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There is something about Finn that just makes me want to hug him I loved the first book, and once I knew there was a second book, I couldn t wait to download it and read it I love the differences between Finn and John Stonebrook, how Finn is willing and open to love, but John isn t, even though he wants needs to I hope there will be a third book, a fourth book and so on I seem to recall that when I read these way back when they were still subscription based, there was a whole lot of gritty crime and kinky smut and a whole lot less of mushy I Wuv Yous Oh well. What a thrilling ending u so don t want to miss it this is def a series where u can t but want from the author hahs .FREE ♾ Angel (A:R Earth, #3) ♷ Detective John Stonebrook Suspects There Is Something Very Strange About His New Friend, Finn, But He S So Infatuated With The Attractive Young Man That It S Difficult For Him To Think Clearly It S A Bad Time To Be Distracted Because Someone Is Sending John Ominous Messages That Suggest Finn May Be In Danger Or May Actually Be The Source Of The Danger Book Of The A R Series M M Romance