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A wonderful story that makes you believe in fairy tales I can t wait to see what the rest of the series brings. Dusty rose colored glassesI enjoyed Bella s optimism throughout the book Even when she saw the rough in Joe s life, she was able to spin it around Unrealistic maybe but alas this is the story of beauty and the biker, and they need their HEA. Beauty and the Biker is the first book in Beth s Impossible Dream series I loved it It has magic, passion and heart Bella is a sweet librarian who likes fairy tales Joe is a former under cover cop from Chicago who has seen too much pain They meet in Nowhere, Nebraska and somehow they connect They bring out the best in each other and I loved their journey I am really looking forward to the next books in the series with the other Inseparables Bella s group of friends As the first book, Beth introduces many secondary characters, but she never loses sight of Bella and Joe and they are the primary focus The secondary character add to the main story Very highly recommended. I LOVED THIS BOOK And it s not because I m biased and love the sweet quirky author if you ve been lucky enough to meet Ms Ciotta you know what I mean She is what she writes you can see every bit of her personality on the pages she so beautifully crafts yes, I m gushing like a total fan girl This is a strong start to this series I laughed, and cried Filled with humor, heart and touch of mystery, this is a truly magical book I didn t want it to end Bella and Joe are well developed, realistic characters And for some reason lawn care will never be the same Don t miss this fairy tale romance Bella Mooney is quirky, upbeat, optimistic, sweet, and non confrontational, but she is going through a rough spot after the death of her mother She has moved in with her father, who is also struggling with his wife s death and who is drinking and gambling too much, to help him get through it She has also ended a relationship with Carson, her boyfriend who is determined to be her fianc , because she realized their relationship wasabout comfort and convenience than affection She also realized that he was being manipulative to try to keep her in the relationship and that he was critical of her desires and choices in life Bella, the local librarian in Nowhere, Nebraska, loves reading books during children s story time, in character of course, and she dreams of writing children s stories if only she could get published Even though she is realistic enough to know that fairy tales are just that, she believes in exposing children to heroes and sweetness and hope to counteract the negative in the world Perhaps if she could collaborate with a wonderful illustrator who could make her stories come to life in pictures If the loss of her mother and dealing with her attempted break up weren t enough, another dark cloud has come along to rain on her parade her new neighbor, Joe Savage, who inherited and moved into his late uncle s property and who of all things returned the welcome basket, unopened, that she left at his house, despite the ominous signs and warnings for all to stay away Not only is he obviously rude, but he is determined to keep everyone at arm s length When he does make a rare appearance in public, he glowers darkly and broods at all and sundry, as he did to her when he suddenly appeared one day in the library during one of her story times. Nevertheless, with the support of her girlfriends, known to one another as the Inseparables, Bella is determined to pursue her dreams of becoming a published children s author and finding love like her mother and father had Thus, when she encounters a website called ImpossibleDream.com, she thinks she might as well take a chance and enter her specifications for her perfect partner Prince Charming.Bella s usually sunny disposition deserts her, though, when she discovers that her new neighbor has won her father s truck and their only means of transportation from him in a card game while he was quite intoxicated Never one to sit by and allow someone to take advantage of another, she summons her inner avenging angel, and charges across the field between their houses on her father s riding lawn mower still wearing her fairy gown from story time, a costume that Joe thinks of as her Princess Rainbow look Her ferocious demeanor takes a hit when she climbs over the locked fence at the end of Joe s drive and tumbles into the mud, but, not to be deterred, she takes Joe to task for his heartlessness. What Bella doesn t know is that Joe is a good man underneath his hard exterior He is fighting to rid himself of the demons he acquired through 14 years of dealing with gangs and human trafficking through undercover work on the Chicago Police Dept Later, when Bella discovers that ImpossibleDream.com has referred her to none other than Joe Savage as her perfect partner, sparks will fly as they grapple with the push pull of their overwhelming attraction to each other and the obstacles that stand in the way of their own happily ever after Bella s story is, in turn, sweet, fairy tale like, and hot all while dealing gently yet firmly and with heart with subjects like human trafficking and deafness in young children For example, when one of the Inseparables has a child born profoundly deaf, all of them learn sign language to communicate with her In fact, after one has read a number of books by an author and has followed her in social media, one comes to know a good deal about the author herself I see a great deal of Beth Ciotta in Beauty and the Biker, in Bella s sunny, optimistic disposition, in her kindness and big heart, in her quirky humor, and even in her profession as librarian, author, and entertainer If the subsequent stories in this series have as much heart and as much heat as this one does, I can t wait for them to be written Loved this book Not only was this book a great story It has a lot of passion, you just fall in love with Bella and Joe Joe has a dark side, loved how Bella brings out the best in him Can t wait to read the next story, Bella s friends are very interesting Check outof my reviews on my blog stars Beauty and the biker by Beth Ciotta is book 1 in The Impossible Dream Series This is the first book I have read by this author and I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review so here goes.This book is not exactly what I was expecting This is a sickly sweet romance where the female lead is literally nicknamed princess rainbow because she s actually that sweet and adorable Bella I would guess at being one of the most wholesome and nicest characters I ve ever read about She s the all American girl, she doesn t swear, she works with children