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@EBOOK õ Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan (DLP Anthology, #2) õ Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan A DLP AnthologyEighteen Awesome Tales Of Urban Fantasy Discover The Magic Hiding In Indian Slums, Join The Last Of Humanity On A Submarine After The Zombie Apocalypse, And Learn The True Cost Of Mystical Power In The Modern World Enter Worlds Hidden In Mirrors, Outrun A Creature From Beyond Time, And Battle The Forces Of Hell In The Floating Fortress Of DoomThis Anthology Is Bursting With Stories About Monsters, Demons, Creatures Without Name, And Good Old Fashioned Human FerocityMysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan Contains Work From Strong Voices Authors New And Seasoned And Who See The Urban Areas Of The World Not As Safe Haven From The Unexplained And The Strange, But As Concrete Jungles Where Magic And Monsters Can Thrive Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan is a short story anthology showcasing the work of a group of new writers I really love the project and the generosity of all the people involved in reaching out, promoting and editing offering advice to writers About the anthology itself read it.The captivating mixture of fantasy, science fiction, and horror as well as some philosophy was a pleasure to read Many of the stories beg for a sequel or a novel and I look forward to reading the other anthologies in this series.Possible spoilers below on some of the individual stories and a for my favorites view spoiler The Five Day Limit by Jim Bernheimer On a ship survivors have to follow the rules to keep the infection from spreading Out of Control by Keith Rowbory The power of the right touch can blossom the world into a different direction Austin City Limit Soul Mates by C.M Carter The bond between two people in the space that exists between life and death The Recruitment by Ahmed Imran Rehana Mithwani A beggar boy afraid of his ability and its potential consequences discovers that things can change dramatically Thieves Blood is Thicker Than Water by Brandon Bundy A world of magic and technology intersecting and a thief hero on a quest to restore something lost Really interesting way of magic working NSFW by Mark Grondin A story about perspective, voyeurism, and desire and what lies beyond the surface To Free a Human by Aivaras Ziukas What does it really mean to be human and when are we no longer sure what we are The Outsiders by N.M Bradley A story of addictions, myth into life, and what it means to have the power to create or destroy Bad Day at the Slave Market by Abhishek Kapoor A slave dons the mantle of her master in another intriguing world of aliens, fae, and alternate history Through the Zombies and Flames by Kevin Frank Zombie golems, magicians, and a humorous hero The Castle of Eden by Edward O Neill Edrian Edan is trying to leave his past behind, but his history keeps catching up to him as he travels between worlds, fights off supernatural creatures and assassins, and discovers a shocking secret Magic of the Mind by David Ryan A young man caught up in a magical potentially world destroying war between a crone and a maiden Part of the war takes place in his head The Floating Fortress of Doom by Jeremy Fogelman A flying castle where two siblings receive an offer they can t refuse Mirror, Mirror by Blair Everingham A high school boy discovers he can travel to a mysterious world but there s just one problem Lesson by Bartlomiej Forys A teacher of magic and protection from demons is called into duty The idea of pocket worlds was lovely and this was another story where I wanted to see of this world Last Light by R.M Imposti Siblings who work to set up fake hauntings find themselves in a dangerous situation To Forget by Jack Lawson An Urchin appears needing help, but who is he and why is something about him so familiar Before I Became Myself by Greg Redlawsk Riding on the subway leads to a cosmic encounter that alters the character s life hide spoiler