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Nombres Nicandro OlympiaProfesiones Empresaria Empresario InmobiliarioPais Zanzibar Gonna try to keep these reviews as short and sweet as can be and just be based on the notes I kept I probably have others thoughts on this book, but have not included them all here being I have five reviews tonight to do So let s get started Plot spoilers in this review Read at your own risk Finally finishedThe 21st Century Gentleman s Clubseries I read the first two in this series and loved them and I wondered if this was going to be as good and if I was going to love it as much, and let me tell you I did It was just a fantastic ending to a fantastic series and I am so glad that I read every single one of them and see all these dark, brood men get their happily ever after It was such a great series.Now speaking of this book specifically, I will say that this had a interesting setup for the story The hero, Nicandro Santos, vowed revenge on Zeus, the person who ran the gentleman s club Q Vitus, because of what Zeus did to his family and held him responsible for their deaths So he spent years bidding his time until he could finally strike and pounce on his target he had done some stuff to knock Zeus off his pedestal like knock the worth of his stocks down and just run his businesses to the ground and was about to make the final blow Now he was finally ready to make him move since he finally came to learn who Zeus was and have face to face meeting with Zeus see no one knew what Zeus looked like or who he was and was just the elusive owner of Q Vitus Zeus was a very secretive man and vowed his privacy Unbeknownst to Nic, Zeus that was responsible for his parent s death was in fact dead and had been dead for two years Now Zeus was his daughter Olympia who secretly took over the club as well as his businesses with only a select few knowing the fact that know that she is in fact Zeus The reason she had to pretend that Zeus was still alive and kicking was because she believed the members of the club wouldn t accept her because she was a woman and it was written in their statue that when the first Zeus died then his son would take over the business and run it, but the original Zeus never had a son only Olympia to carry on his businesses and his beloved club and Olympia vowed to do all that Sounds like an intriguing plot already, right And it definitely hooked me and I knew that I was going on a great ride and I couldn t wait to see it all played out.The first meeting between Olympia and Nic started off with a bang with Nic sneaking in her room in order to get audience with Zeus, not knowing that Olympia was in fact Zeus The anticipation and the heat started from that point on and it was really a nice was to start off the meeting between the two, and I liked that uniqueness.Of coarse Nic was caught and he was then later thrown down in the dungeon by Olympia s bodyguards who vowed to protect her and her secret They wanted to do some damage to him, but Olympia refused and decided to meet with Nic herself and spark flew when they came face to face He asked to meet with Zeus without giving his reason why while Olympia kept her cards close to the chest and didn t reveal a thing.The attraction and heat between them was already scorching by this point but now it was blazing especially when the bet came into play Nic bet Olympia that in two weeks time that she would sleep with him and when she did then she would give word to Zeus so that Nic and Zeus could have a face to face meeting with him, and if Nic lost then he would go on his merry way and never meet with Zeus ever and he would be forced out of the club with membership revoked and would never bother Zeus again Olympia agreed, believing she would be able to resist Nic and never have to reveal her secret to him while Nic was confident that he could win her over to his side and kill two birds with one stone by sating his lust for Olympia and getting his meeting with Zeus Let the battle of wills begin.And battle of wills it was I loved it and just loved seeing it all play out with the back and forth between them while the air thickened with sexual tension every time they were near one another and it was palatable Oh, boy it was palatable I had fan myself a couple times Olympia did everything in her power to deny that she was attracted to him but in her hearts of hearts she knew but she knew she had to resist him not only because she didn t want to reveal her secret to him but also she didn t want to risk her own heart in the process and just remain the ice queen that she had always been.Plus Olympia was dealing with issues from her own past of not being good enough and doing everything in her power to carry on her father s wishes for his business and be the good daughter and not the piece of trash that her mother was plus a druggie and an abusive lover who was intent on using Olympia for his own sick needs and later on content on leaving her at her father s doorstep A father she had never even met before or knew she had So she had a tough life and learned to keep a wall up and refuse to let anyone in And she definitely didn t want to let Nick in even though she was dealing with her attraction for him and it was not easy.And Nic vowed to break her down and used every trick in the book to seduce her, but nothing worked and he decided to use a different approach and act like a caring guy who cared about her as a person At first it may have been a ruse, but then very quickly it became clear that he did genuinely care for her.Case and point, and one of my favorite parts