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Extraordinary Really appreciated the numerous Bible verses listed out in full all through the book helped me to keep turning and praying to the Lord Sin possession by evil spirits, death, etc., I just kept falling into the trap of introspection and self analysis The enemy is there, the warfare is real, and you realise how much you need the Lord s covering and protection.Oh, may the love of the Father be so much in us that we have nothing to do with His enemy Oh, may the Lord Jesus so satisfy our hearts that we desire nothing else besides Him Oh, may the Holy Spirit create in every believer a prayer that cries, Lord Jesus, come quickly The Analysis of the Soul 2 the Mind The mind a battlefield 2 Cor 10 3 5 The way of deliverance the renewed mind being deeper than the liberated mind The law of the mind a call for a purified mind The Analysis of the Soul 3 the Will The believer s will subduing the will the whole purpose of God s salvation is to have us forsake our will and be in union with His will the hand of God a submissive will merely stops its own activities, but a harmonious will is one with God and is of the same heart as God Passivity and the danger of passivity the place Eph 4 27 a work of mixtureThe Body The believer and his body Rom 8 10 13 God as the life of the body Deut 33 25 2 Cor 4 10 11 verse 10 speaks of the life of Jesus being manifested in our body endure pain whereas verse 11 speaks of the life of Jesus being manifested in our mortal flesh receive healing What is meant by the putting to death of Jesus It is the life of the Lord Jesus which continually delivers the self unto death Overcoming death since Christ has overcome death, believers need not feel that they must die, although they still may die Similarly, since Christ has condemned sin in the flesh, believers no longer must sin, although they still may sin Three ways for believers to overcome death 1 by believing that they will not die before their work is completed 2 by believing that the sting of death has been removed, so that even if they die, there is nothing to be afraid of and 3 by believing that they will be totally delivered from death because of the Lord s second coming and rapture A sin unto death to overcome death we should continually overcome sin because death comes from sin We can still be freed if we are willing to judge ourselves The powers of the age to come 2 Tim 1 10 Our Saviour Christ Jesus, who nullified death and brought life and incorruption to light through the gospel 1 Cor 15 57 But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. To me, I could not resit going through the trilogy..I discovered some truths about sickness and how it relates to sin and eventually death.if I may quote just a little bit The ultimate consequence of sin is death Sickness lies between sin and death It is the sequel to sin and the prologue to death If there were no sin in the world, there would be neither sickness nor death Had not Adam sinned, sickness would not have come upon the earth of this we can be most certain Hence as with every other woe, sickness was ushered in by sin Theend Tomo III analisis de alma y cuerpo yo poseo la version 1989. [ DOWNLOAD ] ♁ The Spiritual Man (3) (3) (The Collected Works of Watchman Nee) ♪ For Than Seventy Years, The Spiritual Man, Watchman Nee S Classic On Spiritual Growth, Has Helped Believers Advance In Their Pursuit Of Gaining Christ By Showing Them The Way To Let The Lord Fully Gain Them According To Nee, The Most Frustrating Experience Of Believers Today Is That In Seeking For Progress In The Spiritual Path, They Do Not Find The Proper Way As A Result, They Grope In Darkness, Being At Times High Or Low, Lingering Around The Crossroads Year In And Year Out, And Having No One To Consult For Direction The Author Of This Book Was Such A One For This Reason, The Book Emphasizes Clear Guidance On The Proper Path Every Chapter Of This Book Is For The Purpose Of Directing The Believers On The Right Course Therefore, All Those Who Seek After God With An Honest Heart Can Go Step By Step Accordingly Almost Every Chapter Begins From The Position Of The Sinner And Goes On Step By Step Toward The Peak Of Spiritual Life