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First read for me by this author I haven t read the first book in this series and I like her writing style She writes the male POV very well.I liked both Tommy Julie We are reminded over and over that Tommy and Julie have been best friends for 23 years Having known each other since they were 10, I was initially surprised to learn they were in fact in their 30 s as I really felt that they came acrosslike early 20 s and some aspects of the storyline felt immature.However, I did like it We know Julie has been in love with Tommy all her life but from the beginning it s obvious to the reader that Tommy loves Julie He just needs to realise that he s also in love I m not always sure about friends to lovers stories and in this instance, a couple that had been friends as long as these two and then become lovers seemed a bit too far fetched but then Tommy didn t have a great childhood or a great role model in his mother Therefore, he has never really had a relatonship and so when after resisting his new found attraction to Julie he finally gives in great sex scenes , he still feels like he can t offer her all that she needs.The thing that let the story down for me just a little was the reason Julie feels she needs to end the relationship It felt a bit of an immature reason for someone in her 30 s However, I did like this story and recommend it.Not sure who book three is about yet but I m hoping it s Brody who features heavily in this story.ARC provided by Netgalley. 4 Stars.Fighting Love is book 2 in the Love To The Extreme Series, and I have to say I really enjoyed it If I am honest I was a little on the fence when I started it, as I wasn t blown away by Extreme Love book 1 I liked it, but I found itof a PG 13 read, a tad too sugary sweet considering the story is set around MMA fighters However the one thing that is glaringly apparent in Fighting Love, is the massive development and maturity in Abby s writing Extreme Love isof a Low Sugar, Extra spicy type of read Tommy s POV feelsmanly in thought and in the language used, and the emotion from both Julie and Tommy isadult, both massive improvements from Extreme Love Although the books can be read as stand alone, I liked that I read them one after another, just because it gave me this perspective on the writing The one thing I will say it that this series is not like the many other MMA series out there, so keep an open mind and you won t be disappointed Both books are well thought out, the stories solid, and the characters well developed and like able I hope we get a couplebooks actually as I think Brody and Mac have definitely got their own stories to tell The big positive for me in Fighting Love is the fact that Tommy is the one in the main that is suffering from insecurity, 99% of the time it is the female lead that has the issues, whether it be self esteem, confidence, or inner demons from their past, but not this time, and it was refreshing to read Tommy s struggles with feelings of inadequacy, and lack of emotional involvement Julie does have a wobble near the end of the book, but in the main is a sassy, ball busting, go after what she wants woman I have a soft spot for the friends to lovers genre of books, and I actually found some of the inner monologues for both of them hilarious, but alot of them were also really heartfelt, taking that step with someone you have had in your life for so long, with the fear of losing them and the comfort that they offer This is an even bigger thing for Tommy, as Julie is pretty much his only family not in a weird way The other thing that made this book really enjoyable was the verbal sparring between Brody and Tommy, I was giggling like a nutter at certain points, Abby really portrayed the two of them really well, the one up manship in front of Julie, and the acerbic put downs were hilarious There is alot of cat mouse to the story, they almost get there quite a few times, and my frustration was just starting to bubble, when it finally happened Abby times the sexual build up to them eventually stepping over the line from friends to full lovers perfectly, and the fact it isn t rushed made it all thebelievable Valentine s Day was another great part of the book, I loved the Green Knight and Lady J, this part was sugary sweet, but it fitted well and gave us the softer, caring side of Tommy, a side I definitely liked I hope this is not the end of the Love To The Extreme Series, Abby s writing and characters are engaging, enjoyable and very easy to read, and as previously mentioned I would love to see Brody Mac get their own books.ARC provided via Netgalley, and it was my pleasure to offer the above honest review in exchange. [Read Ebook] ♸ Fighting Love ☻ Fighting Love By Abby NilesTalk About Kicking A Fighter While He S DownFormer Middleweight Champion And Confirmed Bachelor Tommy Lightning Sparks Has Lost It All His Belt, His Career, And Now His Home After The Devastating Fire, He Moves In With His Drama Free Best Friend, Julie One Encounter Changes Everything And Julie Is No Longer The Girl He S Spent His Life Protecting But A Desirable Woman He Wants To Take To His Bed Knowing His Reputation, He S Determined To Protect Julie Than Ever From HimselfVeterinarian Julie Rogers Has Been In Love With Tommy Since She Was Ten, But Would Love To