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Interesting read, reveals some alternate views on the apple history not from Steve Jobs perspective Jony Ive is an amazing designer and very interesting to read about Book was a little slow to get going but worth seeing it through. Nice read by a long time Apple reporter It s a challenge because in part, Ive s life story is sorta dull compared to Steve Jobs No crazy fruititarian diets No LSD trips And in the telling, Ive never seems to experience setback So the drama factor is low Still, the book does a good job of explaining the messy and complex details of product design, which are laborious and tedious and rarely feature the simple narratives that later become myth. V dy som rozumel kr se vec vytvoren ch ru ne Uvedomil som si, e to, na om skuto ne z le , je starostlivos , ktor do toho vklad te Jony IvePo pre tan kni ky o Stevovi Jobsovi od Waltera Isaacsona som vedela, e si ur ite chcem pre ta aj kni ku o dvornom dizajn rovi Applu Jonym Iveovi Ke som ju do tala, akoby sa mi doplnila sklada ka, lebo Jony bol a vlastne st le je ve mi v znamnou s as ou tejto spolo nosti Jony mi bol po as cel ho tania ve mi sympatick na rozdiel od Steva , kni ka sa nesie predov etk m v duchu jeho l sky k dizajnu, ktor bola evidentn a aj pekne rozv jan u od detstva Mysl m, e pr ve toto v s po pre tan kni ky m e zna ne ovplyvni , za nete vn ma citlivej ie tvary, farby a materi ly okolo v s Ve mi pekne je op san pr ca na jednotliv ch produktoch, uvedom te si, e veci, ktor napr klad beriete plne automaticky, s spravidla vytvoren s ve k m sil m a mno stvom asu a tvorivej pr ce Za m a 100 % n odpor anie Steve Jobs has always been a great admirer of creativity and innovations Steve Jobs found a man who has good passion for creativity and design just like him Jony Ive, An English man who proved his masterpiece in almost every apple product Jony Ive, turned out to be the favourite of Steve Steve will have a design in his mind and Jony will build it for Steve Jony was very much into design as a passion rather than a job After the success of apple 2, Jobs wanted to do something different Steve wanted Jon Ivy to take the mp3 player design to a next level Jony had his intentions clear and neat He will always tell his team to not worry about the cost as that is not their Job If Jony had pocket full of cash, he will allow you to pull as much cash as you can just to get the expected output A good enough design is always not a good enough for apple, that made Jony to go miles ahead with the iPhone.Jony has always been in the good books of Steve just because of his dedications This book tells us how Jony joined apple and what it took Jony to be the Jony that apple see s.This book also defines Opportunity and Legacy Jony had On the whole anyone who like apple will enjoy this book as much as the apple they have I would say the book deserves a rating of 4.5 stars which can be rounded off to 4 stars It is rounded off to 4 stars and not 5 because of Walter Isaacson and his biography on Steve Jobs titled Steve Jobs I did a grave mistake of reading the book Steve Jobs before this one And so, my definition of a biography was set at soaring heights by Isaacson The amount of research and number of pages on the guy on whom the book is based on defined the book Jobs and which in turn defined what a biography should be And quite naturally that was what I was expecting with this one too Even though adequate research was done on Jony Ive, the number of pages was cut into half of what Isaacson offered in his book perfectly adhering to the mantra of Apple get rid of the crappy stuff.If Jobs was a classic among biographies, then Jony Ive is a cool one Its like Christopher Nolan s Batman vs Zack Snyder s Batman One thing that pisses me off in biographies is the shit people say such as I saw the potential in him the first time I met or the moment I saw him I knew he was going to scale heights I mean, what the shit This is similar to shit I hear when eminent personalities or celebrities pass away such as he was a great soul or he was like a brother to me In reality, they two wouldn t have seen each other eye to eye, but after his death, that guy suddenly becomes his all in all The book Steve Jobs was filled with such crap mostly from Sculley and other people with whom Jobs had a fall out But Leander Kahney has put a lid on such shit in Jony Ive That is one reason why I loved this book than Steve Jobs And another major factor is that, there s a limit to which one can go on reading about the same guy Yeah, I know its a biography and that the book should be based on him, but it gets boring after a time Kahney made sure that he talked about people around Jony Ive too He even included some light moments and occasional humor.In the minds of general public, who doesn t know much about Apple Inc in detail, they have a misconception that it is Jobs who revived the company Well, technically it is correct But Kahney has pointed out that it was Robert Brunner who started the revolution in Apple to shift the control from Engineering team to Design team which in turn laid the foundation for the upcoming years of prosperity In fact, it was Brunner who unearthed the talent in Jony by giving him free reigns All Jobs had to do was spot this gem who was already sparkling in the Design Team Kahney didn t suck