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@Kindle ⚸ The Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease Û CNN Has Reported That The Number Of Lyme Disease Cases In The United States Has Doubled SinceCaused By Spiral Shaped Bacteria Known As Borrelia Burgdorferi, Lyme Disease Is Transmitted To Humans By The Bite Of An Infected Tick The Disease Is Also Typically Accompanied By Many Related Problems, Including Co Infections By Other Kinds Of Microorganisms, Hormonal Dysfunction, Immune System Dysregulation, And Other Related Issues The Centers For Disease Control CDC Now Recognize Lyme Disease As The Fastest Spreading Vector Borne Disease In The Country, Yet Most Practitioners Of Mainstream Medicine Are Decades Behind In Recognizing And Addressing This Emerging Health Crisis This Comprehensive Book Is The First Book Of Its Kind To Approach Lyme Disease From The Perspective Of Beginners Those Doctors, Patients And Caregivers Who Are New To The Topic Of Diagnosing And Treating Lyme Disease Dr Nicola McFadzean, A Well Respected And Experienced Lyme Doctor, Has Woven Together A Complete Guide To The Treatment And Management Of Lyme Disease This Beginner S Guide Contains Clearly Written, Easy To Understand Information, Reflecting Dr McFadzean S Knowledge And Experience In Both Traditional And Alternative Medical Paradigms If You Or A Loved One Were Just Diagnosed With Lyme Disease, Or If You Are A Caregiver Or Family Member To Someone With Lyme Disease, This Book Should Be Your First Stop It Will Give You The Tools And Resources To Get Started On The Journey Back To Health Lots of various information so good as reference Some caution would be advised because some of suggestions are for methods without scientific proof and there are not references to research even in places where claim is being made it s proven.Still in current situation of poor and rare knowledge about Lyme Disease it s probably good to have it for inspiration of what you could think of. This is a great introduction to Lyme Disease, maybe the first book to read if you or a love one comes infected.