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Okay, so this is an interesting story about an unknown player in the Revolutionary War and the illustrations are whimsical, colorful, and fitting to the story My issue is that I found the author s note to be interesting and clear than the actual text of the picture book Maybe it s because the text never mentions Christopher Ludwick s name, but just calls him the baker , which makes the story seem like a fairy tale instead of a factual account The text of the picture book is just so basic that I didn t really understand that Ludwick was spending his own life savings purchasing flour and baking bread for the Continental Army or that at the end he baked six thousand pounds of bread to feed surrendered British soldiers at the end of the war This could be useful in units about the Revolutionary War or the founding fathers, but DO NOT skip the author s note It s a cute story but so simplified as to actually present an entirely false impression After reading this tale, you d think and you know your children will that the Revolutionary War was won solely by baking gingerbread and Ludwick s unbelievable ability to convert over all of the hired armies to America s side Now that would have been something If only our soldiers would have known about all of this gingerbread they wouldn t have been starving and dying through most of the war.Ages 5 9 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar I really enjoyed this because it introduced me to an important human being the history books forgot The American Revolution is one of my favorite chapters of history and I had never heard of Christopher Ludwick until I read this book German born immigrant and American patriot Ludwick is a forgotten hero of the revolution unable to fight in the army, refused any payment for supplying the hungry troops with bread he paid for the ovens, flour etc himself He was soon in put in charge of baking for the entire Continental Army He was also in charge of Hessian prisoners of war and treated them so well that many joined his side The illustrations are interesting Not my personal cup of tea, but I appreciate that they tried to bring some period style and a bit of a gingerbread man aspect I m glad the recipe for gingerbread is included, too The storytelling is good, if a bit sparse The story reads a bit like a fable than an actual biography Ludwick is referred to only as the baker and, while it has charm, I think the Author s Note is essential to really understand him I actually had tears in my eyes as I read the Author s Note and learned how this man was known for helping anyone in need, without fanfare And despite the fact that, after baking six thousand pounds of bread to feed their former enemies at the end of the war, he returned home from the war to a ransacked home and for weeks had to sleep on a bare bed because he had no money to buy sheets Yet his generosity continued When much of his city of Philadelphia fled a deadly yellow fever outbreak, Ludwick stayed, baking bread for the sick and poor He had no children yet at a time when there were no public schools, he quietly paid for the education of at least fifty children He also left his money to pay for free schooling for poor children in Philadelphia, regardless of there religion or heritage The Christopher Ludwick Foundation carries on this important work today Please, readers and educators, share this story with your young people Sometimes it is the quiet souls, working behind the scenes doing so much good, that are wrongly forgotten over the bigger personalities. German born Christopher Ludwick had come to the Colonies as a young man looking for the opportunity to create his own bakery He did just that, creating gorgeous gingerbread for his town When the Revolutionary War began, he was eager to defend his America in any way he could, so he headed off to join General George Washington When he got there, the soldiers were hungry and complaining about the quality of food they were getting Ludwick jumped into action, feeing the armies bread from his ovens But the dangers weren t done yet The King of England pulled together armies from other countries and sent them into battle The soldiers came from Germany and Ludwick offered to see if he could convince them not to fight Once again it was food and the promise of having enough to eat that convinced the soldiers to lay down their arms Many battles later, the war was won, but Ludwick and General Washington had one final mammoth baking task ahead of them.Rockliff keeps the tone of this book quite lighthearted even as Ludwick finds himself taking grave risks with his life The writing is jolly and merry throughout The tone suits this baker whose optimism shines on the page and whose patriotism seemed to know no limits His accomplishments exceed what is shown in this picture book Make sure to read the Author s Note at the end of the book to learn about this amazing patriot and what he did for children and education as well as liberty.Kirsch s illustrations are a gingery delight Done in the forms of elaborate gingerbread cookies, the characters are shown as flat brown cookies with plenty of icing From the brown outlines to the white lines of icing, there is no mistaking what they are meant to be They too add a sweet and optimistic feel to this jolly picture book.An unsung hero of the Revolutionary War and beyond, this picture book celebrates the impact that one man can have in making history Appropriate for ages 6 8. Gingerbread for Liberty is a fascinating true tale about a mysterious hero who helped the patriots win the Revolution Christopher Ludwick was a German American patriot who baked the best Gingerbread in Philadelphia This talent helped save the war when he rowed out to convince a group of Hessian mersenaries in their ship ready to defeat the patriots, that perhaps they were hungry, and would prefer to have their bellies filled His plan worked and helped the Americans win the war In the author s note we learn that Christopher Ludwick s generous philanthropic ways helped send poor children to school in Philadelphia He even left his fortune to help needy children in Philadelphia, which it s still doing today The unusually attractive colorful prints on every page fit the story perfectly Make sure to copy his gingerbread recipe on the end papers A tasty story, perfect for all readers especially Pennsylvanians. Now this guy gets the way to a man s heart Fascinating biography of a little known player in the Revolutionary War I m not sure if I want to do a search for gingerbread recipes or Christopher Ludwick first. Two sayings come to mind Behold An army marches on its stomach and Join the Dark Side We have cookies A seriously awesome story about one of the American Revolution s unsung heroes who was all around 150% AWESOME in every way A man pragmatic and progressive who helped a fledgling nation because he was an immigrant who had fallen in love with the American Dream and wanted to share it with others Spoiler alert he demonstrates that offering people food instead of bullets makes them likely to join your side Tight, action oriented text coupled with the dessert inspired pictures makes for a wonderful vehicle for telling this amazing story Also now I REALLY want some gingerbread I adored this book about an unsung hero of the American Revolution The watercolor illustrations made to look like gingerbread cookies were absolutely stunning The illustrator used a masking fluid to create the pipes effect. {Download} õ Gingerbread for Liberty! ì Christopher Ludwick Was A German Born American Patriot With A Big Heart And A Talent For Baking When Cries Of Revolution Began, Christopher Was Determined To Help General George Washington And His Hungry Troops Not With Muskets Or Cannons, But With Gingerbread Cheerfully Told By Mara Rockliff And Brought To Life By Vincent Kirsch S Inventive Cut Paper Illustrations, Gingerbread For Liberty Is The Story Of An Unsung Hero Of The Revolutionary War Who Changed The Course Of History One Loaf At A Time What a delightful, true story Christopher Ludwick was a patriotic baker When the Revolutionary War began he baked for the soldiers He baked for Hessian prisoners of war and convinced many to switch loyalties He always had food for children, the poor, etc He said that no one would go hungry in his America After the Revolutionary War, he quietly helped many children receive an education What a remarkable, little known man