of the book was when they were in Norway in the icy cold, in order to escape her attraction to him she went out with a guide to explore the icy depths and see what needed to be developed in the area, but a storm came upon her and trapped her and left her injured when she fell off the snowmobile Nic knew something was wrong and was worried about her not just because if lost the bet he would never met Zeus like he wanted but he was concerned for her So he went out in search for her and found her saving her life She was on death s door and basically freezing to death Doctors were trying to heal her but she refused needles being taken back to her childhood when her mother did drugs and also during that time she called for her mother Noticing her distress, Nic stripped down to his underwear and slipped under the covers with Olympia and cuddled her close in order to get her warm so she wouldn t die It was a sweet moment and it showed Nic s caring side and showed there was than met the eye with him And it was just so affectionate with her and it nothing to do with the bet and at getting well.Of coarse the next morning when she was well again, heat between the two ensued and a bit of making out did occur And despite it being only kissing and touching it was a hot scene and I could feel Olympia s resolve wavering a bit being that she never experienced this pleasurable feeling before and she wanted of it and of Nic But I could see her determination to keep her secret so she pushed Nic away and though she was grateful that he save her, though she felt it was just because of the bet and not about her, she still wanted to keep her distance from him.So the anticipation was just ramping up and it kept on going and going The fight that Olympia had with herself over her attraction to Nic and just letting go was interesting to see and enjoyable to watch She changed before my eyes the and time she spent with Nic and became less of the ice queen and of a flesh and blood woman I loved seeing that transformation in her and how Nic was responsible for it and was the reason that she was letting go and letting him and into her heart.Finally she decided to go there with him, and what I loved most about the scene was before they did they did and they were hotly kissing Nic called a halt for a moment and told her to forget the bet and what was going on between them had nothing to do with the bet that he wanted her and it had nothing to do with the bet It was her I just thought that showed how much he came to care for Olympia and how much he wanted her just for herself and not just to win so he could meet Zeus He didn t want the bet to stand between them when they did finally make love and just wanted it to be about them, and I really liked that Victoria Parker did that because it made me like Nic even as a character and just showed his integrity and really what a guy he was and how his priorities changed since meeting Olympia It was just a really profound moment in my view and I was so glad Victoria Parker included that moment in there and just made me love the story even.Any way their chemistry was off the charts as you can imagine and their first time together was just explosive with lots of heat between them It was hot scene, but it underlined than hot passion but some deep emotions going on because the scene was very emotional and very eye opening especially to Olympia, who finally opened herself to a man and never expected this kind of passion I just thought it was a great scene that finally came to fruition after all that nice build up between the pair throughout the book and they finally gave into their passions It was just so good.Of coarse it didn t end there with misunderstanding ensuing and truths being revealed shocking both of them out of their little passion bubble and knocking them back a bit with Olympia getting knocked back the most and her heart bleeding, making her revert back to the ice queen It ripped my heart out to see Olympia in that much pain and closing herself off after she came so far I felt so bad for her especially when she learned the truth about her father and what Nic planned to do to her father aka Zeus in the end.But despite the pain, she did become stronger thanks to Nic, who told her to stand up for herself and claim what was rightly hers and not hide by the name of Zeus And know that she was good enough just the way she was I loved how he made her stronger and fight, and it was really clear that he loved and cared about her and wanted her in his life Just the ending was definitely a sucker punch from the time he learned the truth about who Zeus really was and onwards But of coarse they got their happy ending.I really just loved every second of the book I loved both characters I loved the angst I loved the sexual tension I loved the whole bet angle, which made for even interesting story as well as seeing that struggle in Olympia in denying her attraction to him I loved her journey as a character and just her self discovery I loved Nic and how he came to realize what was really important in life and that it wasn t revenge I loved the emotion behind this book It was so raw and deep made me feel ravaged right along with the characters It was just so well written and a perfect series ender that complement the first two in this series It was perfect, and I can t find a single fault with it It was just so so so good I wish all romance novels were like this Bravo Victoria Parker Bravo Keep up the good work and keep ripping out my heart and putting it back together like you do with your characters Loved the rawness of it.Highly