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CSULB 545 Class 4 Child Humor Realistic Fiction Young Hank Zipzer Bookmarks are People Too Winkler, H and Lin Oliver 2014 Young Hank Zipzer Bookmarks are People Too New York Grosset Dunlap May contain spoilers Characters Hank 2nd grader , Frankie friend , Ashley friend , Nick antagonistic classmate , Ms Flowers teacher , Papa Pete grandfather , Hank s parentsSetting Manhattan, New York, present dayTheme Working hard with friends and for yourself with the best intentions will bring out the best in yourself.Golden quotes Reading a whole script would be nearly impossible for me p 8.Plot Summary In the first of the Young Hank Zipzer series, Hank s second grade class is putting on a play about reading, which poses a great challenge for him as he has difficulty reading and remembering what he s read Going up against the class bully for his desired role, Hank works with his grandfather and two new best friends to prepare for the play, a role he was less than pleased with, and the ups and downs of his school year Hank s dyslexia, spontaneity, and constant action often get him into trouble, but his good intentions and winning charm help him not only to scrape through but to succeed, as he saves the day in the school performance.Target Audience grades 1 3Curriculum ties Best suited for pleasure reading in younger grades it could be tied into a character building unit about being oneself and resiliency.Personal Critical response Hank Zipzer is irresistible He is funny and flawed and silly and real Adults and children alike will recognize in him the desire to do well even when circumstances and he himself seem haplessly to conspire against him The book is humorous to the extent of audible laughter and keeps readers engaged and rooting for the young protagonist and his friends The book is one of the first titles to be printed in Dyslexic Font B.V., designed to weigh letters down to help readers struggling with dyslexia, as do our main character Hank and co author Henry Winkler I learned about these books at the 2014 CLSA conference and am very happy to have finally read one These are great books for boys or girls but are perfect for young boys beginning to read or who feel not a part of the traditional academic world. I want to adopt Hank Zipzer and just hug him and accept him and celebrate him for the quirky, clever kid he is Bookmarks Are People Too is a fantastic and promising start for the new series by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver.The Here s Hankseries takes us back to Hank as a second grader, making the series a prequel to the popular Hank Zipzer series, where Hank s in 4th grade and his dyslexia has been identified Bookmarks Are People Too has Hank s class putting on a play, and Hank has to read a script to memorize lines to audition Readers will laugh out loud at Hank s antics and observations on life one example, how Hank s dad is kind enough to share the dining room table and he put on his shoes so we didn t have to look at his toenails BAHAAA Hank s dad as an adult and an educator, I want to shake him by the shoulders and tell him to pay attention to his kid and THINK There s a reason other than laziness that his son doesn t get things the way he s being taught them It s so painfully obvious to the readers, and it s just so painful, in general.This book is perfect for kids grades 2 4 Those with dyslexia will relate to Hank s frustrations and will enjoy the font used in the book, which was created specifically to aid dyslexic readers to faster and easily Kids who don t have dyslexia will also enjoy this funny book and find Hank s friends as good models of empathy, support, and friendship. Premise Hank Zipzer is a second grader who loves to make people laugh When his teacher Ms Flowers announces that their class will be putting on a play, Hank is far from thrilled How s he supposed to learn his lines when words always swim on the page Math doesn t come any easier, and he has trouble telling right from left Hank s dyslexic Here s Hank Bookmarks Are People Tooinsists that every kid learns differently and that s okay The story features a racially diverse ensemble cast Hank s best friend Frankie is African American, and the boys soon round out the prerequisite trio with new friend Ashley Wong The spit wad rolling class bully is redhead Nick McKelty, and then there s Hank s perfect at everything little sister Emily My personal favorite was Hank s fellow pickle aficionado grandfather, Papa Pete, who fills the role of confidante and father figure Perks The book is typeset in a font designed to make reading easier for people who struggle with dyslexia Illustrations by Scott Garrett make it easy to get a mental lock on the cast.Personal Opinion It was hard to miss the buzz when this book released, so I was curious if Hank s story would live up to the hype Writing for this age level can be tricky short sentences, simple vocabulary, and limited space to develop plot and characters While the story did feel stilted at times, I found myself liking Hank Especially his quirk of making up lists in his head These frank insights appear at the end of each chapter, giving readers a peek at one little boy s hopes, fears, hurts, and triumphs A fair start to a gentle hearted, slice of life series As a Mom, I d have no qualms giving this series to my kids Safe and often silly, with a strong voiced cast and honest emotions I wasn t dazzled, but I was satisfied. Hank Zipzer helped me feel, once again, the