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A fast, amusing read that takes you back to the tedium of the 1980s and early 1990s when Mulroney was in power in Canada Full of the bluster that made Canadians hate him, and a great deal of colourful language. Wow, a side of Brian Mulroney the Canadian public never saw Newman got exclusive access to the PM during his period in office for his promise not to use any of the material until after he left office Eventually Mulroney reneged on part of the bargain as he refused to hand over his personal notes and papers However, Newman had hours of taped interviews from the period and they form the basis of the book.An eye opener, to be sure A great book to read Mulroney makes his biases perfectly clear and the portrait that emerges is not as negative as the dispute between the author and the subject would lead us to believe I must read for anyone interested in Canadian politics. This was trashy and gossipy, but I oddly enjoyed it and it made me warm to Mulroney in a way I hadn t expected. I tried very hard to read this but as an uneducated person who did not finish highschool the way it was written was impossible to understand. Mostly reminded me how much I d like to kick Mulroney Canadian political voyeurism of our former Prime Minister Mulroney could be equally charming and spitefully partisan As with many Canadians, I had mixed feelings about him Still, he was one man who could have taken on that other great political streetfighter, Jean Chretien, and landed serious blows This is starting to seem like a distant chapter in Canadian history Meech Lake, NAFTA, the memorable 1983 convention where Mulroney ousted Joe Clark Newman, a product of that political era, lets the tapes roll in all their splendid bile and profanity. ^Free Epub ⇠ The Secret Mulroney Tapes: Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister ⇜ The Secret Mulroney Tapes Is An Outrageous And Intimate Portrait Of A Canadian Prime Minister, As Told In His Own Words There Has Never Been A Political Book Like This, And There Will Almost Certainly Never Be Another Peter C Newman, The Author Of Books About John Diefenbaker, Lester B Pearson And Pierre Elliott Trudeau, As Well AsS Number One Bestselling Memoir, Here Be Dragons Telling Tales Of People, Passion And Power, Has Done It Again He Has Written Twenty Two Books That Have Sold Two Million Copies, And Earned Him The Title Of Canada S Most Cussed And Discussed Political Commentator Here, His No Holds Barred Profile Of Canada S Most Controversial And Most Reviled Prime Minister Breaks New GroundCompiled From Years Of Candid, Taped Conversations With Mulroney And The People Closest To Him While He Was In Power, The Sometimes Uproarious And Often Disturbing Interviews , Pages Of Transcripts TotallingMillion Words Have Been Sealed Until Now Stunningly Indiscreet And Savagely Frank, Mulroney Is The First Prime Minister To Be So Nakedly Outspoken Yet He Is Also Revealed As A Witty Irish Charmer, Ready With A Quick Line To Raise A Laugh, No Matter How Impudent Or Profane, A Man As Warm In Private As He Was Defensive In The Public EyeMulroney Names The Names And Spills The Beans About What Really Goes On In Ottawa, Which He Describes As A Sick City That Runs On Goddamned Incest They Re All Married To One Another They Re Shacked Up With One Another Their Wives Are On The Payroll Of The CBC It S Just Awful Lucien Bouchard, His One Time Soulmate, He Calls Bitter And Profane And Extraordinarily Vain He Writes Off His Constitutional Foe, Former Newfoundland Premier Clyde Wells, As An Unprincipled Son Of A Bitch His Disgust For The Press Is As Monumental As His Sense Of Being Misunderstood, And In His Eyes The Ottawa Press Corps Are A Phony Bunch Of Bastards Who Don T Give Him Credit Even When The World Applauds Him For Being One Of The Three Men Who Played The Most Important Role In The Collapse Of The Berlin Wall Out Of The Secret Mulroney Tapes Emerges A Startling Picture Of The Politician Whose Reign Shocked And Appalled And Yet Also Revolutionized This Country No Other Prime Minister In Canadian History Aroused A Stronger Emotional Response Than Brian Mulroney This Book Provides Canadians With A Unique Insight Into The Bold Politician Who Changed Their Country Like No Other