at s library and dresses up as a sparkly princess to encourage children to readI swear she actually used the phrase Gosh Darnthan once Being truthful I m not sure if I loved her or if I m just horrified that someone this nice exists even in someone s imagination I love the fairytale aspect because that s basically what this book is a grownups fairytale where the princess gets her happily ever after with her Prince Charming who in this story is Joe Let s talk about Joe for a minute in comparison with Bella he does start off as a bit of an arsehole but that lasts all of about 3 minutes then he falls hook line and sinker for the queen of sparkles and unicorns.I loved the diversity in the inseparables but I do think its s bit sad that s group of 30 something women actually refer to themselves as the inseparables lol But regardless of that Chrissy, Angel, Georgie, Bella, Emma and the long distance member Sinjun are a very sweet group of women who share a long standing history and friendship and I enjoyed the connection that they all shared The sex is sort of glossed over which is a shame as I think it would have been fairly steamy had the author decided to get graphic I think I know who runs Impossible Dreams.com but I m not going to spoil it lol The book dabbled into the dark on occasion went Joe was talking but it mainly focussed on the warm and fuzzy side of life.I was hoping for a bit of action too and the author brilliantly built the tension till I was patiently waiting for it all to kick off I really wanted Joe to fill his knight in shining armour quota of the fairytale but it all fizzled to nothing and I for one was GUTTED This is an incredibly nice book with a lovely romance I give it 3.5 stars &Book ↜ Beauty & the Biker (Impossible Dream, #1) ☞ Coming This Fall From Beth Ciotta Author Of The Cupcake Lovers BEAUTY THE BIKER, The Launch Book In A New Contemporary Series Impossible Dream Celebrating Hope, Love, And The Magic Of The Human Spirit PRINCE CHARMING IS OUT THERE SOMEWHEREMiracles Happen Every Day Even In Nowhere, Nebraska That S Bella Mooney S Philosophy And She S Sticking To It A Children S Librarian Who Writes Fairy Tales On The Side, Bella Has Earned The Reputation Of Fanciful Pollyanna No Surprise That She Applied For Her Ideal Man Via ImpossibleDream, An Internet Company Designed To Make Dreams Come True However, Even Whimsical Bella Has Real Life Issues, Forcing Her To Take Drastic Actions In Order To Spin Her Dad S Life And In Turn Her Own For The Better As Fate Draws Her Into The Troubling World Of Her New Neighbor A Cynical Biker With A Scarred Soul And Checkered Past Bella Finds Herself Falling For The Most Unlikely Man, Twisting Her Perceptions Of True Love And Testing Her Faith In Dreams FATE LANDED HIM IN NOWHERE Expect Nothing Anticipate The Worst As A Detective With The Chicago Police Department, Joe Savage Witnessed Heinous Crimes And Acts Of Cruelty On A Daily Basis, Obliterating His Faith In Humanity When A Personal Vendetta Cost Him His Job And A Quirky Inheritance Offered Escape, Joe Packed It In And Steered His Harley Toward A Small Town Bordering Tornado Alley And The Twilight Zone Where Better To Lose Himself Than Nowhere Resigned To A Dark And Lonely Existence, Joe S Life Is Suddenly Shoved Into The Sunshine When His Eccentric Neighbor Offers Him A Chance He Can T Refuse, Especially After Her Kiss Of Hope Rekindles His Dead Heart Inspired And Challenged By Bella S Infectious Optimism, Joe Dares To Make The Impossible Come True In Beauty and The Biker Impossible Dream 1 by Beth Ciotta, Bella believes in true love and happily ever aftersshe just hasn t found hers yet A children s librarian who also writes children s books, Bella is currently living with her father, trying to help him find his footing after the death of her mother.Unexpected events bring Bella to the door of her neighbor, Joe Former police detective, Joe keeps to himself and strongly discourages friendships and relationships He definitely does not believe in true love and happily ever afters But there is something about Bella that tugs at the parts of him he s hidden away.As they spendtime together, Bella brings light into Joe s world But he still resists He doesn t want his past to touch Bella, and finally he might have pushed hard enough to keep her away Joe has opened Bella s eyes too though, and she s not as easy as he thought to push away Can the girl who sees the good and the boy who sees the bad find a way to be together Beth weaves a magical, fairy tale like story in Beauty and The Biker I love the characters and descriptions of themthey are easy to see and easy to feel for Beauty and The Biker is very entertaining with realistic situations and feelings There is a lot of character growth, and the relationship development between Bella and Joe was believable.I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in Beauty and The Biker from Bella s girlfriends and the close relationship they share, Bella s Dad, and even the cat that has attached itself to Joe.Beth has a strong start to her new series with Beauty and The Biker With a hint of suspense and a lot of love and hope, I d recommend Beauty and The Biker to any romance reader. Beauty and the Biker is about a woman named Bella who is an upbeat, loveable and down to earth good person who looks on the bright side of things In this story, Bella ends up falling in love with the biker , Joe Savage, a man who is haunted by his past which in return makes him a recluse As Ciotta writes, he is the badass loner but scary gorgeous.I loved the relationship between Bella and Savage You have your good girl and your bad boy, even though Savage really isn t bad at all, he just portays himself that way He is a man with a huge caring heart and soul but doesn t believe that of himself Plus he s good looking to boot He s the caretaker protector type and there s something comforting in that Ciotta introduced us to a close knit of friends called the inseparables We get to know these characters so that it leaves us wantingand wondering how their story will turn out.I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fairytales and happy ever afters This story is upbeat, magical, mysterious, fun and loveable I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I smiled and I really truly felt connected to the characters To me, that s what makes a great story For some reason however, I don t believe I will ever look at a lawnmower the same again I think I will be giggling everytime as the image from the story is what I will be picturing Thank you Beth for this opportunity to read your wonderfully and well written stories that as always, leave me wanting MORE as I really truly loved this story