for me.For me this book kinda lacked gusto The plot was good but I didn t feel the oh my gawd moment There are suspenseful moments but nothing that will keep me remembering this book for long The third party narration and the many POVs kept throwing me off and at times I had to re read to remember who it was The characters didn t seem to have much substance and most seemed weak I read the entire book and I m not saying it was awful or that I would totally abandon this author This book just didn t seem to do it for me. The story for this book was interesting but it didn t seem long enough There was a lot of drama in too few pages I would have liked detail at the end, it just felt too rushed I also didn t like Ty s reaction at the end He should have been way emotional than he was The whole thing was really lacking background as well The reader is just thrown into this mess However, it did keep my interest until the last page. Wow for this book to be only 163 pages it sure had a lot going on I enjoyed this fast paced suspenseful crazy read Dylan was certified crazy, a freaking lunatic Really enjoyed this but the ending sucked Too rushed and I needed closure So I only gave it. A peek into a pycho s obssession, leading him to a twisted fantasyAn engaging thrilling read into the twisted mind of a sadistic, narcissistic psychopath, obsessed with a woman he loves and hates A charismatic psychopath is probably the scariest kind of nut, as they can move easily among us and appear as your average likeable funny guy in the meantime he she is looking at you sizing you up, as a hunter stalks its prey.Bea is a successful psychiatrist with an unhealthy attraction to a client, who she knows should be referred to someone else, but when Bea attempts an introduction, all hell breaks loose and James feels he s abandoned her and nobody hurts James and gets away with it in the sick fantasy in his head, Bea has betrayed him and that leaves him with very few choices in each only Dylan and Tori are allowed to live This story is compelling and engaging with interesting twists and turns to keep you guessing, intrigued and turning pages well into the night, till the end.I love how Byrd integrates Mental Health issues into the stories and not all in a bad light As she states in all her books, people would be surprised if they knew everyone s mental health status around them Even many of our historical inventors are known to have a mental health disorder Many people are able to live productive and successful lives despite their illness es The only disappointment I had was the lack of involvement the Shingle Beach Detective Agency Sammie, Heather, Marc, Cruise, Dex, they were a great team in the 1st two books I hope they ll be brought into the next books.This is a great read that I definitely recommend to everyone Prepared to read well into the night. This psychological thriller is not as exciting as I had hoped it would be The psychologist Bea Trent has been treating a troubled child, James, right up until he reached the age of 18, when he disappears out of her life Then four years later he reappears and by this time he is a handsome man who Bea thinks looks so much like her dead husband James comes back just as troubled and wants to hurt Bea as he believes she has let him down He finds out that she has a daughter and plans his revenge This book is well written, but for me, it was quite predictable and I guessed the outcome long before the end.