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WOW review for Playing the Dutiful Wife So I wont forget,hero is an orphan and I really liked the way it was treated in the book we ve got glimpses of both sides,what if you don t succede.This is one of the best reunited stories,and the fact that their time apart isn t few years made me even happier Man meets girl on long distance flight from Australia to US,both flying on business,he couldn t get first class so is annoyed with it and pretty strawberry blond,green eyes girl beside him is nervous of flying and feelings he evokes,but slowly they let each other in,let feelings form,have whirlwind marriage in bathrobes sigh in Las Vegas,and he promises honesty and to take care of her He doesn t believe in ever after but they ll take as long as they have and it is till the morning after when hero leaves and tells her to file for divorce Next time they meet it will be eleven months after,in Sao Paolo,the way is described in blurb about book,she s visiting in prisonMeg is lawyer, accountant,for family business but that is done for her loving parents she can t say no to and wants to be chef Niklas is businessman who grew up in orphanages and on streets who knows how it is to have nothing but doesn t know love nor family.Firstly it feels like two teenagers are in love,exploring and teasing each other and they re abruptly forced to grow up,to face the circumstances and fight for their rights and cravings,there is a bit suspense and I think it would work even better if the book was longer,and I rarely wish for a longer novel and secondary characters though not enough detailed are wonderful maybe this won t be the last I read about Fernando Btw.I stayed up whole night ,but am happy Review for Playing the Dutiful Wife Now one of my all time favourite Presents.Ms Marinelli maintains the fast pace whilst delivering depth of characterisation, deeply emotional, a unique plotline with an edge One of those rare books that demands at least one re read Definitely wow Most boring Harlequin I ve ever read Plus it didn t make ANY sense Playing The Dutiful Wife This is love at first sight Meeting on a long distance flight, Niklas and Meg end up married at Las Vegas But fate intervenes A year later, Meg discovers that her estranged husband has been in prison in Brazil and that she is the only hope to rescue him from an unjust life sentence This is not your typical HP There is tension, there is suspense There is passion An intriguing storyline Well developed characters Niklas is a closed person, an extremely guarded man due to his miserable childhood as an orphan Meg has a lot of growing up to do But in spite of all the hurt and anger, even knowing he is a lot of hard work, she loves Niklas unconditionally And her love is the one thing Niklas needs to find his self worth and his happiness.The epilogue is so sweet another hero who has to deliver his own baby O her i brasileiro. A little research not even a good one would have helped this book not to become one of the worse stories I ve ever read Pathetic. |Download Book ☨ Playing the Dutiful Wife / Expecting His Love-Child ⚖ Playing The Dutiful WifeLearning That The Husband She D Tried To Forget Has Spent The Past Year Falsely Imprisoned In Brazil And Needs Her To Visit Him Is The Last Thing Meg Hamilton Wants To Hear But She Will Play Her Part, In Exchange For Niklas S Signature On The Divorce Papers Except She Hadn T Bargained On Their Mind Blowing Connection Being As Undeniable As Ever Last Time It Led Usually Sensible Meg Into A Vegas Wedding Chapel This Time The Consequence Of Giving In To Their Chemistry Will Bind Her To Niklas Forever Plus A Carol Marinelli Reader Favorite StoryExpecting His Love ChildThe One Night Baby Levander Kolovsky Has A Dark, Dangerous Past He Trusts Only Himself And Doesn T Want A Wife Or An Heir To The Kolovsky Name Millie Has Returned To Australia To Find Levander They Shared One Unforgettable Night Together And Now She S Come To Tell Her Secret She S Expecting His Baby 5 I really liked both main characters and the way they evolved There are lots of things that make no sense at all but I loved it, sue me Two short stories in one book 1 Playing the Dutiful wife2 Expecting his lovechild