anxiety and triumph 2nd grade can bring Here s Hank, Bookmarks are People Too, is the first book in a realistic fiction series written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver This book is about Hank s 2nd grade class putting on a play Hank was nervous about tryouts but he worked all weekend on his lines with his best friend, Frankie, and his new friend, Ashley At the tryout his anziety got the best of him and he couldn t say the lines He didn t get the part he wanted His teacher, however, was kind enough to make him a non speaking part so he could still be a part of the play He was disappointed but handled his new part with a good attitude and never gave up On the day of the play his class rival got nervous and Hank stepped in to save the day I enjoyed getting to know Hank because he seemed like most 2nd graders He didn t always do well on his spellling tests and he had to endure a fellow student who tried often to put him down He had a great way of handling some of his anxieties by writing lists in his head They were a fun and funny way of getting his feelings out The story highlighted the relationship between Hank and his best friend, Frankie That relationship taught a lot about how to be a good friend and how to encourage a friend who is down I also liked that the author used the font Dyslexie It was designed to help kids with dyslexia because it is easier for them to read It also helps kids from all levels of reading read faster and with less errors Hank is someone who I would like to visit often and because there are 8 books in this series I will This is printed in a particularly designed dyslexia font I don t know if there s any evidence to support it, but it s a cool idea. First in a series about a funny but disorganized 2nd grader who also worries a lot, especially about the play he has to act in I think children will identify with hank and his friends I hope the next book addresses Luke because I don t like how he is described as disgusting and smelly with no explanations or attempt for understanding. I read this to my children tonight, and they all really liked it Very cute little story I plan to give this as a gift to someone that I know has dyslexia. I was impressed with how Winkler portrayed a character with a learning disability, but I wish this story included less teasing and bullying. Een leuk boek over een jongen genaamd Hank Daan die in een toneelstuk mee mag doen van school, alleen hij krijgt wel een hele speciale rol.Sorry, ik weiger hem Daan te noemen, waarom moeten namen per se vertaald worden in deze tijd Net als dat blijkbaar zijn zus Emily naar Emma is vertaald en Luke naar Luuk Sorry hoor, maar we leven in 2018, als ik af en toe zie wat mensen hun kinderen noemen snap ik niet waarom in vertalingen we altijd de namen moeten doen Sorry, ik vind het gewoon jammer dat het gebeurd Zeg hallo tegen Hank, hij wil graag mee doen in een toneelstuk, maar hij heeft 1 probleem lezen is een probleem voor hem en zijn rol heeft heel veel tekst En bij teveel tekst smelten zijn hersenen tot pudding Ja, dat klinkt heel grappig, maar het is eigenlijjk wel verdrietig Ik was wel blij met de oplossing van de juf, al had ik ook graag gezien dat ze hem misschien wat meer kansen had gegeven, want je weet toch dat hij een probleem heeft Als ik een jongen als Hank in de klas zou hebben als juf zou ik hem gewoon nog een kans geven, desnoods apart zodat hij niet de stress heeft van de hele klas voor hem Goed, dan moet hij nog steeds de tekst wel kennen als hij het moet opvoeren, en gegeven dat hij een probleem heeft met onthouden Maar ja, ik zou hem in ieder geval toch meer tijd en aandacht geven.Al vond ik het wel vreemd dat werd gezegd dat hij slecht is met lezen en dingen onthouden, maar aan het einde weet hij wel blijkbaar elke rol en regel in het stuk Mmm kijkt bedenkelijk Uiteindelijk was het toneelstuk erg leuk Wat een heerlijk verhaal over een jongen die in de bibliotheek in slaap valt en droomt of is het wel een droom over boeken die tot leven komen Allerlei soorten boeken komen aan bod Ik vond alleen Nick ja, zijn naam mocht wel blijven al is volgens mij zijn achternaam dan wel weer veranderd P erg vervelend en daarom rate ik het boek ook ietsje lager Ashley, het nieuwe meisje, ik vond haar echt leuk en ook stoer dat ze zich niet door de jongens liet wegjagen maar gewoon haar gang ging Ik was eerst even bezorgd dat de jongens haar niet zouden accepteren, maar het is gewoon alsof die 3 bestemd waren om vrienden te zijn.Oh, en superleuke illustraties die heel goed bij de stijl van het boek passen.Ik moet zeker eens kijken of er meer boeken in deze serie zijn vertaald en of de bibliotheek ze heeft.Dus ja, ondanks wat kleinere dingen vond ik dit boek erg leuk en ik had veel plezier in het lezen Review first posted at `READ KINDLE ☟ Bookmarks Are People Too! (Heres Hank, #1) ⇩ Hank Stars The Same Hank As In The Bestselling Hank Zipzer Series, Only This Time He S In Nd Grade Hank Is A Kid Who Doesn T Try To Be Funny, But He Somehow Always Makes The Kids In His Class Laugh He S Pretty Bad At Memorizing Stuff, And Spelling Is His Worst Subject But So Are Math And Reading In The First Book In This New Series, Hank S Class Is Putting On A Play, And Hank Wants The Lead Part Aqua Fly But He Freezes In His Audition And Can Only Buzz Like A Fly His Teacher Creates A Special Part For Hank, A Silent Bookmark This May Seem Like An Insignificant Role, But When His Enemy, Nick McKelty, Freezes During The Performance, It S Up To Hank To Save The Play