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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful 3 1 2 stars Colin Firth isn t really the story just the bait., October 2, 2013This review is from Finding Colin Firth A Novel Paperback What Janeite would not stop dead in her tracks when she spies Colin Firth in the title of a book Mia March s latest offering Finding Colin Firth A Novel certainly set off all my bells and whistles The smolderingly sexy British actor not only won our hearts when he emerged dripping wet from Pemberley pond as Mr Darcy in the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, he has had an acclaimed career, winning the best actor Academy Award in 2011 for The King s Speech Who wouldn t want to find Colin Firth But no, dear friends, this is not a How to book sharing tips and advice on how to track and successfully have a Firth encounter Eeesh It s a work of fiction about three women unknowingly bound together and whose lives intersect when the actor is slated to film a movie in a coastal Maine town Daily rumors of Mr Firth s arrival fuels fantasy and stirs the excitement in their lives and aspirations Just imagining spotting Mr Firth in my little town sets this fan girl s heart racing A year after her mother s death, who incidentally was a Colin Firth fan , 22 year old Bea Crane receives a mysterious letter from her deceased mother, confessing she adopted Bea as a newborn Now that I feel myself going, I can t bear to take this with me But I can t bear to tell you with my final breaths, either, I can t do that to you So I ll wait on this, for both of us But you should know the truth because it is the truth Shocked, Bea tracks down her birth mother to Boothbay Harbor, Maine and decides she must see this unknown woman for herself.In Boothbay, Bea learns that 38 year old Veronica Russo is an unmarried waitress slash magic pie baker slash Colin Firth fan who has only in the last year returned to her hometown After years of failed relationships, her friends worry she will end up alone she d started saying what felt light hearted but true at the same time, that she was holding out for a man who felt like Colin Firth to her Her friend Shelley from the diner had known exactly what she meant I realize he s an actor playing roles, but I get it, Shelley had said Honest Full of integrity Conviction Brimming with intelligence Loyal You just want to believe everything he says with that British accent of his and can trust it Having failed to escape haunting memories of her youth, Veronica has come home to confront her past then maybe her heart would start working the way it was supposed to And maybe, maybe, maybe, the daughter she d given up for adoption would contact her Now back to those magic pies by Veronica She calls them elixir pies claiming to cast hope, love or banishment or anything that conjures up a solution to one s troubles For a heartbroken friend, Healing Pie For a sick friend, Feel Better Pie For a down in the dumps friend, Happiness Pie For the lovelorn, A Pie And they seem to work On everyone except Veronica At least so far.After seeing her birth mother at the diner, but not brave enough yet to approach her, Bea decides to take a tour of Hope Home, a home for unwed pregnant girls where she was born There she meets a Manhattan journalist, Gemma Hendricks Upon first coming to town, the recently fired Gemma thought she could curry favor with her old magazine by scooping a coveted human interest story on Colin Firth Instead she is offered a free lance gig at the local newspaper to write a story on the 50th anniversary of Hope Home At a crossroads herself, Gemma has only just discovered she is pregnant but has yet to share the news with her devoted attorney husband She loves living and working in the city but already knows her husband wants to move to the suburbs and start a family How would she ever get back what she had at New York Weekly Alexander would realize this in a hot minute and argue her into that Dobbs Ferry house before she new it He d make his own case until she had no arguments of her own And once she had the baby He d bombard her with articles about working mothers and bad nannies and reckless day cares Although this is an intricate concoction, cooking up a potentially emotionally heated story, it would be a failing indeed were I not to mention the elephant in the room A glaring error, in fact And I mean GLARING Red light GLARING error in the beginning of the book Veronica is baking a pie while supposedly watching the mini series Pride and Prejudice The Colin Firth, 1995, AE five hour version March writes, Fitzwilliam Darcy s face filled the TV screen If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you I never wish to be parted from you from this day on Although it s not Austen s prose, this Janeite loves that line and all it s saccharine sweet sentiment I know for a fact it s what the Matthew Macfadyen s Mr Darcy from the Joe Wright 2005 version of PP says to Kiera Knightley s Lizzy Bennet as they meet in a mist covered field at daybreak So, I went back and made sure I hadn t missed something something like, Veronica was watching the newer version But no, she is supposed to be watching the Colin Firth version Ugh It is incredulous any author writing about the namesake of her book, or her editor, or the layers of people who read it before publication could let such an obvious blunder slip through unnoticed From then on I had my doubts March was a fan of Colin Firth or PP and speculated maybe she wrote this bit of pastiche to take advantage of the current popularity and ready made fan base of both Prejudiced