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BookLove2018 Demetrius KastroClaro, lo hab a olvidado le dijo duramente Prefieres a los hombres mayores, muy mayores Por qu No te van los hombres de tu edad Es una historia muy estupenda El viejo magnate Kastro vuelve a su casa despu s de semanas internado en el hospital con una hermosa y elegante mujer en el brazo Autom ticamente sus hijos intentan separarlo de la cazafortuna pero para su desgracia, el viejo no es alguien que se deje dominar y mucho menos cuando muestra un cari o genuino por la chica Demetri, el heredero, el nico var n, se toma muy a pecho la situaci n, comenzando por el hecho de que es una hechicera de hombres que incluso ha logrado hechizarlo a l Los personajes son muy geniales, Joanna no es una ni a que se deja intimidar por nadie, y aunque en el fondo no est de acuerdo con lo que est haciendo su amigo, es leal y lo ayuda Demetri es, un hombre en toda la extensi n de la palabra, preocupado por el bienestar de su padre, no logra entender como una mujer como ella elegir a a un hombre que pasa de los 70 y mucho menos mientras se est consumiendo de celos Lo genial del libro radica en como ambos luchan contra la atracci n y se atacan educadamente entre s para no sucumbir a los encantos del otro Atrapados en la mentira de que ella es la amante de su moribundo padre, la cu l consigue su objetivo mantenerlos por completo ajenos a la verdad Que a su padre no le quedan muchos d as Lo nico que no me gust , por lo que no le doy el cinco, es por el hecho de que cuando al fin est n juntos, se acaba el libro QUE RABIA Esto me dej picad sima. Read and rated in May, 2011 I can t remember much of the novel if I m honest but I don t give crappy ratings to books that don t deserve it, so based on the rating I did give it I assume it was a pretty damn good book. When Demetri Kastro arrives at his Greek island home for his sister s wedding, he sets eyes on Joanna Manning He is overcome with forbidden lust For cool, blonde Joanna is his father s mistress and there s a good bit of biblical kink about wanting to tap that Joanna has appeared out of nowhere last Demetri and his sisters knew, their dad was in London getting cancer treatments Now he s back home for his daughter s wedding and snuggling with gold digging Joanna on the couch It s all very mysterious where has Joanna come from Where did she and Daddy Kastro meet Where s the Mr to Joanna s Mrs Manning Why won t she let any of Daddy Kastro s grown up children visit with him in his boudoir All of these are perfectly reasonable questions and Joanna refuses to fully answer any of them Why is everyone interrogating her and implying she s after money She can t stand it any Can t everyone see that she s a sad orphan child, raised by a horrible bitch aunt and tricked into marrying an evil gay She deserves sympathy, and to be left alone to somewhat unwillingly go along with Daddy Kastro s pretend mistress scheme Why is Joanna pretending to be a mistress She s in the habit of keeping secrets She s just not very good at it.Daddy Kastro s list of reasons for having a pretend mistress can t show up to his daughter s wedding without a date is going to die from cancer soon, and needs a diversion so no one will know is seriously into Joanna, and would want a non pretend arrangement, except cancer.Daddy Kastro gets very cranky when Joanna reports that his children think she s a gold digger, because instead they should be admiring his major virility in pulling such a choice piece like Joanna Is Joanna sure Demetri isn t even a tiny bit jealous of his old dad So, the title pretty much gives it away Mrs Mistress Joanna is a secret virgin lady and vastly noble and pure Demetri is into ogling Joanna and noticing subtle hints that she s really smart and noble and pure These are clearly unmistress like characteristics, and Demetri likes them They make him want her And don t forget the biblical kink aspect, that s hot too.The story of how Joanna is still a virgin is this Joanna s parents died in an avalanche and she was sent to live with her horrible aunt Joanna wasn t allowed to eat because food was expensive, or go to university, because that was expensive too Then the aunt got sick, and Joanna became her slave until she died, and Joanna discovered that her aunt had been concealing Joanna s inheritance for years How could she do that Joanna asks her lawyer when the will is read Dunno, her lawyer shrugs She seemed a right bitch You d have noticed that too, on account of living with her for so long Joanna takes her newly free and financially ok self off to Sardinia, where she meets an evil gay I don t really understand this at all What makes Sardinia THE holiday destination for a sad virgin orphan with a high school education Why didn t she go to Spain, or the south of France I ve seen pictures of Sardinia and it looks really beautiful But it can t be a place you would have dreamed of going all your life, to escape being your aunt s half starved drudge.In Sardinia, Joanna meets a handsome English guy travelling with a friend The English guy is immediately all over her, and she s dazzled They marry, and then the guy reveals he doesn t do women But he had to have a woman around, because he doesn t want his parents suspecting that he s into men.And of course it gets worse, because for some reason Joanna stays married, and evil gay decides he wants to have a baby He keeps planting