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[[ Read Epub ]] ⚢ Women in Celtic Myth: Tales of Extraordinary Women from the Ancient Celtic Tradition ⚣ In Celtic Myth, The Mixture Of Wise Spiritual Teaching And Dramatic Imagery Creates New, Potent, And Disturbing Visions This Selection Of Eleven Storiessome Than , Years Old Focuses On The Women Of Ancient British Mythology, From The Formidable Women Warriors Who Trained Heros To Fight And Kill To The Beautiful Companions Who Led Them To Higher Realms Of Feminine Intuition And Spiritual Wisdom Caldecott Goes Beyond A Mere Recounting Of Female Strength, Providing Lucid Personal Commentary That Illuminates The Complete Myth And The Culture From Which It Springs These Powerful Stories Transmit A Recognition Of The Mystery Of Being And An Understanding Of The Powerful Magic Of Inner Transformation This is one every Gaedhil child should be given to read The Author s insightful commentary at the end of each myth sheds light on our archetypes Great read. Moyra Caldecott takes the legends and myths of Ireland, Wales and Scotland and tells some fo the stories of women from these myths, retelling the stories in her own words and then talking about some of the meanings and roots of the stories and what she can see behind the story.It s an interesting read, if only for the stories, the interpretation is also quite interesting and does look at the myths and talk about their universality and how they would be a teaching tool. Excellent book, very engaging and entertaining Retells tales of strong women such as Rhiannon and Deirdre from Welsh and Irish mythology One story, that of Findabair, I have not seen fleshed out as much anywhere else. A collection of Celtic myths mostly from Ireland plus a couple from Scotland Each story is told, then is explained The stories are well written, as are the explanations that follow Well worth reading.