thereafter, I read any mention of Mr.Firth or his movies with a cynical eye, thinking this could be any popular actor and his movies dubbed in Nevertheless, I soldiered on because honestly, I liked the premise and was hopeful.Did I enjoy the book Hmmmmm Yes, I did It was an interesting story with strong plot lines Although Finding Colin Firth A Novel dealt with powerful issues regarding teenage pregnancy, adoption, marriage and relationship struggles with a happy ending for all, I must admit I never felt overly invested in any of the characters to really like them There seemed no shortage of disjointed telling from the three main characters point of view but scant, soulful interaction Given the themes, I thought there would have been depth Pity In short, it s a good book Easy, breezy bit of chic lit that I liked Not loved.Yes, there is a Colin Firth sighting, eventually, but then again, he s not really the story Just the bait. Finding Colin Firth is an example of chick lit beach reading at its fluffiest The story follows three women who arrive separately in a small town in Maine just as a Colin Firth movie is being filmed The movie set becomes one of the unifying themes across the three storylines, but it s really a book about three women learning what s important in life.In general, the book is sweet enough to make your teeth hurt The reunion of a daughter with her birth mother a newly pregnant journalist trying to figure out what her life means in the face of impending motherhood a woman resolving the emotional issues of her town with magical pies while being unable to come to terms with her own problems are all pretty basic storylines that all come to pretty predictable ends There is a lot of repetition, and the themes and important points are almost shouted at you, so you can shut your brain off while you read it.I m not down on Finding Colin Firth because it s soft It s that kind of book, and we all need to read that kind of book from time to time It just feels kind of like a story written by a girl in high school who is trying to imagine some idyllic world to escape to sure, people have problems, but they re all easily swept away by the magic of friendship and the promise of seeing a movie star The idea is great, but the execution could use a little work. #DOWNLOAD ⚟ Finding Colin Firth î From The Author Of The Meryl Streep Movie Club, A Heartwarming, Spirit Lifting Read Just In Time For Beach Season Kirkus Reviews , Comes A New Novel About Three Women, Connected In Secret And Surprising Ways, Who Are In For A Life Changing Summer When Rumor Has It That Actor Colin Firth Is Coming To Their Maine Town To Film A Movie After Losing Her Job And Leaving Her Beloved Husband, Journalist Gemma Hendricks Is Sure That Scoring An Interview With Colin Firth Will Save Her Career And Marriage Yet A Heart Tugging Local Story About Women, Family Ties, Love, And Loss Captures Her Heart And Changes Everything The Story Concerns Bea Crane, A Floundering Twenty Two Year Old Who Learns In A Deathbed Confession Letter That She Was Adopted At Birth Bea Is In Boothbay Harbor To Surreptitiously Observe Her Biological Mother, Veronica Russo Something Of A Legend In Town Who Bea Might Not Be Ready To Meet After All Veronica, A Thirty Eight Year Old Diner Waitress Famous For Her Healing Pies, Has Come Home To Maine To Face Her Past But When She S Hired As An Extra On The Bustling Movie Set, She Wonders If She Is Hiding From The Truth And Perhaps The Opportunity Of A Real Life Mr Darcy These Three Women Will Discover Than They Ever Imagined In This Coastal Maine Town, Buzzing With Hopes Of Colin Firth Even The Conjecture Of His Arrival Inspires Daydreams, Amplifies Complicated Lives, And Gives Incentive To Find Their Own Romantic Endings ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reveiw I have a birth mother Her name is Veronica Russo She lives in a place called Boothbay Harbor, Maine One year has passed since Bea Crane lost her mom A letter arrives written by her mom a confession that rocks Bea s entire world No longer knowing who she is or what to think, Bea sets out on a journey to find answers to questions she never believed she would havePeople will come and go from your life for all kinds of acceptable and crappy reasons So you ve got to be your own best friend, know who you are, and never let anyone tell you you re something you know you re not Veronica Russo has finally come back to Boothbay Harbor after twenty two years in hopes of facing her past and starting fresh Working at the local diner and being a legend for her famous elixir pies, Veronica seems to be heading in the right direction Though she never married, her heart being closed off at a young age one day she hoped she would find the one man who would be her everything, her Colin Firth She never had children except the six pound baby girl she gave up when she was sixteen, but the hope hasn t completely died there either She keeps her information current so that if her daughter were to ever come looking, Veronica could be foundWhat a beautiful story of coming full circle it would be Gemma Hendricks loves the city Living in New York has always been a dream of hers and her husband, Alex Now, his dreams have changed and Gemma can t take the constant tension in their upscale NYC apartment Getting shocking news, losing her job and hearing her husband talk about moving to the suburbs leaves Gemma feeling lost Deciding she needs time, she leaves escaping to her childhood vacation spot where she can just breathe Meeting up with old friends also helps, and with a celebrity in town, maybe an interview would help get her