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This is a sweet story about a raccoon who has a bit of an adventure when the canoe he is exploring sets off on a journey down the stream The narrative is informative, but also exciting, as raccoon discovers new creatures and places he has not seen The story is fun to read aloud and has a happy ending the illustrations are just as good as we ve come to expect from Jim Arnosky We enjoyed reading this book together. AR 2.7 RAR April picture book readskrb 3 29 19 A wonderful book about observing ones surroundings. The multitude of shades of green in these double pages spreads evoke the humid swamp background to this tale Sentences are short Text is simple Effect is lyrical Arnosky opens with In the dark swamp, a new day dawned like a sleepy eye, opening slowly Hah, knew it, you re suckered in aren t you With cranes and dragonflies and snakes as company a family or raccoons sets off to search food Baby raccoon, less interested in food than in exploration, finds himself cast afloat, alone in a canoe headed downstream.This first journey alone is fraught with danger, fear, discovery and adventure To reassure very young readers, Arnosky has kept raccoon s family melted into the background of each illustration as they accompany him from the river bank The boat eventually collides with the bank and he is reunited with his mother and siblings.Young readers will be on the edge of the seats following this trajectory and solution. Plot Summary I decided to do another picture book This book featured a family of racoons 3 babies and the mother One raccoon climbed into an abandoned boat that was floating nearby The boat floated away and the raccoon was in the boat and by himself He saw several animals while he was floating downstream in the boat, and he was scared to be by himself The boat floated into a muddy bank and the raccoon climbed off and found his familymain characters raccoon in boat climbed into boat, taken downstream in boat, saw creatures birds, turtles, snakes, alligator while in boat glad to be reunited with his familykey issues separation, family, feeling alone, knowing the names of some water creatures, reuinting with familyOther interesting information if you liked this book, you might enjoy other books by Jim Arnosky, such as All About Lizards, All About Sharks, Rabbits and Raindrops, Otters Under Water and All About FrogsThe illustrations were very bright, fun to look at and realistic. and I love raccoons This is on the lower end of 3 stars in my opinion Julia and I both liked the story of the young raccoon who accidentily floats away in a boat from his Mother and siblings The raccoon tries a couple of times, a couple of different things to make his situation better but none seem to work Eventually the boat comes to a stop downstream and his family meets him on the shore having apparently walked down to meet him Hmmmm Julia s favorite part was the illautration with the red eared sliders She has two herself and this was the first time she d seen them star in a book Jim Arnosky s illustrations are always on point the look on the baby raccoons face when he glides away from his Mom is just heartbreaking. Raccoon on his own is a beautiful story about a raccoon who accidentally sails off in a canoe It is such a cute story with great scenes of interesting characters and objects along the route There is little dialogue which lends itself to the magic and style of the book I would love to write something like this one day The illustrations are spectacular, which makes me crave to be an author illustrator You know exactly how you want the pictures to look and the words are a perfect compliment to them My mum is a painter, it s about time she passed some artistic genes on to me Can you imagine aperfect day writing a story and painting it too. Raccoon on His Own by Jim Arnosky is a look at separation and feeling alone from the viewpoint of a small raccoon, who explores his environment.A baby raccoon who crawls into an abandoned boat is swept downstream, and feels afraid He soon notices many details he d never seen before, and is able to explore his environment from the safely of the boat Raccoon sees a snake, a huge alligator, young warblers, tiny turtles, and a mother merganser and nine ducklings A variety of waterbirds, insects, fish and tasty crawfish make appearances He s finally reunited with his family.The text is descriptive of the swamp environment The fear, wonder and excitement of the young raccoon are well conveyed.The illustrations in muted colors show the beauty of the swamp and its many residents The young raccoon watching his reflection is one of many wonderful pictures The raccoon s family is protrayed following the lost one in order to catch up with him.This is another gem focusing on a water centered environment.For ages 3 to 7, environment, swamp, nature, animals, raccoon themes, and fans of Jim Arnosky. `Free E-pub ⇞ Raccoon On His Own ↾ When A Baby Raccoon Is Swept Downstream In An Abandoned Canoe, He Feels Afraid But Soon He Notices All Kinds Of Things He Has Never Seen Before, And From The Safety Of His Little Boat, He Begins To Explore The World Around Him Paralleling The Exciting And Often Frightening Experience Of A Child S First Adventure Away From Home, Raccoon On His Own Offers Little Ones A Glimpse Of Being On Their Own For The Very First Time