recommend this one. [Free] ♊ The Ultimate Revenge (The 21st Century Gentlemans Club #3) ⚆ I Will Annihilate Your World As You Destroyed Mine For Over A Decade Nicandro Santos, Heir To A Legendary Diamond Legacy, Has Lived With One Unrelenting Purpose To Infiltrate The Ultraprestigious Q Virtus Gentleman S Club And Bring It, And Its Leader, Zeus, DownWhat He Doesn T Know Is That Olympia Merisi, The Daughter Of His Enemy, Is Now In Charge Olympia Has Her Own Reasons For Wanting To Keep Nicandro Close, And She Will Stop At Nothing To Protect What S Hers But What Happens When The Battle Lines Between Them Blur And They Enter Dangerous Sensual Territory For over a decade Nicardro Santos, heir to the legendary diamond legacy has lived with one unrelenting purpose, to infiltrate the ultra prestigious Q Virtus gentlemen s club and bring it and it s leader, Zues down.But what he doesn t know is that Olympia Merisi the daughter of his enemy, is now the one in charge Olympia has her own reasons for wanting to keep Nicandro close and she will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to her The only question that remains at the end of the day is what will happen when the battle lines of hate and anger start to blur and dangerous and sensual ones start to emerge I have been a fan of this author s books since the first time I picked up her debut, she has a way of luring you into a story that seems as dark as its characters and then slowly and so beautifully dragging you back to the light.And each time I step into the darkness I cannot help but wonder if am going emerge on the other side as the same person I was before I read the book, because with this author you know there is a guaranteed happy ending in the works but her writing is so full of life and so unpredictable I love her for the unpredictable parts as a predictable book is never any fun that I am never sure if I will at the end of the read still feel that surge of joy and excitement when reading the back cover It s almost and yes I know this sounds completely off for a Harlequin read, but it always seems as if she is going to kill of the main characters when I least expect it and then what Thankfully it is ever the case , but it is in this unique captivating, keep my attention all the way through till the end magical way of writing that the true genius of this author shines through time after time.In this her latest read she has done it all again and ten times better I was completely addicted to the book from the first page, I could not put it down for fear am going to miss something, and yes I realize it s a book and not a tv show and thus one is able to put down and come back later, yet I simply could not bring myself to do it.And the darkness was once again there in full force, and my oh my was it simply delicious I was not nuts about Nicandro having thoughts and such a drive to take revenge , because let s face it, seeking revenge never makes you a nice person it makes you cold, dark and totally not likable, but what I did love is how the author changed his outlook on life once he encounters Olympia It was like reading about a lonely creature being dragged into the harsh reality of life in order to learn what truly matters in life.Olympia was really awesome, awesome heroine I adored this woman for being so strong and fighting for what is hers, of course hiding behind a mask of identity showed her in the light of weak yet she is so determined in making it all work that her weakness takes a back seat and than once the author completely let me forget about it all together , and then suddenly gently reminded me , really brilliant work Victoria From this read am taking away a message of revenge is a very bad thing to go after in life, but sometimes it is the very thing needed to bring you back to reality The trick is how you react when the chance for the return comes to be able to see it for what it is, a second chance at a life of happiness And most importantly hiding behind facade, pretending to be someone you are not is never the answer, yes some people will not understand or even want you around but it s simply because they cannot handle the real you Stand strong and be you it s what will ultimately let you win any battle in life.I highly recommend this read for all fans of brilliant, blow your mind, beautiful , stunning tear my heart to shreds and make it whole again with magical romance, reads Victoria Parker has once again shown why she s a leading lady in each and every aspect of writing the perfect so close to reality read it will leave you in tears and begging to be dragged back for 5 5 star review Revenge is what he seeks, what he finds will bring his soul back to life 1 stars for my suffering HAS to be at least ONE of the weakest pansies heroes EVER He almost got married to the OW.Trust me, if his grandfather didn t smack him upside down on the head he WOULD have.He put the business before heroine Heroine is the second best to everything else in his life Then he accuses heroine of letting him almost marry OW Well, duh You re clearly no prize.No He wasn t offended she let him go without a fight.He was offended he didn t have a satisfaction to shatter her farther His ego would have felt much better if he had her admission of love, then he still went and married the OW anyway That s what he was pissed for The missed opportunity. Rating 4.5 stars.I have really liked Victoria Parker s other harlequin books so when I saw that this month she had another release, I jumped to buy it This story is about Nicandro Santos Nic and Olympia Merisi Pia Nic wants to destroy Pia s father s