life and career back on track little did she know that her heartstrings would pull her into a story that could very well hit too close to home.Can Gemma work her literary magic in order to bring mother and daughter together Can she face her own new reality too Can Bea make a future with her unknown past Can Veronica really face what she s been running from all this time and what is in those pies What a breath of fresh air I loved this book Reading any story from multiple points of view always intrigues me and keeps me glued to the pages Finding Colin Firth was no exception I loved how each woman had her own separate story and backstory which were wonderfully described and placed and yet how they all intertwined I laughed and I cried The bonds that were forged and lessons learned truly touched my heart Beautifully written and I absolutely look forward to reading from Mia March 4.5 Feel Good Stars The moment I saw this book I knew I had to pick it up Awesome title, that s for sure I m fascinated by the love everyone seems to profess for Colin Firth, especially to the extent of making a statue of him and putting it in the middle of a England Lake just to recreate the utterly famous Pride and Prejudice great show, by the way, watch it if you haven t already scene But I guess it s understandable, Colin Firth definitely has something Here s a quote of the book that kind of captures him For me, Colin Firth all the way He s our generation s Cary Grant that swoon worthy older actor, tall, dark and handsome, debonair but still very masculine and completely epitomizing everything a woman wants in a lifetime partner Just look at how politely good looking he is He s so British There s a lot of references to Colin Firth in this book, a bunch of his movies are watched by the characters, there s a Colin Firth fan club around they wear HAPPINESS IS COLIN FIRTH t shirts and there s a drunk guy shouting sightings of Colin Firth because he is supposedly in town filming a movie By the way, quote from Colin Firth that opens the book I m fully aware that if I were to change professions tomorrow, become an astronaut and be the first man to land on Mars, the headlines in the newspapers would read Mr Darcy Lands on Mars.So damn true.This novel reminded me of The Husband s Secret, a book I just read a few weeks ago and I totally loved The structure is similar, we have three main characters narrating their stories, every chapter one of the three The characters of both books felt real and you could relate to them, but whereas Moriarty s writing compelled me from the first moment, Mia March didn t achieve that Which isn t to say he writes badly, but definitely not as good as Moriarty I know this comparison sucks and if I had read this book first I would have probably like it a little , but what are you gonna do The events in THB happened within a week and it felt like a month due to the many things that happened But in FCF the opposite happened, it was a longer period of time but it felt like two days had only passed The main problem is that there was a lot of repetition, meaning that one character told us what was going on in her head, then she told a second character and then this second character told someone else and so on I know in life we are bound to repeat ourselves a thousand times but that why books need to condense stuff sometimes See, this is where this book failed to deliver In The Husband s Secret the characters helped each other offering new layers, but in FCF it just felt a bit repetitive And I m going to compare again, sorry The stories in THS touched my heart even though I couldn t relate personally which is why I loved that book , the ones in FCF are easy to relate to and less dramatic but I didn t feel that connection to the characters that I did felt with The Husband Secret.But overall, it was a good read, I quite enjoyed it and didn t take much time to go trough it Recommended especially if you love Colin Firth because he is all over the place not in person, but spiritually And now, I m off to watch Pride and Prejudice again P.S This was a birthday gift that I selected myself from my cool aunt So far, it s not looking good The author has written into this light hearted book a terrible, grave, and even fatal mistake Veronica, one of the main characters, is watching Pride and Prejudice on her dvd while there is much talk and thoughts on Colin Firth The book is named for this man But any true fan of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice and any fan of Colin Firth as Fitzwilliam Darcy would know easily that Veronica is watching the WRONG version These are not the words uttered by Colin Firth to Jennifer Elhe, but of Matthew MacFayden to Keira Knightley right after he has walked across the field in the wee hours of the morning I remember hearing them the first time as I watched this poor interpretation I thought the words and execution ridiculous then What is to become of the next 300 pages or so I feel tainted already and I might not be able forgive this mistake I cannot think why it is not mentioned at all in some of the samplings of reviews posted here already Stay tuned to see if the book can resurrect itself Well, upon finishing the book, it was a quick and light read I liked the book for that, but I would not forget the error made You just cannot fool a Janeite. Filled with so much warmth and hope 4.5 Stars I have to admit, I initially wanted to read this book because of the title alone The title makes me think of many nights spent watching the movies of one of my favorite actors Finding Colin Firth A Novel turned out to be so much than what the title