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1st Read March 20102nd Read August 2015Original ReviewThe review for this book will include major spoilers for anyone who hasn t yet read the first 2 books Stray Rogue so please don t read any further if you re new to the series The end of the last book saw Faythe kill her ex boyfriend Andrew in self defence, this is the same ex boyfriend who she had accidentally infected with her ability to partially shift Now she is on trial for both of these crimes and if she is found guilty she will be facing the death penalty As far as the council is concerned she is guilty until she can prove her innocence and unless she can convince them that she infected Andrew by accident she is going to be in serious trouble Considering she is the only werecat in history who claims to be able to do a partial shift, and all the witnesses she has have good reason to lie for her, she is going to have to show the council that it can be done She has yet to learn how to do this on command though, so is finding it difficult to demonstrate the ability The trial is being held on neutral territory 2 of the 3 alpha judges seem determined to push for the death penalty It soon becomes clear that there is to this than their first seemed and they are using the situation against Faythe s father for political reasons While the trial is ongoing they soon become aware of strays causing problems in the area 2 humans are missing and they need to solve the mystery before the human search parties find them There is so much going on in this book that I just couldn t put it down Rachel Vincent is an expert at complex plots and it is impossible to guess everything that is going to happen I loved the developments in Faythe Marc s relationship but was heartbroken at the situation they find themselves in at the end of the book I am going to have to read Prey now just so I can find out what happens Rachel Vincent has a well earned place in my favorite authors list this series is the best one I ve come across for ages.2nd ReadI have been totally loving my binge reread of this series, I think I m actually enjoying it even the second time around o Kesin olan bir ey varsa o da u Rachel her bir kitab nda giderek daha iyi oluyor Kitab bug n i im olmas na ra men uyumadan hatta g zlerimi bile k rpmadan okudum , bu size ne kadar heyecanl oldu unu hakk da bir ipucu verecektir.Ucundan konuyu anlatmak gerekirse , Faythe benim ona verdi im lakap big mouth eksi sevgilisine likantrop bula t rmak ve sonra bu hatas n nlemek i in onu ld rmek ile su lan yor Konsey toplan p Faythe i hangi gelece in bekledi ine karar vermeye al yor Konseyde Marc in ve babas n n d manlar o unlukta olunca Faythe idam edilme ile kar kar ya kal yor stelik Marc n evlilik teklifini yeniden reddetti i i in konsey onun Gurura ocuk vermeyecek ba belas bir kad n oldu unu d n yor Faythe t m bu olaylar n i inde kndinin masum oldu unu kan tlamaya al rken Marc n ondan ayr lmas ve ona kar so uk tav rlar sergilemesi moralini bozuyor , kalbini iyice k r yor Ta ki serbest b lgede yap lan toplant lar bir Ay c k taraf ndan bozulana kadar Ay c k bir ay adam yani onun da ndaki kedilerin durmadan bir eyler kar t rd n , da c insanlar n kayboldu unu s yl yor Bizimkiler hem Faythe in duru mas hem bu insan avlayan kediler hemde hi ummad k , mucize gibi bir tabby kad n kedilere denilen bir terim , Tekir aras nda gidip geliyorlarKendi yorumuma gelirsek , bu kitap ncekilerden daha detayl yd Tek eksik taraf kitapta o kadar ok yeni,eski karakter var ki Bu kimdi ulen demeden duram yorsunuz.Her zaman politikalar n i inde olan romanlar sevmi imdi Anita daki vampir politikas gibi bunda da Shifter politikas na dal yoruz Entrikalar , bol bol tehditler var Hele Calvin Malon diye bir adam var ki ad n k f r etmeden anmak m mk n de il K saca ok heyecanl bir yerde bitti ve yeni kitaba ge mek i in sab rs zlan yorum I know, I know, a lot of you really don t like Faythe After all, she is impulsive, is known to run off at the mouth, and sometimes