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Great read Suspenseful from beginning to end In Fossen s mystery suspense novel, FBI agent turned Texas deputy Josh Ryland is shocked to find pregnant hostages on a routine check for illegal activity at a remote ranch Even shocking is the identity of one of those hostages, his former lover Jaycee Finney who is now five months pregnant with his child The lover s split after Jaycee s recklessness nearly got Josh killed Now they must see beyond the past to save their future and their child.Strong addition to The Lawmen of Silver Ranch series. Josh the seventh book in The Lawmen Of Silver Creek Ranch Series was a very good book Texas Deputy Josh Ryland and his brother are staking out a ranch They aren t sure what is going on at the ranch Neighbors complained about things going on there Josh recognizes a woman being taken from the house to the barn He moves in to get a closer look He discovers it s Jaycee Finney whom he had a one night stand with five months ago Two other women are in the barn also Jaycee gives Josh a look telling him to keep still Come to find out she is kidnapped and at a Baby Farm There are other women there who also were kidnapped and expecting a child The people are going to sell the babies Josh gets Jaycee and another pregnant woman out of there The plot begins to thicken Trying to find out who is in charge of the Baby Farm They are still trying to kidnap Jaycee Josh and Jaycee connect again A good mystery read. I loved this book The action and suspense was nonstop Jaycee, and Josh were taking time off from the FBI after their last mission went bad That mission killed Josh s partner Jaycee s boss didn t know how long she would be off Her absents didn t rise any red flags Jose was working with his cousins They stumbled upon a baby farm where pregnant women were being held hostages Josh was shocked that one of the hostages was Jaycee He was even shocked to find that she was pregnant He wondered if her pregnancy was the result of the night they shared together many months ago The night before the shooting This book had it all Shootings, car chases, a great plot, and romance If you want a fast pace book, this book will not disappoint I was a little shocked on who was behind the kidnappings. Josh is the seventh book in The Lawmen Of Silver Creek Ranch Series Ive enjoyed all of the previous books but this was lacking the romance and excitement i ve come to expect Thankfully not as many Oh Mercy s in this story, which drove me mad in Delores other books but too many telephone calls in this, Josh spends most of his time on the phone than solving the crime. A trip back to Silver Creek Woo hoo those Ryland brothers get me every time A Cowboy cop who has everything he needs to get the job don t and if he can t do it his family sure can The history between Josh and Jaycee is a little patchy yet they over come that history for the love of an unborn child This book is good yet it isn t as fast paste and suspenseful as some of Delores Fossen s previous work It didn t leave me guessing as much as some of the other s. It s been a great many years since I ve read a Harlequin romance and, after reading this, I think I will start reading them again I liked this book very much It was a fast mover with great characters, a tight plot, and a baby love story to boot.Josh is an FBI agent on leave after a shooting that left him wounded, with PTSD, and his partner dead He s doing deputy sheriff with his cousins while he recovers and gets involved with a case that uncovers baby farms What he didn t know that one of the babies that was to be sold was his.Jaycee, also and FBI agent on leave, was at the shooting where Josh as injured and his partner was killed She was actually the cause of it, which made Josh angry with her and made her less than trustworthy to him She is five months pregnant when Josh first encounters her and it turns everything around for both of them She s been kidnapped and her baby has already been sold before it s born From there, it s an arduous endeavor to protect the baby on both their parts.A couple of things that I wish were revealed 1 I would have liked to seen what happened during the first shooting where Josh was injured and his partner was killed Parts of the incident were given, but not the whole scene I d like to know just what Jaycee did to jeopardize that investigation and caused her to feel so guilty and had Josh so angry with her.2 Josh knew the sex of their baby Jaycee didn t want to know, but at one point, she asked him and he was going to tell her They were rudely interrupted by gunfire, if my memory serves me right I don t think it was ever revealed if they were having a boy or a girl and to paint the nursery pink and blue gave nothing away Are they having a boy or a girl or one of each Maybe that will be revealed in another book.I really did love this book, but one thing sort of got on my nerves Josh s phone was ringing constantly So much time was spent on the phone They were police business and not social calls, but he and Jaycee hardly had a chance to talk because he was constantly on the phone or they were chasing the bad guys or running away from the bad guys or getting shot at They hardly had a chance to catch a breath.That s really the only thing I didn t care for Other than that, easy five stars. WowA really enjoyable experience,I couldn t put this one down.Mystery,thrills and suspense,I was holding my breath wondering what s going to happen next from the beginning to the end. Very good book that grabbed me from the first page Josh is a former FBI agent who has come home to Silver Creek to recover from injuries sustained in an operation that went bad He s taken a leave of absence and is working as a deputy for his cousins in the sheriff s department While on a stakeout checking on suspicious activity, he is surprised to find fellow FBI agent Jaycee as one of the captives, and even surprised to see that she s pregnant.Josh is determined to get Jaycee and the other women to safety, but he s hesitant to trust Jaycee with anything than getting her out of danger She is the reason his last operation went bad, by getting involved in an investigation by herself, not knowing there were already undercover agents in place He nearly died from his injuries and is still experiencing pain and flashbacks Jaycee is carrying a lot of guilt over her actions and she really wants a chance to explain herself to Josh She also needs to tell him that the baby she s carrying is his, the result of a night of passion just before he got shot Thankful for her rescue, she wants to redeem herself by helping Josh take down the black market baby ring that had kidnapped her and others She doesn t expect that the attraction she felt for Josh is still there and stronger than ever.Josh really wants to protect Jaycee and the baby she s carrying He wants to lock her up some place safe, but knows her well enough that he knows it will never happen I loved seeing them try to fight their attraction while at the same time working together Both of them had to decide how much of the past to allow to influence their future.The investigation itself was pretty intense, with frequent attempts by the bad guys to get Jaycee back in their hands There were several people who could have been the mastermind and I went back and forth in my belief as to just who it was The final confrontation kept me hooked until everything came together.I loved revisiting the Ryland clan as they all got involved in solving this mystery Once again we see how important family is to all the Rylands, and how they are there to support each other personally and professionally. `Book ☞ Josh ↙ Return To Silver Creek With The Scorching Story Of A Texas Lawman Who Ll Risk Everything To Save His Ex Love And His Unborn Child FBI Agent Turned Texas Deputy Josh Ryland Is Stunned To Find Pregnant Hostages On A Routine Check For Suspicious Activity At A Remote Ranch Even Shocking Is The Identity Of One Of The Captives Five Months Ago, Josh And FBI Special Agent Jaycee Finney Shared A Weekend Of Passion That Ended Badly Now She S In Danger And Claims He S Her Baby S Father Jaycee Owes Josh The Truth After Her Unwitting Reckless Behavior Almost Got Him Killed, The Cowboy Cop Has Good Reason Not To Trust Her But With The Ruthless Mastermind Of A Black Market Baby Ring Gunning For Her, It S Jaycee Who Has To Trust Josh With Her Life And The Life Of Their Child