suggests The quaint tourist town of Boothbay Harbor, Maine is all abuzz Colin Firth is coming to shoot some scenes for a movie How very exciting Boothbay Harbor is also where the lives of three women entwine and change forever With alternating POV in each chapter, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got wrapped up in the stories of Bea, Veronica, and Gemma I sympathized and cared about them so much that I kept hoping for the best for each of them as I was reading along.Mia March has created a story full of warmth and hope It s about unexpected pregnancy, adoption, facing and confronting demons, and accepting what is truth This story has so many heart tugging moments that will require tissues It even has a tad of romance Although, having previously watched all the movies mentioned in this book provided a much enriching reading experience for me, it s not necessary to have seen any of the movies beforehand to enjoy this book I love how Mia March cleverly weaves the movie titles in such an enticing way that if you haven t seen the movies, you ll want to by the end for sure So, for those who want to have a little fun and have their own movie marathons before, during, or after reading this book, here are the Colin Firth movies mentioned in no particular order Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseriesBridget Jones s DiaryLove ActuallyThen She Found MeA Single ManGirl with a Pearl EarringMamma Mia The King s SpeechThis is my first time reading anything from Mia March I found her writing to be witty and poignant I m looking forward to reading from her I m sure this book will make a wonderful book club selection There could be much lively discussion about not only what these women go through, but also about pies and Colin Firth A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review This book was not anything like I expected it to be Although, I m not entirely sure what it was that I expected It s a story of three women, all in different places of their lives, searching for answers Their paths cross and the questions they all have revolve around the IDEA of Colin Firth.For those of you who are not aware of who Colin Firth is I can t imagine there being many who do not know this handsome, charming man , he is a British actor best known for his role of Mr Darcy in Pride Prejudice and Bridget Jones s Diary yes, he was a Darcy in that one too Women are drawn to him for obvious reasons Google him if you must.In any case, the three women that cross paths are all anticipating a movie production that will star Mr Colin Firth Gemma, a hard working woman who is seeking solace and comfort with a friend, is given the opportunity to be a journalist in the same town the movie is being made While there, she is hell bent on getting the chance to interview Mr Firth Bea, a young woman who just found out that the people she s known as her parents her entire life, are indeed not, and she sets out to this same town looking for her birth mother Her birth mother just happens to be Veronica, the third piece to our puzzle Veronica is looking for a fresh start and maybe a rom com romance to boot It s in their flaws and their desperation to be a part of a Colin Firth type movie life, that the three women find themselves and their complicated situations entwined with one another.The story is moving, fun and, well charming It s a sweet contemporary romance that reunites a mother and daughter, restores a woman s faith in love and romance, and brings a family closer together And, well, it s got plenty of the dashing Mr Darcy What s not to love Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books I will be honest and admit that I actually bought this book solely based on the title I am a huge fan of Colin Firth and the title definitely caught my attention I did not really know what to expect I guess like most people who see the title straight away think that it will be all about Colin Firth, that could not be further from the truth What the reader will find is a heartwarming, sweet and sometimes heartbreaking tale of three women who are desperate to find something Veronica Russo wants to find peace with the mistakes of her past by returning to the town of Boothbay Harbor, where she caused and felt so much heartbreak and pain Bea Crane wants to find the mother who gave her up for adoption and Gemma Hendricks wants to find a way to make her life the way it used to be before she lost her job and discovered she is pregnant Even though they are all looking for something, none of them can resist going on a hunt for Mr Firth when he is rumoured to be coming to the town to shoot scenes for a new movie I have to say that this was nothing like I expected it to be from reading the blurb, but I loved every single minute reading this story The author has the ability to make you feel for her characters, you become one with them, feel the pain, anxiety, and joys Each woman has a story to tell individually, but it is when their lives become entwined that the story takes on a whole new meaning They might start out as complete strangers, but eventually, they begin to change each other s lives in a way they never thought possible This book will make you laugh, make you cry, make you want to eat pie and without a doubt make you want to watch Colin Firth movies Even though there is a theme about the actor throughout the book, you do not have to necessarily be a fan of his to enjoy it Highly recommended reading I read about a fourth of the book and ran back to the room with my DVDs and gathered all my Colin Firth movies I ve spent all this weekend reading this book and watching his movies.