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3.5 StarsTo Gemma and Abe, Oh to be young and in love I want to tell you how sorry I am that there was such a huge issue that sent you on your separately ways for a full year, but I can t honestly say that in not sure the break wasn t good for you Your relationship moved rather quickly from strangers to and while I never want to doubt when people say that they are in love, it s hard to accept when your watching from the outside and see that perhaps both parties aren t quite in the perfect place for everlasting, true and honest love to bloom Your story was beautifully told and I was cheering for you from the very start, I promise Abe, you are a stand up guy and I know that you have nothing but good and honest intentions That you re guided by your heart but are careful that your brain doesn t completely check out.Gemma, I m so sorry for everything that you ve had to deal with growing up and that you ve been so hurt by your father and felt such pressure from your mother to retain your hatred for him leaving you both I truly believe that your time away from Abe and guidance from your half sister Kate helped you heal and to find out who YOU were, not who you were told that you should be I m sorry you had to get to that point in the way that you did That being said, if you ever see Megan again, she deserves whatever you throw her way Both of you, keep your heads on straight and hold onto the love you feel for each other to help get you where your going Hopefully in the end you ll get there together Jaime I received an ARC from the author publisher in exchange for an honest review Gemma is about to turn 18 and is spending another summer at her father s beach house Gemma has had a rough relationship with her father her whole life since he left her mother while pregnant and started another family Most summers she ignores everyone and spends time alone reading on the beach This summer she meets Abe who starts helping her see that opening herself up could bring her a lot of happiness Abe and Gemma s relationship is pretty predictable, and their language gets a bit hyperbolic at times That said, it is great to see Gemma opening herself up not only to a relationship with Abe, but also relationships with her family I loved seeing Kate and Gemma decide to give each other a chance and then watching their relationship grow It was really touching to learn that her siblings really wanted to be close to her but didn t know how Seeing Gemma attempt to move through her bitterness and hurt to a place where she could try and understand that she didn t have to be an outsider with her family Even though Gemma had to experience a lot of ups and downs, watching her find herself and who she wanted to be was a very rewarding experience Even with the cheese factor being pretty high, it was nice seeing Gemma and Abe come together and make each other happy I was glad to get to know these characters and would spend time with them in the future 3.5 stars An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review Beautiful beautiful book Will tug at your heartstrings gemma is stuck in the middle Her dad left her mom before she was born Her mom was so hurt she became a weee bit bitter towards the dad and set the pattern of hate for gemma towards him All this has festered and festered and oozed into other aspects of her life The summer of her 18th birthday she does her annual time in NC with her dad and his family Only this time events occur She doesn t get to spend nights reading on the beach Why Abe She begins to make friends Thaws out towards her step siblings and enjoys them has her mom give ulitimatums Heartache that could have been avoided if she just listened and looked at the bigger picture, lost her anger, started to find herself and gained confidence.Abe is a sweet easy going guy that lives in NC he instantly falls for Gemma and things progress quickly with them that is until Megan schemes and what a scheme Now Abe did not need to tell anything to Gemma but he loves her enough and feels safe in their love to say something Gemma though doesn t listen I mean really listen and crushes him He tries everything to get her to listen in the end he goes to her Dad Yay dad he helps Abe out Takes awhile but the truth does come out I am kind of glad it took awhile because Gemma needed to mature and find herself She needed to see she could make it on her own Abe poor guy almost lost his future from being devastated but in the end happy things do happen for this couple the step siblings are a hoot Love the brother His little crush on Emily too precious.A book on letting go of anger and finding the strength to do what is needed for you About love and heartache and supporting someone no matter what A wonderful read that you will not be able to put down. All her life Gemma Andrews has been taught that men aren t reliable, that all they do when the going gets tough is go out and cheat As her own father left her mother two months after she fell pregnant with Gemma and by the time Gemma was born, her father had a new wife and was ready to start his new family Every Summer, though Gemma has spent it with her father s family at their beach house and this is her last year she has to attend as she will be eighteen However, this Summer is going to provide Gemma with a wake up call and help to actually discover who she is as a person and in the process finally get the healing that she has needed for a longtime This Summer, Gemma is about to discover two things the first is that her half siblings Kate and Gray aren t that half bad and that it isn t their fault about what happened between her parents and that she may have in common with Kate than she originally thought and two that she isn t broken and that she is loved As what happens this summer is that Gemma will meet Ash , and she will fall hard but what happens when her romance is short lived when she discovers he cheated on her with Megan the slut Can Gemma give her heart to anyone or was this the straw that broke the camel s back This was the major turning point in the book that we discovered just how loved Gemma was by her father though he