Read Book ♹ Spirals of song and other poems ♃

Read Book ♞ Spirals of song and other poems ♩ A Collection Of Poetry And Artworks All Originally Created By Emily H Sturgill This Is A Mid Size Volume Roughly Pages Long The Poems Are Thoughtful And At Times Thought Provoking They Are Deeply Personal In Some Aspects Yet At Other Times Surreal Perhaps Even AbstractLike All Her Previous Paperbacks This One Too Is X X Inches, White Pages And Colored ImagesAll Original Artwork And Poetry Not To Be Reproduced Or Used Without Her Explicit Consent All Rights Reserved By Emily H Sturgill, Med BFA Although not all of the poetry was my taste, I was thoroughly inspired by the effort and earnestness of this book Emily Sturgill poured herself out onto the page I love seeing that amount of dedication to creativity and aspire to similar. Particularly related to the piece Beneath a broken staircase pale is the colour of the moon, blue is the colour of my heart