random men around their flat, in the hopes that Joanna will accidently fall on top of one in a manner that will render her pregnant.Joanna is not into this at all and finds it distressing and menacing I kept hoping Joanna was being set up to go to prison for Daddy Kastro s murder She acted so guilty and secretive, and she kept trying to prevent Demetri from visiting Daddy Kastro, and then Daddy Kastro took her shopping for a diamond bracelet and later casually dropped into coversation the fact that they went from the jewellers to his lawyer s office.Shortly after that, it would have been perfect if Daddy Kastro had been found dead Demetri s older sister would have gone completely mental, and Daddy Kastro s valet Philip would have reluctantly come forward with his suspicions, because he d told Joanna that Daddy Kastro was very sick many times, and Joanna had told him to keep his pie hole shut.It would have ended up that Philip had big gambling debts and he d needed the will money immediately so thugs didn t break his legs It would have all turned out fine, but I kept imaging Joanna in a prison cell I wanted Demetri to show up at the police station and be all but she can t be the murderer, she was a virgin and then the police to be all oh really Well no virgin s ever murdered anyone ever, so of course we ll let her go And then Demetri would be all what a relief, I ll bring the car around And then the police would have laughed at him for being an idiot, and then told him that he couldn t see Joanna because Greece had recently outsourced all its detention awaiting trial prisoner housing to Siberia Wanting the heroine of a romance novel to languish in a Siberian prison for a crime she didn t commit might make me sound like a mean person, but honestly, I m not And I didn t hate Joanna, in fact I loved how everything about her was cartoon terrible, and I kept eagerly awaiting the next anvil to drop on her head Instead of Siberia, Joanna gets even miserable about pretending to be a mistress and keeping secrets about cancer And then she starts wanting Demetri, and Demetri gets even suspicious of Joanna s motives and even lustful There s a lot of layers involved in keeping Joanna a virgin but making it look like there s no way she is one The evil gay is a bad thing, but there s a lot about this book that s bad good It s completely irrational and wrong headed that if you only have a hymen it can biologically prove you haven t done anything shady But it s satisfying and fun in a brain off, gut level way. I love Anne Mather s books and this was a pretty good one from her. How did I miss this book This was a wonderful story about a family dealing with a dying figure aka father He asked his dear friend the heroine who has been thru hell by her ex hubby to help him cover up the fact that he had terminal stomach cancer It was a great book with enough drama to keep it real and for once very little slut shaming The hero was conflicted and endearing I loved every minute and it took me one sitting to finish In fact I was so engaged in it that my kids had to wait for their lunch 1 30 Yes I would recommend this book. 2.5 Mistaken StarsWhat are you, Joanna Apart from my father s Go go to hellA decent read with about a judgmental Greek family, their tricky father and the innocent woman stuck in the middle Joanna meets the patriarch of the Kastro family, Constantine, through her job at a London auction house They become fast friends and he gets her to open up about her life When he learns that he has an incurable illness, she becomes the person that he confides in and a source of comfort for him.He convinces her to travel to Greece with him to his daughter s wedding His children see her as nothing that a gold digger His son Demetri, assuming that Joanna is his father s mistress, decides to prove that Joanna is only after his father s money by planning to win her from him Joanna holds her own, but at the cost of her piece of mind.This book is about a family of spoiled, selfish kids who see s Joanna as a threat to their inheritance and their father s well being Olivia is angry and bitter and Demetri is disturbed that he is lusting after the woman he thinks is his father s lover This makes him nasty toward Joanna, until he learns first hand just how innocent she truly is.This is an ok read, pretty typical Nothing fantastic, but still somewhat enjoyable Not a book that I can highly recommend, soread at your own risk . .DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚖ His Virgin Mistress ☪ Best Books, His Virgin Mistress By Anne Mather This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book His Virgin Mistress, Essay By Anne Mather Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You simply loved it a keeper definitely it would have been a 5 star but for want of some magic or passion..i guess it was cause of the lack of sex yes i like sex in my harlequins lol but the book was definitely good Pretty good story that kept me interested and entertained for the whole book I liked the characters, and that Joanna s back story was rather original view spoiler husband, unknowingly to her, married her to be his beard, then pushed things way too far hide spoiler The hero thinks that the heroine is trouble he sees her with his father and sees dollar signs in her eyes but in reality the heroine didn t care about money she was with our hero s father because they were close friends and nothing