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This book definitely has it s flaws but it depends on how much your willing to look past it, I guess, and I did so easily, even happily Sure the heroine has her moments, you know those moments, where she needs a good hard shake until her brains rattle but I couldn t help liking this book Miss Georgiana Hartley has come to Candlewick Hall to to beg for assistance against her lecherous cousin, Charles what is it about cousins coming onto cousins in these books Yuck Unfortunately there isn t a sympathetic lady in residence, but the incredibly handsome Lord Dominic Ridgely Normally Dominic wouldn t be caught within a hundred yards of a young marriageable miss, but he knows Charles and can guess at her situation and so he takes pity on her He sends her to his sister and her husband in London with the instructions to introduce her into the ton, sure in the fact she ll land a husband quickly so he won t have to worry about her The second she leaves however, Dominic can t stop thinking about her After forcing himself to stay away, he finally breaks down and comes to London sternly telling himself it s only for a brief look at Georgiana Just to make sure she s settling in nicely Our hero and heroine play the game for awhile She likes him and he likes her but they circle around each other, letting neither one know their feelings Finally Dominic can t hide his desire from her or from his family and tells Georgiana that he wants to marry her This declaration brings about The Big Misunderstanding Georgiana believes he s only proposing out of pity and continues in this belief for a reaaallllyyy loooooooong time While this book follows the same old tired plot contrivances and I should by rights, despise it, I liked the book I found Dominic personable, desirable and roguish while Georgie is adorable She definitely, definitely has her TSTL moments It seems she walks around with her head in the clouds, unable to see things until they leap out at her, dancing and screaming, Look At Me She refuses to believe Dominic loves her or feels desire for her to the point of ridiculousness that makes you feel that Stephanie Laurens must have needed to keep writing to meet a set page quota I rather found Georgie s naivety endearing but at times unbelievable, especially when the author makes her a sophisticated, witty conversationalist, able to outwit and outfox the great Beau Brummel himself That was a stretch of the imagination I felt you can t have it both ways She s either dumb as a doorknob or smart as a whip She can t be both This book has the standard surprise inheritance that Georgiana didn t know she had and of course the obligatory dastardly cousin who is out to steal it Even as I m writing this, I really shouldn t have liked this book but I just do I can t explain it except to say that it just worked for me, flaws and all Georgie is just so.cute It s a little patronizing, the feelings I have for her, and I m sure it s not unlike the feelings Dominic felt for her She s incredibly young and well, innocent as the title of this book suggests I can understand the appeal someone such as her would have on an incredibly jaded creature as Dominic Ridgeley but Stephanie Laurens makes her at times childlike and so when they finally do get hot and heavy, there s a squick factor that s a little nasty Thankfully it s not until the end of the book Again, this book was so formulaic and so full of the ridiculous that I should be embarrassed to admit I liked it, but I do. 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Great novel Traditional Regency proper English spelling Absolutely love that fact The plot itself was good Misunderstanding aplenty which could be tedious at times, but love the characters even the minor ones were well developed HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Complete fluff, too light even for brain candy No serious, compelling plot A heroine who s tstl for a Regency Main male lead is a wordly man of the ton, who is considerably older and wiser than the heroine, yet he inexplicably feels a pull towards her anyway Utterly unbelievable love story. |FREE BOOK ♶ Impetuous Innocent ♷ Todo Estaba Saliendo Como Dominic Hab A Planeado Bueno, Casi TodoTras La Muerte De Su Padre, Georgiana Hartley Regres A Inglaterra Donde Tuvo Que Enfrentarse A Las Groseras Proposiciones De Su Primo Como No Ten A Otro Lugar Al Que Acudir, Intent Refugiarse En La Propiedad De Dominic Ridley Con La Esperanza De Que Su Vecino Fuera Amable Con EllaEl Vizconde Ridley No Pod A Permitir Que Aquella Encantadora Muchacha Se Convirtiera En Se Orita De Compa A De Nadie, As Que Decidi Ponerla En Las Sabias Manos De Su HermanaDe Pronto, Georgiana Se Hab A Convertido En Toda Una Dama Que Ten A Que Quitarse A Los Pretendientes De Encima Y Dominic No Tard En Descubrir Que L Tambi N La Deseaba 13 11 So light it was like fairy floss Light on the romance and light on the plot believability The heroine, Georgiana, spent the whole book believing there was no way the hero, Dominic, could actually be in love with her She came up with all kinds of crazy reasons for her disbelief in love with another, marrying her for her property, and finally marrying her to avoid creating a scandal.There were a few things I liked about the story I liked the fact that the hero realised he was in love quite early, and didn t do everything he could to deny his feelings I liked the way Dominic kept having to rescue Georgiana from herself was amusing, though for me not LOL.I did not like Georgiana s constant disbelief of Dominic s love, one or two times would have been amusing, the third time was like Again Come on This is getting ridiculous I ve never been a fan of such light romance, and in this particular book Dominic s strength of restraint in not shocking or scaring virginal Georgiana was quite irritating If all the other experienced heroes of regency romances had used such restraint a lot of marriages and therefore children and sequels would not have happened For example, her Cynster series would not have been nearly so long lasting or popular if those regency heroes had been restrained enough to hold out till marriage, in fact her Cynster Sisters series might not have happened at all.My did not like paragraph is considerably longer than my did like paragraph, but despite that it s managed to get a three out of me, mostly because it was perfect I m not feeling well really light reading that didn t tax my brain in any way except in believability , and therefore didn t add to my I m not feeling well woes. 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