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Oh I have an open mind And also I have a common sense Why say governments will be abolished and yet it was said that the United States will emerge as the absolute and ultimate power on earth Isn t power a sign of wealth And why the display of power in the first place Doesn t it still suggest disunity among men Religion is also amongst to be abolished and yet they failed to abolish Islam according to the anunnaki prediction The prediction word itself in this book is a contradiction The Anunnaki just sees the future and never predict and yet you insist it s a prediction instead of saying a vision In 2025 AD a military alliance between Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and 29 Muslim countries will shift the world s military, nuclear, commerce and peace balance What s the need for this military shift when there s peace Why shift it when it s already been abolished you say It s like reading the bible all over again Some truth here, lies there and horse crap somewhere there a whole bunch of conflicting stories and imagination which I can do myself in my extra time.. HA HA I am waiting If you have an open mind and a sense of humor, if the author has REALLY been and has done and has experienced life on another planet speaking with Annunaki students, how is he able to find the time to write 300 books A great piece of literatureI think this book provides important questios about our origins We most read this book whit an open mind Great book |READ EBOOK ⚉ 2022 ♬ Published By Times Square Press, New York And Berlintp Timessquarepress Author S Website Maximilliendelafayettebibliograph The MOST IMPORTANT, INFORMATIVE AND EXPLOSIVE BOOK EVER WRITTEN ABOUT THE ANUNNAKI, THEIR WORLD, THEIR RETURN TO EARTH, AND PLAN FOR HUMANITY In , AD AD , AD , AD AD , AD , AD , AD , AD The Author, Maximillien De Lafayette, Have Been So Fortunate As To Study With The Anunnaki Ulema Who Are The Guardians Of This Knowledge In Egypt, Iraq, The Islands Of Arwad And Cyprus This Is The First Time He Is Making Use Of This Depot Of Knowledge About The Return Of The Anunnaki To Planet Earth, And We Are Very Lucky To Have Access To It The Subjects Introduced In This Book Are Explosive Most Important Is The Fact That It Reveals The Potential Return Of The Anunnaki In , And The Most Frightening Transformation That It Would Bring To The Earth If This Is Going To Happen, A Huge Number Of The People On Earth, Those Grossly Contaminated By Grays DNA, Will Be Annihilated You Know Who They Are The Child Murderers, The Rapists, Those Who Torture, Those Who Abuse, The Vicious Politicians, The Slaves Of Money And Power, Etc Yes, We All Know Who They Are But The Anunnaki, Who Have No False Sentimentality At All, Will Not Tolerate Even A Medium Level Contamination Unless They Do Their Best To Clean Themselves During The Grace Period Of The Next Years, Those Of Mid Level Contamination Will Also Be Destroyed Those Who Would Manage To Clean Themselves To A Certain Degree May Possibly But Without Any Guarantee Be Able To Escape The Burning, Smoking Earth Through Special Portals, Called Ba Abs For Those Of Us Interested In The Use Of Esoteric Codes, They Are Here For You To Learn Each Term Will Teach You How To Use It For Your Benefit, How To Apply It Not Only To Your Spiritual Growth, But To Your Business, Relationships, And Daily Life You Will Learn How To Interpret The Codes In Many Ancient Languages, How To Build A Physical Amulet Code That Will Protect Certain Aspects Of Your Life, And How To Develop Your Psychic And Extrasensory Powers By Simply Using These Codes You Will Learn How The Anunnaki, Our Original Creators, And How God Fit Into All This Religion, True And False, Will Be Explored Jesus, Who Never Really Died On The Cross, Will Be Shown As A Historical Figure, With His Wife, Mary Magdalene, With Whom He Escaped To Ancient Marseille Who Were Adam And Eve Who Was The Serpent How Do The Gods Of Sumer Signify To Us The Book Is Arranged In The Time Honoured Tradition Of Questions And AnswersThe Return Of The Anunnaki Is Not A New Idea It Has Been Already Announced In Sacred Scriptures, But Of Course Interpreted Differently Some Said Jesus Is An Anunnaki, And He Will Return As A Cosmic Messiah A New School Of Religious Thought In Iran Suggests That Mohammed Will Return As A Celestial Being And We Should Not To Forget The Rapture And The Gnostics As Well But All Of Them Have Their Origin In The Anunnaki Texts, Because These Texts Were Written Thousands Of Years Before The Old Testament, The New Testament, And The Quran The Book Will Explore This Topic And Includes What Is Going To Happen To Organized Religions How Will The Human Mind Benefit From The Anunnaki Connection What Will Happen To The Teachings Of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, And Buddha, If The Anunnaki Demolish All Religions And Our Religious Beliefs Systems What Will Happen To The Vast Number