never really showed it This last part also teared me up and shows that though father s are often seen as detached, they do deep down love us and it is shown in ways that we often couldn t imagine. Review Originally Posted at Book FreakRating 4.5 StarsGemma s hatred for her father was already felt in the early part of the novel Her father bailed out on them when her mother was still pregnant with her, and started out a new family Her mother was hurt and bitter, and it passed on to her Every summer, she get stuck with her father s family.But THIS summer, on her LAST summer with them, everything changed And I was so happy that it did Being angry is a little bit tiring Anger is a very heavy emotion that wears you down, and it wore me down a bit I was glad Kate, her sister, was able to push beyond Gemma s wall, and finally had a relationship with her sister that went beyond rolling of eyeballs, and ignoring.There might be a boy behind her changes Abe North, a hunky night guard she met He tries to break the ice around her heart, helps her reconnect with the family she thought she hated and had kept her distance all these years Slowly, relationships change, she begins to gain not just a brother or sister, but she gains a new self She once loves her books, and spends her time alone with Abe, she gains friends and self confidence.Just as when she learns to trust men, an unthinkable happened And just when she thought she s going to have her happily ever after, her heart gets broken But this is where her life just got started, because as she starts to bring the pieces back together, with the help of Kate things in her life started to shift Soon, this bitter, hurt, and angry girl learned to love herself, and let go of the hate.But will she be able to get her happy ever after with Abe Or is his betrayal still too painful for her Don t you just love the cover A couple kissing in the rain, and I was crossing my fingers hoping that this novel would be just as beautiful as the cover Break Me is a story about love, forgiveness, finding yourself, family and trust It tells the story of Gemma, a girl filled with hate and mistrust, spending another summer with her estranged father s family not knowing it was the summer that will completely change her life It was the summer that she will learn to fall in love, and forgive.I like the storyline, on how everything fell right into their places I fell in love with the characters, Kate and her bubbly attitude, Gray and his insights despite his age I can t wait for him to really grow up , and even her father, whom surprised me in the end He wasn t perfect, he made some mistakes, but despite all this, his love for his daughter knows no bounds Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review More of my reviews at 4.5 stars I was really excited about reading this book I did start reading it when the cover hadn t been revealed, so all I had to go on was the synopsis I m really happy I took a chance on it though because it was such a cute book The reason why I didn t give this book the full five stars though is because it took me two attempts to read I got about maybe 12% through it the first time before I just felt that I couldn t read any The plot of this book was developed brilliantly though Even though it took me two attempts to read, I did find myself unable to put this book down the second time I read it and I found myself reading a few chapters every chance I got as well The plot also had a few unexpected twists which did change the way I thought this book was going to go I did overall really enjoy the plot and it did grow on me as it progressed The characters were amazing Gemma was the main female character and I have to admit that she did annoy me a bit at the beginning of this book I just felt like she was a pretty unappreciative person because she felt she couldn t have a relationship with her dad because he left her and her mum Gemma s attitude changed really quickly in this book though, which I loved Once she started a relationship with her love interest, she became a happier person and she was able to start to see eye to eye with her dad, which I loved It showed Gemma in a new light for me Abe was the main male character and he was so stinkin hot I loved how affectionate Abe was and he really did think of everything There was something about Abe that just drew me to him too I loved his attitude and that he wasn t like a lot of other male characters in books I read He wasn t a bad boy or anything like that He sure had his moments though lol Abe did do something in this book that completely surprised me Well, he thought he did something What he did did make me lose a bit of respect for him, but then things happened and my respect for him went up again I wasn t really expecting this book to be written from both Gemma and Abe s point of views A few scenes were also written from Gemma s step sister, Kate, and Abe s friend, Trey s, point of views as well, which was cool I did love getting to go inside all the characters heads as it made this book even better I thought that this book was a standalone when I first heard about it, but now it turns out it s the first book in a series I can t wait to read the next book and find out what s going to happen next I know the next book is going to be Kate s book too, which makes me even desperate for it The cover for this book suits it perfectly It represents a scene from the book and I actually squealed when I got to the scene and connected the cover to it It s freaking stunning and I really hope I get the chance to see it in paperback The models also really suit the characters of Gemma and Abe too Big thank you to Harper for an ARC of Break Me and to Everything Marie Tours for having me on the Blog Tour I came across Mrs James writing by accident I hadn t read anything of her s yet so I took the leap and dove right into her amazing world The Summer Series so far has me gripped with the love connection between Abe and Gemma, it is so special and rare I love it Gemma had grown up to not trust in any man, to depend on herself not anyone else She went to her summer vacation with her dad and his other family with the intention of