she does incredibly stupid things But I like Faythe I like how her character grows and matures with each subsequent book Yes, she still is impulsive Yes, she still lacks a good brain filter However, she is beginning to understand that her actions have consequences not only to herself, but to her Pride as a whole Pride starts off with Faythe facing the consequences of an accidental creation of a stray and his death She is brought before the council tribunal, a kind of werecat kangaroo court In werecat law, a defendant is always presumed guilty and must prove their innocence The tribunal is not going well and Faythe comes to the slow realization that her life hangs in the balance and that the council wants to execute her for her actions should she not prove herself useful to them.The tribunal does not go smoothly There are many interruptions The local Bruin Keller barges in to tell the cats to stay off of his territory The tribunal stops so that the werecats can investigate They realize that a group of strays are wreaking havoc in the area and attacking humans, a big no no in the werecat world Keller also captures and drops off a female cat Enter the mysterious teenage tabby, Kaci As the tribunal continues, there are further interruptions It becomes apparent that the tribunal was just a way for one of the Alphas to jockey for position and to possibly enlarge his Pride The werecat politicking and maneuvering was especially devious I did not like some of the tribunal council members at all.And Marc Oh I felt so sad for him I ll leave it at that I must say that I truly love Faythe s father Greg He is one of those gifted politicians and he plays the game very well He is able to see the big picture I am very interested to see what transpires in the next book There was lots of action, lots of injuries, and lots of fur flying in this book I can t wait to read the next book. There must be some hidden, golden rule somewhere that I tend to fall in love with Urban Fantasy series by the third book I don t know what it is maybe the writer is in the middle of getting the story even better, or else I ve just fallen in love with the characters Have no idea, only in this one I do know it s not because I love the main character I actually loathe her I was hoping that, by this point in the series, she would have evolved, calmed down, and grew up a little Instead she s still abrasive and makes me cringe at some of what she says and how silly she is in predicaments, but it was toned down a little this time Marc is likeable now, although I always liked him a decent bit The mother and Manx aren t really in this one as the book takes place in a neutral meeting place for the shifter council They were missed but we get lots of the father, who I always dug, and the brothers, who are fun.I m not usually into shifter internal politics, but the maneuvering here was actually interesting There is a big change in the status of two of the main characters, so there is a small cliffhanger with that at the end There s a lot of talking in this one compared to the action of others, but it works and pacing doesn t lag somehow.Rachel Vincent has a creative way with words and dialogue that works It s easy to envision the characters you re reading about Their motivations are clear without needing spelled out She must like the main character herself, and I know some other readers do, but for me she s the only downfall of the story.I m curious about the next book, as it s clear there s a lot of changes in store and potential dangers to the family, not just Faith herself. hey Faythe or whatever your name is Pride continues shortly after Rogue left off Faythe is on trial for her actions at the end of the previous book However, it seems like her entire life is put under a magnifying glass and all her mistakes have come back to bite her on the ass once again At first Faythe feels worried that the verdict will be for her to be caged or declawed By being declawed she would be left helpless to defend herself for life