life and business because of what he did to destroy his parents and the Santos empire So for the last 10 years or so Nic changed his name, climbed the ladder and become a billionaire with the sole focus of destroying Zeus starting with the gentlemens club Nic meets Pia there, we see an obvious attraction there and I really enjoyed some of thir banter Pia unlike other harlequin heroines is not some virginal heroine and a princess who doesnt understand the real world She is very much a business women, confident and successful though she chooses to hide her identity in the business world Nic and Pia make a bet after which we see new sides to both Pia and Nic who are trying hard not to let their guard down and show any weakness to the other while falling in love Which leads to the past coming back to haunting them Minor quibbles view spoiler After Pia leaves and then Nic returns to her I was slightly annoyed that he leaves and agrees to marry another women for the company when while knowing he loved Pia hide spoiler I was given this book to read for an honest review What I can tell you right off is not to read this book when you re tired You ll miss too many yummy details of the story I reread this during the day and I have to tell you I LOVED IT The story centers around Nicandro Nic Santos, heir to the Diamond Legacy His parents were killed and he blamed a man called Zeus Zeus had a daughter that he knew absolutely nothing about Olympia Pia Mirisi was dumped on her fathers doorstep by her mother She has been abused and her mother then OD on drugs.Nic makes a bet with Pia that if he gets her into bed that she would have to introduce him to Zeus Pia fights her attraction for Nic A sudden snowstorm brings her to the brink of death and the Dr recommends body heat to warm her up When Pia wakes up she automatically assumes that Nic took advantage of her There is a constant battle between them for power Will Pia forgive Nic when she finds out he is engaged You ll need to find out what transpires between these two and if love can overcome heartache. The other side of fear is freedom, my boy Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live Another well written HP by Victoria Parker I really liked this book Not only was Olympia Pia a really powerful woman who stood up to Nicandro Nic and was than his match, there sexual chemistry was off the charts This story is really about how revenge hurts the person seeking it, letting go of the past and all of the hurt it s caused and letting go of fear in order to start being free and truly living as the quote I posted above implies Great story, would very much recommend as a read. Pure romantic fantasy The Ultimate Revenge by Victoria Parker, the 3rd and final book in The Gentleman s Club Mini Series, is totally and the one I absolutely loved the most.WOW.What a journey this story took me on.It had everything I love in Mills Boon story.Captivating protagonists a seductive and gorgeous alpha hero without the need to take over the heroine s life A beautiful, strong, smart and independent heroine, who is not afraid to stand up to the hero without being irritating,.High sensuality and sky rocketing sexual and emotional chemistry that just blew me away Entranced from the 1st chapter where our hero, Nicandro Santos, who is determined to bring Zeus, the owner of the secretive Q Virtus club down, sees Olympia Merisi, the heroine, sleeping in the most opulent bed, until the last page You can t stop turning the pages I loved the sexy and warm hearted Nicandro.he s a total boneco and I would love to have him as my querido The I got to know him, the I liked him.Olympia has become one of my favorite Mills Boon heroines She has not allowed the sad past to rule her life.she fought back and is determined to succeed without becoming a bitter and twisted person.Emotion and Passion so perfectly balanced it s not only about their sexual connection but the emotional as well They bring the best out of each other..making it possible for them to actually follow their dreams..he going back to doing what he has always loved.football and her finally accepting that she is the person she has always wanted to be To be accepted and loved for the person she is Beautifully written sex scenes erotic, daring and.mind blowing And let me not forget the glamorous and fabulous settings Zanzibarand Iceland fabulous Gaudi Barcelona Some of my favorite scenes Nicandro playing football with the kids,the opening chapter, Nicandro Olympia making love in the Ice Hotel,Olympia visits Nicandro s grandfather..the epilogue and meeting up with Narciso, Ruby, Ryzard Tiffany from the previous books.and beyond loved when Olympia shows Nicandro Aurora Borealis.I could go on and on..let s just say.I LOVED THE ENTIRE BOOK A great ending to this series and yes, yes, yes all is revealed I am so looking forward to reading books by this author I really like her writing style. It wasn t bad, it just wasn t my cuppa I did find it ironic that the H was all set to marry this girl and is this hot shot business guy and then did not find out the particulars of who owned the majority shares of the company That is a newbie mistake, so it kinda ruined the H s Business Guru persona But hey, it is HPlandia and that is how they roll Plenty of angst, a little too much D s in the bedroom for me, but I could see why they went there The writing is really good, but mostly I was like, quit being all angsty and just get on with things already I don t think I truly have an angsty angst soul, probably because I hang around with a bunch of cats and they are the ultimate pragmatists.