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Absolutely LOVED this book A must read for all contemporary romance readers. #Download Ebook ß Only In My Dreams (Ribbon Ridge, #1) å Fed Up With Her Self Imposed Single Life, Successful Event Planner Sara Archer Heads To A Bar For A Night Of Dancing And Bumps Into Dylan Wescott, The High School Crush She Hasn T Seen In Years A Little Harmless Flirting Leads To A Hot, Completely Uncharacteristic One Night Stand But When She Wakes Up Alone, Sara Knows Her Life Is Too Complicated For A Relationship And There Can T Be A RepeatDylan, A Divorced, Ex Military Construction Contractor, Limits Himself To Casual Flings His Failed Marriage Proves He S Better Off Alone Anyway But He Can T Stop Dreaming About Sara And When His Firm Is Hired To Oversee The Renovation Project Run By The Archer Siblings, Dylan And Sara Are Unable To Resist Their Explosive ChemistryBut When Their Secret Affair Grows Beyond Friends With Benefits And Neither Is Willing To Admit They Want , Family Drama And Emotional Scars May Ruin Their Chance At A Love They Believed Was Only In Their Dreams More like 2.5 really awkward in some places and ending was too quickly done I m still on the hunt for a Jill Shalvis replacement and while this was cute, it was missing something for me There were a lot of secondary characters and I struggled to keep all of them straight But I liked Sara and Dylan and their overall story It was a quick read and I ll probably read in the series at some point Huge thanks to Avon Impulse and Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review I truly enjoyed reading Dylan and Sara s story, it was very engaging and also somewhat educational I had no idea SPD even existed, so for me, this story turned out to be quite informative I enjoy reading stories where characters have real life issues to overcome, which I think, makes them seem real and in some instances very relatable I can tell that Ms Burke put a lot of time and care into developing these characters, and it is refreshing to read about a family who is flawed but still manages to hold it all together The story line is very engaging and very well written, and very easy to just get lost in, so much so, I stayed up far past my bed time just to finish it Discovering this series has been quite the literary treat for me, and I have truly enjoyed my introduction to the Archer family I cannot wait for future visits to Ribbon Ridge, I m dying to see what Ms Burke has in store for the rest of the family Highly recommend you acquaint yourself with the Archer family of Ribbon Ridge, you will NOT be disappointed This is a new author for me and I have to tell you this won t be the only book I read of hers I loved this story There is so much packed within the pages I really don t want to give anything away it s that good I really love this family and can t wait for the next book in the series. Only in My Dreams is the first Darcy Burke book I ve read and the first in the Ribbon Ridge Series My only reservation with this book is that it sets the bar impossibly high for any future books by the author I will read It s that good Oh the romantic story of Sarah and Dylan s relationship while well written is at its core nothing unique to readers of the modern romance genre Two people whom the gods have made perfect for each other meet and spend most of the book first avoiding their attraction to one another and then trying to reduce it to nothing than physical As far as the physical relationship Ms Burke takes a back seat to none of her peers in the steamy love scene department It s amazing how Sarah starts out the story being reluctant to even go out and try to find a hook up after a three year period of self imposed celibacy and becomes as confident and wanton a vixen as I ve ever read when she meets Dylan her high school crush Lemon Drops must be one hell of an aphrodisiac While Dylan and Sarah s one step forward hot sex, two steps back we re just friends with benefits relationship is entertaining what sets this book above many others is all the other relationships in the story Sarah s with her parents and her six siblings, their relationships with one another and her relationship with her business assistant Dylan s with his parents, step parents and step brothers and sister Sarah is a sextuplet She is unique as a heroine because she suffers from SPD sensory processing disorder something I m not sure I ve ever heard of before but which the author is keenly aware of as her real life daughter suffers from the affliction One of Sarah s brothers Evan it appears to me has highly functioning Aspergers and another brother Alex suffered from severe respiratory issues before committing suicide His suicide, his final request and the effects it has on his siblings and parents is as much the backbone of this story as Sarah and Dylan s relationship The other three sextuplets Liam, Kyle and Tori and non sextuplet youngest Hayden have no physical challenges but all carry plenty of emotional baggage which impacts their relationships with each other When I think about all of the characters and plot lines that are introduced in this book which was under 300 pages on my Nook I m amazed at how the author got it all in there without it feeling compressed or unfinished This is a really, really good story and I m hoping the rest of the series lives up to my now very high expectations. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.4 Stars I find that strong, interesting characters can really make a book for me and this book was filled with them I have found that a lot of romance novels take FOREVER before any kind of action or excitement happens between the couple but this book jumped in right away This is the first time I have read a book by Darcy Burke and I feel like the beginning of this series was the perfect place for me to start.Sara is part of the large Archer family who are well known in the town of Ribbon Ridge not only for their brewery but also from the former television show that featured the family and their sextuplets Sara has a Sensory Processing Disorder which I thought was both well done in the book and completely original Sara leaves her event planning business in the hands of her friend and assistant to work on a project that was her brother s last wish.Dylan is very focused on his construction career He has family but has never felt like he belongs since his parents divorced when he was very young He puts in a proposal to work on the Archer project and soon finds himself around Sara much than he ever imagined The chemistry between Dylan and Sara was off the charts I loved every scene in the book that focused on Dylan and Sara together They were both such amazing characters and they really did seem to click on the page I loved the fact that it actually made sense as to why they wanted to keep their relationship from everyone else There was a lot of other characters in this book and just a whole lot going on Sara s family was huge and every one of them played a role in the story Dylan s family was pretty large as well and they also played a huge role Dylan and Sara had their romance to deal with but this book also focused on Sara s family dealing with a tragedy Dylan and Sara also had their own individual problems that they faced It all seemed to work together in the end but there really were a lot of subplots to deal with in this book.I would highly recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance I feel like they are just starting to process everything that has happened and I can t wait to find out what else is going to happen to Sara s family I received an advance reader edition of this book from Avon Impulse via Edelweiss for the purpose of providing an honest review. A short read with a hero who blows too hot cold.