But she soon finds out that execution is also on the plate as well, especially in the eyes of a particular Alpha judging her trial However, a group of strays interrupt the proceedings after several hikers go missing nearby They also find what seems to be a female stray in the territory Add to the mix several attacks to Faythe by the strays while she s trying to help and she doesn t know what to do with Marc after their relationship has changed in the previous book It s definitely one roller coaster ride after another in this latest installment.These books seem to get progressively better and better There s something happening every minute of this book and it all kept me riveted The endings are always big and full of surprises and this one s no different This one in particular left me dying to know what happens next. |Download ☹ Pride (Shifters #3) ♥ I M On Trial For My Life Falsely Accused Of Infecting My Human Ex Boyfriend And Killing Him To Cover Up The Crime Infecting A Human Is One Of Three Capital Offenses Recognized By The Pride Along With Murder And Disclosure Of Our Existence To A HumanI M Two For Three A GonerNow We Ve Discovered A Rogue Stray Terrorizing The Mountainside, Hunting A Wild Teenage Tabbycat It S Up To Us To Find And Stop Him Before A Human Discovers Us With My Lover Marc S Help, I Think I Can Protect The Vulnerable Girl From Both The Ambitious Rogue And The Scheming Of The Territorial Council If I Survive My Own Trial 5 Pride Stars Well holy moly this book had it all Heart break, action, someone to hate, someone to love I can t get enough of Faythe, trouble seems to like her as well, and her mouth also gets her into some trouble too This book really has so much to offer I want Mark to kick some serious ass And the Alpha has a fight coming I can t want to see how this is all going to play out And the girl wow that was hard to hear but we defiantly have some exciting twist come out of this book On to the next You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it. So, far this is actually my favorite in the series I liked how the plot wasn t all about a mystery crime, so it had a different feel from the first two books I love political intrigue, and the pack hierarchy dynamics are starting to get really interesting. 4 stars Ama ger ek hayatta kolay yollar yoktu ve ok az sonsuza kadar mutlu ya ad lar vard.Ger ek hayat daha ok kapa n bile a madan nce o u se eneklerin kopar l p kar ld bir Kendi Maceran Se kitab gibiydi view spoiler Marc son bir defa g l msedi.Sonra gecenin i ine ad m att ve kap arkas ndan kapand te Marc b ylece gitti S navlardan f rsat bulup ta bir t rl okuyamad m Gurur u sonunda bitirdim.Ama ke ke bitmeseydi de dedim.Konumuza gelirsek Kitap direk konseyde ba l yor.Faythe eski erkek arkada n ld rmekle ve ona hastal k bula t rmakla su lan yor stelik Faythe in evlenmeyecek olmas ve s r ye ocuk vermeyecek olmas ger e i onu t r ndeki di er di ilerden daha de ersiz k l yordur.Faythe ne kadar Andrew u ld rmesinin nefsi m daafa oldu unu s ylese de kimse ona inanmaz stelik k smi d n m ge irdi ini de kan tlayamazken.Sonra babas Faythe e onun b y k ihtimal idam edilece ini s yler.Ama bunun olmas na izin vermeyece im de der.Tam bu olaylar olurken ortaya bir de boz ay m z kar.Kendi b lgesiyle kedi adamlar n bulundu unu ve bunlar n ba na bela oldu unu,d zeni bozduklar n s yler.Boz ay n n kedilerin Marc gibi koktu unu s yelmesei zerine onlar n birer kedi adam de il de serseri olduklar ortaya kar.Ahh ama boz ay o kedilerin marc gibi koktu unu s yledi inde Marc a ac mad m de il ocuk da sinirden deli hakl olarak.Sonra bizim pisiciklerimiz bu serseri meselesiyle u ra rken Fatyhe in de Brett ve Colin ad nda iki kedi adamla beraber g zetimde kalmas n uygun bulurlar.Sonra Brett p d kmeye d ar kar.Tam o s rada serserinin teki Brett i yakalar ve bay lt r.Faythe ve Colin bunu fark ederler.Faythe Brett e yard m etmek ister.Colin d n meye ba lar ama Faythe o kadar zamanlar olmad n belirtir.Ee hakl k z imdi.Colinci im sen d n ene kadar o pisicik