up to Jobs and his followers, instead he had the guts to reveal the true reformer who was not out there to be seen in the public The amount of information included in the book regarding Apple and its product development process surprised me considering how much of a secretive organization Apple is.One other reason why I loved the read was because I have never read another in which the pages were so soothing to the eyes The spacing between the words and lines were perfect Unlike Steve Jobs I never felt I was straining too much while going through a page.In spite of all these positives, I took away one star because as I said in the beginning, Steve Jobs set the definition for what a biography should be Even though I enjoyed this much than the former, I had to do this sobbing. . A great book but probably many would find dry and over detailed, I however found it had the right amount of detail The author gives us an in depth look at the Apple Industrial Design Group IDg Having been a long time Apple user since 1980 it was great to see some of the underlying thought processes involved in the design of Apple products This book goes beyond just design and shows us how Jony Ive has pioneered many new manufacturing processes, he has extended the way many things are built today For anyone interested in industrial design this is an essential book. Dlaczego nie mamy w Polsce swojego Ive a To bardzo proste nad Wis Jony zosta by zat uczony siekierami jak Mici ski, albo musia si otru jak Witkiewicz na wie o nadchodz cym ze wschodu Done Manifesto Zaszpachlowa , podeprze patykiem, a wieczorem uczci ycie przy w deczce to objawy kultury, kt ra niepr dko wykszta ci w asnych geniuszy Je li w og le, bo przy tym, co my tutaj robimy, bardziej prawdopodobne jest, e zast pi nas roboty. This book is positively chockablock with insights regarding Apple s unique Industrial Design and Product Development process, making it a worthwhile read for people in the industry trying to get a better sense of how Apple keeps managing to churn out hit after hit What makes Apple unique and how did it come to place Industrial Design at the core of it all Don t create a product just because you can be competitive Build a product where you believe you will own the category Focus Kill products that do not meet that bar frees you to focus on things that matter Apple did this with Newton and printers Don t expect customers to tell you what they want You have to think about this harder than they do so that it fulfills a primal need when they experience it Jony s team didn t ask customers what they wanted in a phone or in a music player It s important to be right than first Double down on things that prove to be competitive advantage When Apple launched unibody enclosures milled from aluminum, they literally bought every milling machine being produced until they could hit their scaling needs Nobody else could copy it Design is not just how something looks, it s how it works The reason this book only gets three stars from me, however, is that it s the biographical parts about Jony Ive that fail to resonate, given that they lack his own voice as a contributor This is a great look at a company that is built from the ground up to do things differently, but I suspect this will not be definitive on Jony Ive or his legacy. ^Kindle ⇩ Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products ☘ Different And New Is Relatively Easy Doing Something That S Genuinely Better Is Very Hard Jony IveIn , Steve Jobs Returned To Apple As CEO With The Unenviable Task Of Turning Around The Company He Had Founded One Night, Jobs Discovered A Scruffy British Designer Toiling Away At Apple S Corporate Headquarters, Surrounded By Hundreds Of Sketches And Prototypes It Was Then That Jobs Realized He Had Found A Talent Who Could Reverse The Company S Long DeclineThat Young Designer Was Jony Ive Jony Ive S Collaboration With Jobs Would Produce Some Of The World S Most Iconic Technology Products, Including The IMac, IPod, IPad, And IPhone The Designs Have Not Only Made Apple A Hugely Valuable Company, They Ve Overturned Entire Industries, Built A Loyal Fan Base, And Created A Globally Powerful Brand Along The Way, Jony Ive Has Become The World S Leading Technology Innovator, Won Countless Design Awards, Earned A Place On The Time List, And Was Even Knighted For His Services To Design And Enterprise Yet Despite His Triumphs, Little Is Known About The Shy And Soft Spoken Whiz Whom Jobs Referred To As His Spiritual Partner At Apple Jony Ive Reveals The True Story Of Apple S Real Innovator In ChiefLeander Kahney, The Bestselling Author OfInside Steve S Brain, Offers A Detailed Portrait Of A Creative Genius He Shows Us How Jony Ive Went From An English Art School Student With Dyslexia To The Man Whose Immense Insights Have Altered The Pattern Of Our Lives From His Early Interest In Industrial Design, Fostered By His Designer Father, Through His Education At Newcastle Polytechnic And Meteoric Rise At Apple, We Discover The Principles And Practices That He Developed To Become The Designer Of His GenerationBased On Interviews With Jony Ive S Former Colleagues And Kahney S Own Familiarity With The World Of Apple, This Book Gives Insight Into How Jony Ive Now Senior Vice President Of Design Has Redefined The Ways In Which We Work, Entertain, And Communicate With One Another