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!Free ☲ The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids ♴ This Cookbook Includes Than Recipes From India, Greece, Thailand, And Brazil That Children And Their Families Can Make Together As They Follow Easy Step By Step Directions Stunning Full Color Photographs Accompany Each Recipe, And There Are Dishes For Every Time Of Day, From Breakfast Through Dinner Chef Matthew Locricchio Emphasizes The Use Of Fresh, Organic Vegetables And Includes Special Sections On Safety In The Kitchen, Cooking Terms, And Definitions A Great Introduction To International Cooking interesting cookbook that has good instructions and enticing photos by Jack McConnell All of the recipes seem to be Greek, Thai, Indian, and Brazilian There s a good list of Essential Ingredients and what they are, a descriptive list of Cooking Terms, and sketches of kitchen equipment I might actually try a couple of these.Recipes are organized in chapters Soups Appetizers, salads, and relishes Noodles, rice, and beans Vegetables, potatoes, and curry paste An Indian feast Main dishes, Desserts.Ingredient quantities are given in American terms of cups and teaspoons instead of by weight, and temperatures in Fahrenheit not Centigrade. Tasty tasty food from Brazil, Greece, India, and Thailand The recipes aren t too difficult, nor are most of the ingredients hard to find nice thing about kid s cookbooks And the recipes aren t stupid things like This is the Thai chocolate chip cookie or Americanized foods It seems that Locricchio doesn t subscribe to the kids only eat x and won t try new things belief Which is nice.The nice thing is how the recipes are set up The instructions are not only step by step, but the process gets broken down into prep and cook sections Very helpful indeed.I ve made the Coconut Rice and plan to try a few other recipes in this book. I loved Matthew Locricchio s The International Cookbook for Kids, an introductory cookbook suitable for anyone of any age Locricchio s sequel, The Second International Cookbook for Kids is just as wonderful Whereas the first cookbook focused on what Locricchio called the big four cuisines Italian, French, Chinese and Mexican the sequel explores the cuisines of India, Greece, Thailand, and Brazil, complete with than 60 recipes With recipes easy enough for a child and flavors complex enough to please an adult, The Second International Cookbook for Kids would make the perfect gift for a novice cook of any age Just be sure that you snag a second copy for yourself so that you can see these delicious recipes, too, which feature fresh, organic ingredients.Any added benefit This book is available free as part of the Kindle Unlimited program and costs just 1 to buy in the Kindle format The paperback edition costs less than 7.