it being another summer of dodge the family at all costs Little did she know that that summer was going to be different.She met Abe on her nightly sneak out to the beach He had to run her off since he was beach security She felt something was different with him but she wasn t going to fall for it because she doesn t give her trust to men This became their nightly ritual As she tried to have her nightly beach visits and he continually kicked her out What s your name Abe Why Gemma Because I ve waited four days to hear it AbeAbe knew he found the girl he wanted but how would he make her believe that They started getting to know each other as friends as Gemma started a slow relationship with her siblings Finally When you love each other as we do, when you re made for each other in every way, it s always perfect.As their relationship grew so did her trust in Abe It was such a sweet relationship It was building into something epic When she finally puts all of her trust in this man it all blows up in her face reminding her that you don t trust anyone but yourself Packing up and leaving her love there at the summer beach house She is broken She is lost She will never love or trust again She is faced with picking up the pieces of her heart after her summer fling.After eight months of finally picking herself off the floor they head back to the dreaded beach house Will Abe be able to fix her broken heart, her brokenness This was a superb book I loved it completely I tip my hat to Mrs James because it was a masterpiece I give the rating 5 stars and there was light % language and no nono scenes My honest opinion is everyone should read this Sweet Well written Happy ever after Break Me turned out to be a sweet and fun YA NA summer romance There was a bit of a downward spiral, but I was glad for Gemma and Abe when everything worked out in the end I did think that the story moved at a quick pacesometimes a little too quickly for my taste I would have liked a little build up before the beginning of Abe and Gemma s romance, and I thought that the resolution to the problem in the story came about just a little to quickly to make it believable Break Me was written in the third person, which also tends to make me feel somewhat removed from the storykind of like watching the moving when I d rather be a part of it I really liked that the story included perspectives of different characters throughout, as I m always interested to see things from different points of view.Abe was SUCH a sweetheart of a book boyfriend, and I really loved the way he was with Gemma, giving her time and multiple reasons to learn to trust him Gemma did have some maturing to do, so it was at times hard for me personally to identify with her at 28, but this would likely not be the case for younger adults to whom this story is targeted In the end, the problem in the story allowed both characters to mature and discover what they truly wanted and needed I also loved that Gemma matured not only in her relationship with Abe, but also in her relationship with her family This truly was somewhat of a coming of age story, as Gemma s experiences allowed her to grow and mature and to learn about who she truly was.Break Me was very well written I truly loved Harper James beautifully written metaphorsthe Jenga game and the sunriseif you re a fan of sweet young adult romance and love a happily ever after, you should check out this book I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Break me by Harper James I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Gemma is spending the summer with her father and his family at the beach, shortly before starting college Gemma has spent most of her time living with her Mother, who is still bitter over her Gemma s Dad leaving her for another woman years before Early on in the summer, Gemma starts to spend time with her half sister Kate, and soon realizes that maybe her other siblings aren t as bad as she thought Her main goal is to get through summer with as much reading time on the beach as possible, and steer clear of her Father as much as possible That is until she meets Abe, the night beach guard After kicking Gemma off the beach several times late at night with her flash light and her book, he realizes that he must gain Gemma s trust to get to know her better.This was an easy beach read, and a great one for the summer This book could be geared for a mature 16 year old or at the least 18 year old and over While there are some sexual situations, I would really say this is written pretty clean, not too much detail to make the book too graphic Quite honestly, that part was done really well Gemma is battling with letting Abe in, or falling into the same bitter rut that her Mother has after she was hurt so badly by Gemma s Father Abe honestly wants to spend time getting to know Gemma and gaining her trust, yet can he do that while breaking the walls that Gemma has already built This book contains just the right amount of young love drama, but nothing too over the top to make you angry at the characters No cliffhanger, this can be read as a standalone, but Kate s story will follow in the next novel, and after reading this one I will for sure add this to my list to read So grab your beach towel, your sunglasses, and toss this one in your beach bag for a fun read. ^EPUB ☠ Break Me ↡ Gemma Andrews Doesn T Trust Men She S Been Left With A Bitter Taste In Her Mouth After Her Father Left Her Mother While She Was Still Pregnant, For Another Woman, And Started A Whole New Perfect Family Gemma Doesn T Feel Like She Belongs With Her Father S Family With Her Family And Has Done Everything She Can To Push Them All Away One Summer, Her Last Summer Stuck With These People, Is About To Change All Of That Abe North, The Hunky Night Guard She Meets By Chance, Breaks Down Gemma S Carefully Built Cinderblock Walls, And Shows Her What She S Been Missing Out On He Helps Her To Reconnect With The Brother And Sister She Has Kept At A Safe Distance All These Years In The End, Maybe, Just Maybe, Abe Can Show Gemma That All Men Aren T Bad And That He Ll Be The One Who Ll Be There For Her But Is Gemma Ready To Accept Love Or Is She Too Broken