Brett i oktan yemi olur P Tabii bizim korkak colin d n meden bir serseriyle kar kar ya gelemem diye yak n r.Fatyhe de onu bay lt r.Yaln z bu bay ltma olay yanl l kla olur.Zira kendi de bundan pi man olur nk kesinlikle birinin yayrd m na ihtiyac vard r.Ama aresizlikten tek ba na serseriyle kar la r ve serserinin i ini bir g zel halleder.Sonra babas ve birka ki i Faythe i bu halde bulurlar.Hem sonra doktor gelir.Colin i tedavi eder.Ve colin kendine geldi inde onu da sorguya ekerler.Faythe ger ekten ka maya m al yordu yoksa Brett i mi kurtarmaya al yordu derler.Colin ise hay r o ka maya al yordu der.Bir de yle yle g zel yalanlar atarki hani olaylar bilmesem inan r m.O yalan s yledik e Faythe kudurur.Gere inden fazla fkelenir ve birden k sm d n m ge irdi inin fark na var r.Tabii orada olan herkes bunu fark eder.Marc Colin e hemen do ruyu s yle yoksa Faythe yi serbest b rak r m der.Tabii colin korkudan t m ger ekleri ter.B ylece Faythe in k smi d n m ge irebildi i kan tlanm olur.ve Brett in babas Fatyhe in zellikle idam edilmesini isteyen ki ilik Faythe den z r diler ve borcumu nas l deyebilece imi s yle de sana bor lu kalmaktan kurtulay m der.Fatyhe de beni de plana dahil et der.Yani u Boz ay n n b lgesindeki serserileri ara t rma i ine.O da Faythe yi insan formunda kalmak art yla Marc ve Jace ile birlikte g nderir.Bunlar etraflar nda bir serseri fark ederler.Marc Faythe e seni pece im ve sen bana kar koyacaks n.Sonra ka caks n der.B ylece Marc ve Jace de serserinin icab na bakacaklard.Sonra Marc Faythe i per ve Faythe kar koyar.Tabii bir ara kar koymay unutur ve Marc n imciklemesiyle kendine gelir ap al k z m z.Faythe ka maya ba lar ama serseri k z m za jace ve marc dn nce ula r.Tabii olanlar siz d n n art k.Tabii Faythe in salakl klar yla.O serseriyle konu ma abalar ayr bir eydi zaten.Hani serseriye burcun ne diye sormay da d nd ya art k hi bir ey demiyorum ben.Allah tan sormad.Buna da k r.Serseri faythe s r klemeye ba lay nca marc ve jace gelir.Tabii Faythe kurtar rlar serseriyi de bay t rlar ama serseri bay lmadan nce faytje in karn na t rnak izlerini de b rakm t r.Ama o da hak etti imdi PSonra bu serseriyi bir g zel sorguya ekerler.As l olaylar bundan sonra ba lar zaten.Ortaya yeni bir pisici imiz kar.Bu bir di idir.Ama ne serseridir ne de gurur kedisi.Ara t rmalar sonucu bunun asl nda bir gurur kedisi oldu unu renirler.Ama annesi ve babas insand r.Bu k z yani Kaci iki ekinik genin birle mesiyle olu mu bir gurur kedisidir lk d n m n ge irdi inde 13.5 ya ndad r.Ve ne oldu unu anlayamaz.Annesini ve ablas n istemeyerek ld r r ve ka ar.Ormanda bir adam serseriye d n t r r ve kar s yer.Asl nda k z hi birini isteyerek yapmamaktad r.Bir g n bu Keller boz ay m z bunu plerini kar t r rken yakalar,bunu Faythe sanar ve gurur a getirir.Faythe olmad n anlar tabii sonra.Faythe bu k zla baya konu ur falan.O sayede bu bilgileri elde ederler.Sonra bir de Hannibal m z ve Zeke Radley miz ortaya kar.Bu zeke Radley bir serseridir.Ama kendi gurur s r s n yapmay planlamaktad r.Bu nedenle t m ba bo serserileri toplamaktad r.Ve bir s r n n gurur s r s olmas n sa layan en b y k etkenlerden biri de di i kedidir.Radley de Kaci nin varl n renince bunu s r s ne katmak ister ve bu k z yakalama planlar na giri ir.Sonu olarak Kaci gurur s r s yle beraber kal r.Radley nin planlar suya d er.S r s n n o u yok edilir.Faythe idam edilmekten kurtulur.Ama 1 y ll na kar l ks z gurur s r s nde al acak ve onlara k smi d n m retecektir.Marc ihra edilir.Kitapta beni en ok zen olay bu olsa gerek.Yaz k oldu ocu a.Malone konseyin ba kan olmak istedi ve bir g vensizlik oylamas talep etti.Tabii bunun sonu lar n 4 Kitapta g rece iz.Kitab m z Marc n gidi iyle son buldu.K sacas yine ok g zel bir kitapt.Marc yine giderayak yapt evlilik teklifini Faythe e.Ka n lmaz sonu tabii Faythe her zamanki gibi hay r dedi.Ya da yanl anla lmas n,hay r demedi de hi bir cevap vermedi.Ki bu da bana g re hay r demek.Koca seride sinirimi bozan tek ey bu.Bu gidi le 6 Kitaba kadar Marc 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