Get Over The Man She S Quiet Nights At Home And A Glass Of Wine He S Clubbing All Night And Shots Of Tequila As Friends They Work Great As A Couple No Way In Hell She Just Can T Get Her Heart To Agree When She Starts Spending Time With Another Fighter, The Man Who S Always Treated Her Like A Sister Is Suddenly Not Being Very Brotherly And Enflames Her Body Like Never BeforeCan Two Childhood Friends Make A Relationship Work, Or Will They Lose Everything Because They Stopped FIGHTING LOVE 4 stars Really enjoyed this best friends to lovers book Tommy lost everything, his title, his home, the one person who never left his side is Julie.Tommy was sweet yet protective His denial of his feelings made me want to kick him and hug him at the same timeCan I come home to youI loved how their relationship changed and was very believable And would you believe I cried some happy tears, granted it was a bit cheesy but what the heck I love these two For a short book it felt like a long time for them to get together but I loved the sexual tension, was missing an epilogue and a few flash backs would have been great But overall a great read xARC provided by the publishers via NetGalley Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.75 STARSSo yeah.Abby Niles has done it again in fact I think she s done it better Fighting Love is a friends to lovers story that spans decades I loved the friendship between Tommy Lightening Sparks and Julie Rogers but what I lovedwas that they both has a love for each other that exceeded friendship, it just took awhile for them to realize it was something they both wanted While Julie had no problem admitting her feelings for Tommy went beyond friendship, Tommy s actions spoke much louder than any words and that s what I found amazing This story will remind you that often friends make the best lovers, memories last a lifetime, and that real and true love will endure even the toughest of times.Tommy Sparks had it all and in one night he lost it all his career, his friends, and his life as he knows it and now he s lost his home and his prized possessions in a fire The one person who has been by his side through it all is his best friend Julie and now he s got a big problem, he s feeling things for his best friend and he knows she deserves much better than him.Ever since she was ten years old, Julie Rogers has loved Tommy and while the love has changed over the years she still remembers the boy who befriended her when she was new and lonely While Julie isn t pleased with some of the choices Tommy has made in recent years or the way he tends to forget about her when he was in his fighter persona While she knows Tommy is mourning the loss of his MMA career, she s happy to have her old Tommy back.Thrust into living in the same house after Tommy s goes up in smoke these two are forced to deal with the feelings they have for one another Julie has denied her feelings for years but when she realizes Tommy finally sees her as a woman, she decides to just go for it I actually felt a little sorry for Tommy who had no idea how to deal with this new side of Julie But once he gets his head on straight, whew their intimate moments are super sexy and powerful As Tommy begins to re enter the world of the MMA, old wounds surface threatening to tear apart their new relationship.Emotionally gripping, characters you can t help but love, sweet moments of friendship, and hot and steamy moments as lovers makes Fighting For Love another amazing story by author Abby Niles If you haven t read this author yet, you are missing out. I enjoyed this story, I truly did I ve always enjoyed the premises with a hot MMA fighter and the prognosis of best friends becomingIt not only allows me to salivate over this sexy piece of man meat but it also gives me reason to dream that even the unexpected can become reality SO, THE STORY For Julie Rogers, life has always settled on two things work and Tommy Sparks For Tommy Sparks, it had all been about his sport, the fame, and the women And well, his best friend or sister Julie.When Tommy loses his title, gets banned from the cage, and subsequently loses his house in a house fire he then turns to Julie for help The two become house buddies and as we all can predict, sparks ignite and Tommy now starts seeing Julie in another light Only, when another fighter notices Julie romantically as well, how will it all turn out Will Tommy ever be able to get his head stuck out of his ass to see Julie as a woman and pursue her before it s too late And will he ever get another shot at the cage to reclaim his title A good, decent read but a little draggy at times and a little frustrating with Tommy s constant hot and cold inner turmoil about Julie It kind of drove me nuts after a while lol He s as finicky and contemplative as a girl Tommy Lightning Sparks and Julie Rogers have been best friends since the day a 10 year Tommy found Julies missing puppy Seeing how happy Julie was with her returned puppy, Tommy comes to the conclusion that he will be her Green Knight, he will protect her and make her happy and her his Lady J Years later, Tommy and Julie are still best friends Tommy turns to Julie when he hits the lowest of his lows He has lost his championship belt, has been kicked out of his gym and banned from any MMA cage and now his house and everything in it has