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I think this book could have worked well as an series aimed at older readers, and that there wasn t that silly age limit The age limit always bothered me because at 17 many teenagers are still unsure of what they want in life and so forth To me it just felt like a cheesy plot device, but the story itself did interest me, it could just have been developed. Another 3.5 stars Like I said, I feel like I m rating these from the first time I read them when I was 15 and not now, BUT that being said, Serena is my bitch and I love her She s my favorite Goddess for such I loooooove her mind reading stuff I think she has the greatest gift of all the girls and I love how much MORE it is then just mind reading She can do so many other things with it, and that was kind of cool to read I liked the story line here I liked that we got to see a darker side of Serena The ultimate battle that EVERYONE has of good and evil I think Ewing does a good job of showing that through these books.Random side note, I kind of like how these books flow We get a different main character for every book but at the same time, all the same characters A different story, just the same main arc It s pretty awesome.Maybe Spoilers I don t know.I also loved all the side characters and thought they were perfect for the age group Cassandra and Morgan make good villains, Zahi made a good villain And don t get me STARTED on Stanton Yeah, it might be way YA this book, but that forbidden romance is there, and I LOVE it. [Download Pdf] ♴ Into the Cold Fire (Daughters of the Moon, #2) ☪ Serena Is Being Targeted By The Dark Side Her Power To Read Minds Is What They Need In Order To Destroy The Daughters Of The Moon And Serena Has Always Had A Rebellious Side To Her That May Not Be Able To Resist The Seductive Temptation Of The Dark Side And Stanton, Their Sexy, Mesmerizing Leader Set In Mystical Desert Raves And Gritty LA Streets, This Second Daughters Of The Moon Is A Provocative And Powerful Read For starters, I think I enjoyed this book much than the first one This book focuses on Serena, who is probably my favorite of the four girls As a result I connected to this book than the first.GOOD As i said, i like this book much than the first I connected really well with Serena, so it made the book that much enjoyable I like the plot of this one as well Every detail seemed to connect so well and it all resolved into a great ending I cant wait to move on to the third book BAD One major thing bothered me about this book It s not nessesarly a big deal, but it got a bit on my nerves That thing is that she kept asking her self questions purposely to build suspense or to create foreshadowing This isn t bad when done once or twice, but it s done multiple times in practically every chapter Again, it s not technically bad, but once I realized it was happening it was hard to NOT wait for it to happen again Besides that, there honestly wasnt much else wrong Good plot, good writing besides what i just mentioned , the rest is good to me I cant wait for the third book I m really excited to see a plot in Jimena s eyes I m also excited to see if it beats the second book 4 stars for Into the Cold Fire TRIGGER WARNINGS I cant really think of any besides brief satanic Imagary.This series of books is known for having small pages with a larger letter font, so even if the chapters are long, anyone who suffers from attention issues will probably have an easier time with these books. It s amazing how you can go from plot point to resolution in a single paragraph Oh noes, the bad thing happened That s okay, as soon as the paragraph ends the next one will instantly and conveniently solve it Was really hoping they would get depth than this, but I guess not The ADD in the same section also seems to have gotten worse There s no real flow to these, just a random jumble of ideas that sort of go together Easy read, but super confusing How many of these are there This fun adventure takes you through the lives of teenage girls as they navigate through the troubles of boys, school, and romance To top that all off, they are Daughters of the Moon which make them Goddesses with unique powers In this particular book, we follow Serena as she is manipulated by the dark forces of Atrox We follow her story as she tries to fight the darkness As a side note, there is a character in these books that I still vividly remember to this day I read these books when I was in High School and Stanton still remains in my brain He is an enigma and it makes the books even compelling to read than they already are The characters are fun and I welcomed the escape from reality that these girls and books offered. Absolutely average I still enjoy this series for nostalgia and eventually finishing the final book, but objectively this series is only a half step higher than Twilight I don t think I d have my kids read it, mostly for the obsession with guys constantly Everything else that s cheesy I m fine with I do like the sisterhood aspect. This one was better than the first There is still alot of boy stuff and clothes and makeup but this time we know the characters, their powers and the backstory, so there is a lot action rather than the trying to figure out things from the first I think teens would like it, but it s not bad for adults either A quick read that has some decent action and an interesting plot. Serena Killingsworth is like any other student, except when it comes to her reading minds and being a goddess of the moon Vanessa, Jimena, and Catty are always there to help her out But lately Serena has been having problems remembering what has happened At school Serena is approached by the new guy at school Who by the way is a Follower of the Atrox trying to turn her into the Witch Goddess Stanton is also a Follower but he is attracted to Serena and is willing to risk anything as she is to be together Stanton has been warning her about Zahi the new guy But Zahi is ereasing the messages Soon things take a turn for the worst for Serena She gets memories back when at aparty about her love for Stanton What will Serena choose A life with Followers and Zahi Or a life trying to defeat The Atrox with her friends and Stanton This is the second book in the Daughters of the Moon series and saying I loved it a hell of a lot than the first one would be the understatement of the century It wasn t because the first book sucked, it was a fine three star book, but THIS oneIt tells the story of the other daughter , Serena and her struggle with temptation when it comes to the dark side.The story was really well written because of the almost none linear narration and that s pretty much all I can say about the subject without spoiling anything.The female characters were all strong but vulnerable at times and I liked that very much , made them seem very powerful and real I really loved this book because it made me like characters I didn t in the first, and also a plus GREEK MYTHOLOGY REFRENCES CAN I GET A HELL YEAH All and all I loved the sombre ambiance of the whole book , really dark and light at the same time , I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to reading this series , hoping it stays as good and get better, I d totally recommend it to you if you like YA Greek mythology and witches