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Excellent, compelling story of the pillage and destruction of the Confederate states at and directly after the end of the Civil War From the civilians ripped from their burning homes, robbed of everything within and , beaten and murdered and left with nothing they d known before the war, to the displaced Negro slaves who were left to live in forests and burned out towns, starving and unlikely to find employment, or even a home The children who fought or served in the military camps on both sides was a particularly poignant tragedy that occurs in far too many wars The book, which is written through the trials, triumphs and strength of a young former Negro teen slave, who followed his white cousin into the war against the Union army, then was left on his own after his cousin was killed What a tragic and graphic portrayal of the immediate aftermath of one of the final battles in the Civil War Tench s saga is profoundly diverse, which is crucial in portraying the wide and wild aftermath of the era The tragedy and drama throughout this historical fiction piece, although heart breaking, were mixed with many light moments and bright spots of successes and heart warming reunions in the trials of the southern citizens and freed Negros alike Many men and women whose strength and endurance were tested and proven, determined to rebuild their lives, either elsewhere in the U.S., or in other countries who welcomed the refugees from the south I found the expatriate underground very interesting, in recalling the extensive underground railroad that provided heroic tales of slave saving my nomenclature.The book was quite the eye opener for this 62 year old Northern Granny Well written and, from what I could discern, extensively researched The author presents passionate and compassionate feelings held within the pages of this book told a very real feeling experience that many people would enjoy North, South, East or West, I highly recommend this book I was thinking it would make a great reading recommendation for high school students as a post Civil war look at the South and North at the very end of and immediately after the war, if a companion book could be found to similarly represent the experiences of the Union army and its citizens. Towards the end of the Civil War, Tench Tray finds himself alone, in the middle of a battlefield, having just buried his white cousin, Lance Tray Alone, with his journal and with Lance s horse, Night, Tench decides to try and make his way home to Georgia, but when he gets there, he finds the Tray house burned to the ground and the family gone They appear to have moved down to Florida and he begins his trek to find them His journey is rife with danger as rebel and Fed soldiers continue to hunt and fight He tries to travel by night to avoid being caught.His treacherous journey brings him into contact with slaves taking advance of the war to escape as well as freed slaves who aren t sure what directions their lives will take now they are emancipated Some people along his travels help him and yet others will steal from or hurt him It s a moving story of a young man who has to learn to live on his wits and not lose hope for the future @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ¹ The Day is a White Tablet × In This Gripping Southern Saga, America Is In The Final Days Of The Civil War, The Bloodiest Conflict Ever Waged On Her Soil Tench Tray, A Free Black Teen, Has Been Following His Older White Cousin, Lance Tray, As His Cook The Two Young Men, Who Grew Up Together, Are Inseparable As They Fight Under The Command Of General Pickett But When Lance Dies In Battle, Tench Is Left Alone With A Few Of His Cousin S Possessions A Horse Called Night, His Boots, And His Journals Tench Travels Home To Georgia Discovering The Trays Have Moved To Florida, He Heads South In Search Of Them On This Treacherous Journey And Encountering Those Who Would Stop Him, Tench Gains Courage As He Faces This Changed World On His Own This was a different view of the Civil War, usually books are written about the war not the aftermath of it It was interesting to read about the black and white soldiers It was harder on the black people because they could not read, or write or count money and with no education Maybe a few were educated in the south but they had to hide it for years It was hard for all the soldiers to locate their families and their friends everyone was moving around trying to find food and shelter Stop and think how far they must have travelled with no home to go to, just lie down under the stars of heaven How tired they must have been, starved with very little food For five long years their lives were in danger of getting killed every day During this time period it was common for people to write in journals every day This was a very moving story and very interesting The story makes you think of all the wars that have been fought There were also some happy times in the story when the war was over and the men found their families and their wives and children was there for them. It was interesting to read about the aftermath of the Civil War through the eyes of several defeated Confederate officers trying to avoid being captured and put to death for treason The book tells of their struggles to get to Cuba and freedom through the Everglades, avoiding pirates and deserters, and the treacherous waters of the Gulf waters. This was a book set towards the end of the American civil war with the hero being a young black lad who went to war with his white brother.He survives while the brother dies and he is making his way back to his family on the brother s horse he meets all kinds of adventures along the way and grows as a person as well as learning a lot about self survival.The young lad was art of his white family and well educated and kept a journal of his experiences.It was very different from the usual Civil War reads and looked at things in a very unusual way.I enjoyed it and found it very interesting. A different perspectiveI have in past read a number of books about the Civil War, this was certainly a much different look at the aftermath Pretty good It went on a little too long, but good none the less. Brilliantly Written A Look into the Personal Life of a Soldier and His Family During the Civil War.I enjoyed reading this book about the lives and the times during the Civil War, from the personal viewpoint and diaries of a fictional character, and his family members and friends It seems to be a fairly accurate portrayal of the war, and the lives that it touched I thought that it was particularly interesting to learn what kinds of foods were available during this time period, and how they survived by their wits and ingenuity every day I particularly liked the viewpoints and stories about Tench, young boy of mixed heritage who followed his older half brother, Lance, who was Caucasian, into battle, and how they provided, protected, and comforted one another throughout the war After Tench inherited Lance s diary, Tench got a better sense of what a major contribution he had made in helping Lance day and night throughout the war, and gained a greater sense of his various talents, skills, and abilities When Tench was left to carry on, and to take over his brother s diary, it was fascinating to follow his escapades and see how much he naturally adapted and changed to rise to each tribulation, as each adventure carried him closer to manhood and self reliance, a better sense of self, and a greater knowledge of how to handle adult situations, especially when he started protecting and assisting the renegade leaders of the South who were on the run, and helped them escape capture and trials at the hands of the Northern victors of the Civil War It s like walking into a living snapshot of a moment in time, that gives you enough knowledge of the era to make it feel like you re along for the journey That requires major skill and talent to immerse the reader so completely, as to bring the distant past to life Fantastic story 3 1 2 to 4 The story behind the author writing and publishing this book is beautiful be sure to read her story before reading the book I enjoyed this book and Pelaez s beautiful, descriptive writing style Settings and people came alive through her fresh way of writing It is too bad this is the only book we will have of hers Trench is 15 when the story opens at the end of the Civil War his confederate master friend companion was killed in the opening pages in one of the final battles of the war Trench is left to find his way through a disintegrating South to his family both his mother and the white matriarch his mother worked for who have been burned out during Sherman s march and have relocated He has been fully educated right along with the young man he grew up with, so Trench took the journal his friend had kept and continued it Therefore, the story is told through Trench s eyes as daily journal entries as he journeys with the very real General who was Jefferson Davis vice president and other fictional confederate leaders escaping the Northern bounty hunters.