burned to the ground With nowhere else to go, Tommy moves in with Julie, planning on only being there for a few days Tommy and Julie haven t spent the night in the same house since they were kids, they aren t kids any Tommy is starting to notice that Julie isthan just his best friend but a very beautiful woman Julie has always stood by Tommy s side, even if it was during his good times or bad, so having him stay at her house shouldn t be a big deal That s until feelings she has been hiding since they were kids start to become too hard to hide any Tommy, the normal player is now finding all he wants to do is spend any and all time with his best friend but that is becoming harder to do now that he is starting to see her forthan just a friend Tommy does he best to keep him and Julie just friends , but when Julie starts to date another MMA fighter, Tommy becomes extremely jealous If Tommy wants to give a real relationship with Julie a try he knows he needs to get his life back on track I really enjoyed Fighting Love I didn t read the first book in the Love to the Extreme series, Love Extreme but I don t feel like I missed out on anything Fighting Love s focus was on Tommy and Julie and pretty much stayed on them I loved how sweet and caring Tommy could be to Julie even when they were just friends He always made sure to get something special for her for Valentine s Day He might not have always made some of the best choices but you could tell he really cared for her The steam between these two was HOT Tommy was a very take charge kind of guy in the best way Anyone that loves friends to lover s story will really enjoy Fighting Love An ARC was kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 4,25 Stars Very good book I liked all the characters..Solid writing Romantic to no end..awwwwww AWWW How good was that one..Romantic and with nice characters i had a good time reading it and i was very satisfied by the end Tommy serial womanizer fighter with a golden heart.Julie smart gracious and she goes after what she wants..Both they are friends for 32 years they share a beautiful valentine s day tradition. I really loved their little cat mouse games..They are made for each other and i still don t know how it s possible that they haven t seen it all these years. Tommy screwed up big time and after a continuously strike of bad luck he starts to right his wrongs. One by one but the thing he can not handle is this new crazy attraction he feels for his best friend his sister as he calls her, Julie.Julie is in love with him since. well ever and she decides enough is enough or is it Abby Niles gives us a good story full on romance, playfullness and sexy momments. THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Dual POV. I love their dogs, they are like their owners. The walkie Talkies. awwwww Their tradition every Valentines day was so sweet. I was wondering what was in the box. Julie has her rightfull doubts but she takes a leap of faith Brody is so cheeky. I want his story. Tommy had a rough childhood. Mac is a good friend. The end was so beautiful Grand gesture and all. Grenn Knight to LadyJ ARC provided by the author via Netgalley, thank you so much 4 stars This book almost didn t make it to a four star read for me I ll explain the reason why in fewWhat I really I likedJulie Rogers What can I say She s my kind of gal She s strong, smart, beautiful and doesn t do drama I loved that about her While she did pine for her best friend for a long time, she wasn t a doormat She knows her mind and she s not afraid to walk away I also loved that she took the initiative of seducing Tommy when she realized that Tommy is never going to make the first move I respect that I enjoyed the writing, too The plot, while it has been done before, was well executed and the story was well paced Not once did I experience a lull It just flowed and before I knew it, it s finished And you know what they sayTime flies when you re having fun Well, I certainly did have a lot of fun reading Ms Niles work.Now onto what I didn t like so muchTommy Sparks Yes, I did love his back story and Abby Niles did a great job fleshing out his character I fell for the whole fallen hero seeking redemption aspect of his character BUT, I m sorry to say that for most of the book he acted like a wuss He runs hot and then cold so fast I had whiplash The constant back and forth almost ruined the whole book for me.BUT AGAIN, the guy redeemed himself in the end That groveling speech he did was wonderful.The Verdict I ll definitely be readingfrom this series and I ll be recommending it as well I m keeping my eye on Mac s and Brody s story Can t wait An ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Its a so so story I am not a stranger to plot best friend turns to lover But this book somehow not hitting the right mark But it was not bad either I think the writting can be executed better Layer of conflict can be add into it to adddrama This book has min angst, min drama and very standard plot Tommy is cute He is the reason i give this book 3 stars For a man who has no idea to be a perfect boyfriend, he is natural as a lover Julie is rather shallow Not much interesting about her She is typical sweet loving heroine character I wish i can see some darkness or bit sassy from her Overal a decent read over a hot humid weekend 3 stars