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[[ Read Epub ]] ⚸ The Husband's Secret à At The Heart Of The Husband S Secret Is A Letter That S Not Meant To Be ReadMy Darling Cecilia, If You Re Reading This, Then I Ve DiedImagine That Your Husband Wrote You A Letter, To Be Opened After His Death Imagine, Too, That The Letter Contains His Deepest, Darkest Secret Something With The Potential To Destroy Not Just The Life You Built Together, But The Lives Of Others As Well Imagine, Then, That You Stumble Across That Letter While Your Husband Is Still Very Much Alive Cecilia Fitzpatrick Has Achieved It All She S An Incredibly Successful Businesswoman, A Pillar Of Her Small Community, And A Devoted Wife And Mother Her Life Is As Orderly And Spotless As Her Home But That Letter Is About To Change Everything, And Not Just For Her Rachel And Tess Barely Know Cecilia Or Each Other But They Too Are About To Feel The Earth Shattering Repercussions Of Her Husband S SecretAcclaimed Author Liane Moriarty Has Written A Gripping, Thought Provoking Novel About How Well It Is Really Possible To Know Our Spouses And, Ultimately, OurselvesPhysical Description Audio Discs Approximately Hrs Cecilia starts poking around the attic one day to find a piece of the Berlin wall she has, her daughter is going through a Berlin wall phase, when she finds a letter addressed to her from her husband in case of his death At first she doesn t think too much of it but her husband, John Paul, begins to behave weirdly when she mentions the letter and suddenly she can t stop thinking what the letter is about Rachel lives in the same neighborhood as Cecilia and has been mourning the death of her daughter Janie for years Now that her son is moving, she won t be seeing her grandson and she finds herself getting wrapped up in Janie s death even Tess moves back into town after finding out that her husband and best friend have fallen in love behind her back She struggles with what to do now, especially with her son Patrick caught in the middle, and things only get complicated when she reconnects with an ex boyfriend I know a lot of people really enjoyed this book but I just couldn t get into it I did like the authors writing style but I just felt like the story didn t come together The passages about the past around when the Berlin wall fell felt like they didn t add anything to the story for me personally Also Tess s story didn t tie in together with Cecilia and Rachel s stories which kind only bothered me because how well Cecilia and Rachel s stories went together It just felt like the whole Tess story line could have been cut out of the book without any problems It was all just really predictable, the second I read Rachel s chapter I knew where everything was going Also that ending made me think of Jodi Picoult and her little twist endings and not in a good way It just felt too coincidental for me to buy So while I liked the complexity portrayed and the writing as well as the characters the plot just didn t do it for me at all. This author has the snappy inner dialogue thing down She is witty, witty, witty I was mesmerized with the first few chapters, kept greedily turning the pages But then I realized that things were getting shallower and shallower instead of deeper and deeper It was like walking into a pool expecting to swim once you hit the deep end and discovering that you re wading in the kiddie pond All of a sudden, it was clear that I didn t genuinely like any of the characters and that everyone everyone seemed to be sour and or dour and or unhappy I didn t like the way the author described relationships between men and women, or between women and women, or between really anyone and anyone She talked about the thin veneer of bitchiness that coats almost all female interactions Really Girls, really At best, this book seems to treat very dark personal secrets as kind of a universal joke is on us thing At worst, it might trivialize violence against women, marital infidelity, and lying.The epilogue is the worst I ve ever read, bar none The author manages to simultaneously deconstruct the very themes upon which her book stands, and then introduces several plot twists that only frustrated and semi enraged me You re going to tell us that now Why Why Then she lightly flits off with a neat, knowing, witty reference to the beginning of her book and the thing is over I was totally like, what Take a cue from Paul Harvey, lady He knew how to do that whole And now you know the rest of the story thing You do not. Wow I have been so ashamed of many of the newest Best Sellers that have been released And this hunk of garbage can be added to this list This year so far has been an overall bummer for me in finding good reads and yikesI wish I could get my money back For real The Husband s Secret by Liane Moriarty sounds awesome in theory A woman finds a hidden letter written years ago by her loyal husband that contains a secret that could change or ruin many lives It also follows two other women and their stories of love and heartbreak.BLECH Predictability, weak characters, no character development, and just full to the brim of everything yucky The characters are not likable at all and I couldn t relate to any of them These women are wretchedly annoying.Alright, people might think Mitch, you are a male reader, and you don t fall into the demographic, so you are an unfair judge However, as humiliating as it may be, I am a fan of Harlequin, the king of the mass produced romance lady novel However, most of those mass produced books are WAY better than this chart topping hooey Some women will eat it up, but i found it poorly written, repetitive, and so predictable that it s laughable.Try it if you want, but if you want to save yourself massive amounts of boredom, then use it as kindling OOOH a yule log sounds fun See, I m already distracted That s how I was the whole book Some secrets are meant to stay secret forever Just ask Pandora The Husband s Secret is a decent book, but I honestly expected to enjoy it a lot than I did I love mysteries that focus on the characters and their relationships with each other and I love reading about morally questionable people, especially women I find complex relationships between women to be fascinating woven with friendship, jealousies and secrets but I found this book superficial and, at times, even boring.Firstly, the titular secret is not a mystery and is so easy to guess immediately that I was hoping it would be something else Secondly, I think the secret and the details behind it are not very interesting and despite it being a serious issue it doesn t feel particularly scandalous or exciting You open this book just like Pandora opening her box jar, promised this huge secret by the title and blurb, and yet for me it was very anticlimactic.It gets three stars because Moriarty writes about selfish, depressed and troubled middle class women very well The dialogue and dynamics between them are funny, entertaining and contain those rare pieces of human honesty that only a few authors can achieve little thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are personal and strange, but instantly recognizable and true In reality, the human reaction to certain situations discovering a dark secret, being dumped for someone else, etc is not often what we think it should be It s like when you play out meeting someone famous in your head and you think you know exactly what you would do, until you meet them and your plans fly out the window In this book, I get the sense that Moriarty has tapped into real human reactions and behaviour these women don t always feel and behave in a typical or conventional way, and yet it seems all the real because of it.But interesting character studies aside, it did get tiresome after a while When you strip away the not so interesting mystery, this is a book about the relationships of a bunch of privileged middle class woman And there s really only so much of that I can take before I start losing interest.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr